Operation Frankish, Governor Tom Wolf & The FBI


Last month the state Senate unanimously passed legislation strengthening laws against animal cruelty and neglect in Pennsylvania USA.

‘It would establish grades of violations up to a felony for intentionally torturing an animal or for neglect or abuse that causes it severe injury or death’.

Sen. Rich Alloway calls it the most significant changes to Pennsylvania’s animal abuse laws in more than three decades.
The legislation was signed by Gov. Tom Wolf.
This is his Twitter.


And this is Sen Rich Alloways Twitter



I intend to send them both a link to this article via Twitter.

It would be a small but useful help if others would do the same. Takes ten minutes at the most.

If you are going to do that then say ‘done’ in comments so that I can get some idea if people are on it.

There is a reason why I am doing this so it wont be a total waste of your ten minutes.


I have seperately written to the FBI in that state. I’ve laid out who we are, what we are, what we have done, and I have included the infamous video for their perusal. I’ve also included those disgusting screen shots in which the eldest brother is openly speaking about child rape (you may recall the police in England considered that to be just fine and not remotely worth following up).




I fully accept and appreciate that the Gov, the Senator and the FBI have no jurisdiction here in the UK.

But what I also see is that much of the US and most certainly the FBI itself are light years ahead of the UK when it comes to its response to such issues.


I have essentially asked the FBI if they would be prepared to examine that footage and profile that screenshot and give me their professional opinion on how dangerous they would consider them.


I have further asked them if in the US they would have moved to seize and examine devices in a case such as this. There is really no reason why the FBI would not reply and there is no reason why they wouldn’t wouldn’t helpful, especially to citizens of a nation considered an ally. We consider their work to be the best in the World and it makes sense to turn to the best and ask them for insights.

If the FBI are happy and willing to give us an involved reply then its something that we can hold up and (with their permission) show.


It would do no harm at all to build bridges here with the Senator, the Governor and the FBI.


One final point about the FBI. I have a strong suspicion that both brothers may be of interest to them in terms of their international cyber activity and history. So, just to be on the safe side I have alerted my suspicions and concerns to them in my communication to them.


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