The Minor Problem


It really warms my heart to think that one day soon some (perhaps all) of these ‘kids’ will be mums and dads;

The article only describes them as ‘A gang of teenagers’.


This could obviously mean anything from 13-19, we wont know until such a time they are apprehended.



However, for the purposes of the narrative I am going to assume they would legally be classed as minors. Since you cannot ordinarily try a minor as an adult, how then would an increase in sentences for adults impact upon minors?

Lets keep in mind that the four who were convicted in the case of ‘Chunky’ were all legal minors at the time of the incident. Their penalty was merely that they serve a five year pet ban and there were some court costs that the families were billed for.

Therefore, under present conditions those teenagers in the story above would only receive something along those lines – and that’s if you’re ‘lucky’.

Minors or not, the fact is this – a seismic shift in the sentences given to adults convicted of such offences would have a trickle down effect which would impact upon minors culpable of such offences. One will naturally follow the other. They may not be able to go to an adult prison, but they would be far more likely to go to a young offenders institution.


But there’s something else as well. There were reportedly eleven teens involved here. I’ve lost count of the times people have rightly pointed out that a group as callous and without boundaries as that would present a clear danger to a disabled person (for instance).

Pointing it out is one thing. But there comes a time when you have to try to do more than merely point out the fairly obvious, there comes a time when you need to take some form of action.

Otherwise you are stuck simply pointing out that eleven teens who would do this would be dangerous to someone vulnerable. And there’s even less point than usual at howling with rage at the moon when it comes to minors – they don’t get formally named.


Under our view of how things should be, those caught and convicted of this would almost certainly be sent to a young offenders institution for a start. But with much more serious sentences for adult offenders, the ‘bleed’ for minors who are convicted is that it would open up gate way for police and others to start looking at what goes on in the homes of those minors. If (as is almost certain) some of them are themselves being beaten and abused at home then you can soon see the layers of evil that could be unfurled.


What People Can Do


There are all kinds of things you can do as an individual that are entirely autonomous of anything or anyone. Those that chance upon this and who read it should think up and do those things.

You could give these guys a call and tell them you’d like to assist in some way;

0843 509 4444.


You could contact us and assist in some way.


You could even simply donate to us which then allows us to do campaigns.


Paypal –




You could let your hair down and just do them all.



Things do not need to be how they are. They are how they are because this has been ignored too long by too many.
Its time for change.
The first change needs to come from that person who is justly angered by this social decay and resident evil, but who knows they could and should do more.


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