Pay attention, Frankish & Frankish


The pair of you thought you were so very tough that day. Just one big joke to you.


Its odd how you lost your sense of humour when you went on the run time and time again though. Its odd how your bravado deserted you as you both wet your nappy at the slightest noise and would be straight on to the police, begging for them to help you.


And its flat out telling that only three people put their neck out for you both – your mother, her sister, and the rapist friend that you have, David Westwood (convicted for sexual offences).


I am never going to let either of you rest unless you yourself come and stop me in person. I only wish you had it in you to try – it would give me the excuse that I need.


You consider yourself hard men for what you did? Okay. Then come and stop me if you are hard men. Lets see what you have and what you can do against an adult person and not a tiny little dog. You wont though and you never will. You will always run and you will always hide, like the two bacteria ridden cockroaches that you are. On a level playing field and in a straight up situation you both know that someone like me would kerb stomp you into the ground. That’s why you pick on little dogs. Freaks.


Know this much though. Andrew Frankish, you once made claim that you can hardly remember what you have done three weeks past, let alone three years. That’s fine, son. That’s why I am here – to remind you.

And to remind everyone. Forever and ever and ever. You’re welcome.


My memory is superior to your memory, kid. I wont forget your actions and I wont forget your vile writings about raping six year old girls. Anything in your past we will uncover it. This applies to both of you. Andrew Frankish – remember your boast how you were leaving Redcar to “find more dogs to torture”?


I have no idea who the pair of you think you are. But you had best make sure that no child and no animal is harmed or touched by you.


If there’s a next time it will be your last and final time.


It wont be a bunch of soppy magistrates who will judge you.


It would have been better all around if neither of you had been born. You are weird freaks of nature. Andrew Frankish, you are as soft as putty. I can tell. Seen and met your ilk many times. And you are like a twig.

Danny boy – you are dirty and out of shape.wankers1


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