Message to the disempowered

When I write on this site its for anyone to read, but this message is specifically for and to those who feel totally disempowered.

You see the problem, but you don’t know what to do. You feel demoralised often and why? Because every single abuse story ends with you knowing that whatever punishment is given that it wont come close to fitting the crime.

I can assure you of this much – if punishments were more reflective of the crime then you would feel a great deal less demoralised and you’d be at least somewhat relieved from the cycle of anger and frustration you are often locked into.

Here’s my main message – you aren’t powerless at all. Maybe you think you are, but you objectively aren’t powerless. You have a lot more power than you’ve convinced yourself or been convinced of. I could reel of a big list of things that would prove you have power, but the key thing is for people to realise it themselves and not for me to tell them.


Here’s my next message. This honestly doesn’t need to be as tough of a nut to crack as you might believe. If someone came to me and said ‘Bro, cure all death’ then sure, I’d probably say that was beyond our reach. Likewise, if we were handed a remit of ‘end all wars’, then that too would be just a tad ambitious.


But, come on. Lets get these offenders into perspective. It should not be beyond our organisational powers and will (as a people) to at least ensure we have a country where the punishments better fit the crime in these cases.


That’s what this country has never had when it comes to laws involving pets – and that’s probably one of the reasons why you indeed have so many casual pet abusers. You can definitely achieve that. If you wanted to set a goal of making the UK the toughest in the World when it came to penalties for such actions, this would not be that fanciful of a goal at all.


It would certainly be a very worthy goal, and if achieved it would be one for the nation to take true pride in. But its by no means one of those things that I’d call unreachable – not at all.

Here are a reminder of our goals as listed on Wiki

Ensure sentences are increased from their present 26 weeks to 5 years.

Ensure that judges and magistrates are instructed to use their future custodial powers.

End the practice of electronic tagging and home curfews. The cost is massive and the fail rate high.

Endorse the idea of a national register for pet abusers, which would be accessible to the public.


Those four goals done together would without doubt or question change the entire dynamic of pet abuse in this country for the better – and forever.

These are goals that if achieved would have benefits that would be there long after we all left this mortal coil.

They are common sense goals that are easy for anyone to support and understand and they’d very probably make the UK the toughest in the World when it came to dealing with such abominable behaviours.


I do not think it is good for the health of the nation to have a perception of helplessness at the same time as these abusers are puffed up by the knowledge that the current punishments are so weak that they can laugh them off. That seems back to front. It is they who should harbour feelings of helplessness and despair while its good people who should be walking with a spring in their step.


Things must change. We have goals. I will do everything in my personal power to either achieve the main goal or more than one. I’d love to be in a position where I could pretty much steam roller over all and any obstacles and opposition to these goals. That’s what I always wanted to do, isolate the issue, draught some goals, then just steam roller the goals right through any sort of opposition encountered.


Two reasons why I originally set out to do it that way;
An obvious one. The sooner justice is done the better for all.

Government are far more liable to crack under the relentless weight of pressure from something executed in that way.


I’ve had to sort of modify that as time went by. To absolutely sledgehammer your opposition in this relentless manner takes far more resources than we’ve ever been able to muster. Not fortunes, but you’d certainly need to be resourced for the fight in order to fight it like that.



It could be done that way with a budget of probably 10% of what the SSPCA CEO earns in a year. We just don’t have it though so there’s no use my crying a huge machine of tears over it. It is what it is. Politicians and abusers had best hope some old cat loving women doesn’t throw us some cash in her will – I’d create complete havoc for both if we were resourced.




We may not be able to go at it wrecking ball style as I had designed it to be, but we will certainly still do what we can, the best that we can and when we can. It does turn it into being what should be a short and frantic battle in which justice prevails to one that’s probably going to have to be a war of attrition.


You never know though. For as long as we exist and have a public presence something could change that would indeed allow us to go full wrecking ball.

Don’t forget though – you 100% have the power to make change.


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