Edinburgh – July 15th – Get Your Feet On The Street




If you are in Edinburgh this Saturday then the Operation Frankish audio visual vehicle will be there from 10-5pm.

We’ll be in or near all the best known areas, Princes St, George St, Grassmarket, the Royal Mile.

The city will be very busy on Saturday, its busy on any Saturday but there’s a festival on this particular Saturday.

If you are in Edinburgh then grab your phone or your video camera and look out for it.


There’s an electronic tracking feature that can be enabled via the Internet. I will put that on our Facebook page.


I must give thanks to the guys who worked on putting the files together for the audio visual. Its the first time they have had to work with such material, so they are due thanks for their patience and persistence.


I help the team with everything except for that side of it since I don’t know what I’m talking about. My usual remit to them is “Have a look at this, make it work, thanks mate”.


Thanks and credit is also due to the literally tiny number of people whose donations and fund raising make it possible for us to turn ideas into reality.


Its this tiny number of people who are giving those without a voice real advocacy, exposure, and it is they who will all have played their part in one day making this country hard core when it comes to dealing with acts of sadism and wilful cruelty.


If you are not in or from Edinburgh you can still play a part. Take one hour out of your day. Go find as many Edinburgh pages on FB as you can. Spread the word of our presence. Absolutely anyone can and should do that. Recruit two friends to help.



On Wednesday or Thursday I will put a short trailer/taster on here to show you the optics that will be played on Saturday. The screen is large and they can play the audio pretty loud. This has been used to promote and give presence to some pretty well known brands, so I’d consider this a classy, creative and high visibility way of delivering a message.


The fact that it will be out there for hours speaks for itself.


I will be personally contacting the Edinburgh Evening News. They should be on this along with their sister title, The Scotsman.


If you look at their FB page a LOT of readers complain that they don’t cover enough edgy and real news. They complain that there’s too much banality or even advertising disguised as news.


They should be all over this for their own benefit really. Not only have we had great press in every other city but two of the team of four are Scottish. I am the founder, not only Scottish but a ‘son of Edinburgh’.


I’ll end on this key note. Its vital that after this event we follow it up with a new one and fast. You cant afford big gaps in this fight. Correction – the victims cant afford it.


If you absolutely cannot do anything else, at least consider a donation since its the donations that permit us to turn ideas into genuine and high profile advocacy.


Even the price of what you’d pay for two coffees at Costa can make a big difference to us.


Donations can be made via paypal to



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