5,649 Reasons Why Evil Wins

There are essentially four people in our team. We have two people that do graphics and technical stuff, one person who looks after financials and I do everything else that’s not that.

Its a good team of intelligent and committed people. If your dogs and cats were able to ‘realise’ then they’d be quite energised to have this team of four on their side.


The cause and goals are self evidently righteous to anyone that’s wired up correctly. Here they are again;


Ensure sentences are increased from their present 26 weeks to 5 years.
Ensure that judges and magistrates are instructed to use their future custodial powers.

End the practice of electronic tagging and home curfews. The cost is massive and the fail rate high.
Endorse the idea of a national register for pet abusers, which would be accessible to the public.



So that’s a strong team and a strong cause. What about presence? What sort of presence were we able to generate in a year, often with very little money?

A Google search will bring you 350,000 results in less than a minute.

And then there’s this;



We have a team of four intelligent and committed people.
We have a just cause with long overdue aspirations.
With very little in the way of revenue we turned ideas and thoughts into real life reality.


All of which sounds extremely positive and without the ‘but’ that I am going to insert it would be.

Here it comes. None of the aforementioned matters unless people themselves truly want advocacy and agency for this issue.

Yesterday we researched, wrote and put up this post;


To increase our reach one of the team was good enough to step up and put £15 of his own cash into boosting it.

This works well. In 24 hours it reached 5,649 and counting.

We asked only one thing. We asked that in order to help us create the advocacy those voiceless victims so desperately deserve, that people give five pounds – a £1 for every year of liberty we wish to remove from these abusers. With that capital we can be creative, gain press, apply pressure etc. I’ve said all this a million times before.



The team checked in today to see what that reach of 5,649 had brought in. Not even our most pessimistic guess would have been what it turned out to be. The sum total of what came in – £5. This means we are actually £10 down overall.


Other than direct advocacy, lobbying and ensuring the share of the press narrative, we don’t have any other answers or methods that can bring about the results that would lead to a huge fall in animal cruelty in the UK and put the country at the forefront worldwide.


In a Western democracy, those are the only tools you have open to you, and they can and do work. There is no other way, its not like your can carry out a military coup – this isn’t Panama.


Unfortunately, not even creative lobbying and creative awareness comes free. We can all volunteer, that’s not the issue. The issue is that if you are serious about advocacy and if you are sincere about victory, then it cannot be done with likes, emotiocons, shares, and nothing can be achieved with thin air.


Having one hand tied behind your back is a disadvantage that can be overcome. Having two hands tied behind your back and being blindfolded is more than a disadvantage – its total disablement.


I’m not really bothered from the point of view of OF the organisation. Our only reason for existing is to secure these goals, its not like we have any other ambitions resting on OF. It doesn’t bother me on a person level, since its not going to personally enhance my life in any direct way.


Its really only the pets I feel for. The pets and very possibly the kids in homes who are an extension of the abuse being handed out to the pets. I wish it were possible to go direct to them for aid but obviously that’s impossible.



Without robust and very directed advocacy, the future isn’t too bright for either. Just look to history. The history for children and animals in this country has often been one of abuse, silence and inaction.

Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat the same mistakes in the future.

Its is that and only that which saddens me. The dogs I will never own, but whose abuse could have been avoided in the future if we had strict deterrents and punishments. The children whose abuse would have been sooner identified by way of any reported pet abuse from the home.



It is what it is though. If 5,649 people think all of this, the cause, the goals, the work, the victims is only worth a fiver(in total) – then its obvious not even Jesus Christ himself could do anything with that.


Evil rarely wins because its more intelligent. Evil wins because evil is determined to be evil. They are extremely committed to destruction. Its not that evil is a particularly fast runner, so to speak. Think of it this way. Even a snail is fast if its in a race against a brick. If good doesn’t move at all then evil doesn’t need to even try too hard to win. Evil need only rely on good people not doing so.


When the very worse of people are set free and empowered by a weak justice system it puts everyone at risk. These types of individuals are extremely unstable and highly dangerous and yet they routinely just wander around, totally at liberty to do as they please. And we accept this status quo. And then we wonder why the disabled guy is set upon by thugs and beaten to death.


We wring our hands and howl in anger, but where is the planning, the direction, the strategy? Without all of that no amount of hand wringing is going to magic things into existence. If we simply did not tolerate the status quo then the status quo would change. But on the whole we do tolerate it. If the general mood toward it were as intolerant toward it as the four people in this team then society here would be totally unbearable for those high risk people. They’d be clamouring to get sent to prison!


We aren’t miracle workers though. We can only put our every effort in and we can only provide a workable platform from which press, advocacy and pressure builds. I say ‘only’ but these are the only tools any cause needs to get into the game and win the game.


We can do lots and give lots. Here’s what we most definitely cannot do. We cannot launch a very poignant and clear appeal, spend £15 to promote it, reach close to 6,000 people and get £5. We cannot do anything with that. There can be no advocacy, no lobbying, no press, no special operations, no anything – if that’s all its worth.


The team have no more ways to explain it or lay it out. We all take the view that if people don’t get that these pets and these goals need robust and consistent advocacy soon then they may never get it.



All of us wish there were a plethora of dedicated advocacy groups out there filling that role. If there were we wouldn’t even need do this. But there aren’t. However, everyone reading this is intelligent enough to understand we cannot do it on good wishes and magic dust. Everyone reading this is an honest enough person to admit that most of that 5,649 will WASTE a fiver this weekend (or more).


The future of these issues isn’t down to what the abusers do, its not down to politicians.

Its down to people at large.


We have built a platform and we have demonstrated our ability to gain good press. We have explained time and again that you need coherent strategy and high visibility.

If its only worth a fiver from 6,000 people then society is essentially condemning more pets to these outcomes. An informed people cannot claim ignorance after all.



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