For Immediate Release

On Saturday Operation Frankish will add Edinburgh to our list of cities that we’ve had high visibility presence in. Edinburgh will be added to London, Cardiff, Manchester, Glasgow and Middlesbrough.


Our vehicle will be in the city from ten in the morning until 6pm. By the time it has completed its eight hour cycle it will have been seen by many many thousands of people. This is a national problem that requires a nation fix and that’s why its key we have presence in multiple major cities.


We would encourage all those in Edinburgh to do what they most love to do anyway – take their phone, take photos, put them on social media.


We would encourage all those not in Edinburgh to simply share this link and story around, especially on Twitter and social media pages that are relevant and which have a large reach.


We would remind people that just last week the RSPCA announced they want to secure greater powers of entry … which would bring them in line with what already exists in Scotland.
This is evidence that if a given goal can be secured in Scotland that the rest of the UK then finds it a great deal easier to fall in line.


The infamous sadism and cruelty that we all witnessed in the small town on Redcar is but a representation of the unchecked sadism and cruelty which can be found all over England, Scotland and Wales.


This is not a race between different parts of the UK. This is a race between the good people of the UK and those who set out to destroy and abuse the vulnerable and the innocent.


Anyone who is familiar with the level of sadism and violence seen in the story which was to spawn our movement would very soon understand that this is far and away more than an ‘animal welfare’ issue.


Anyone familiar with that level of sadism and evil is well aware that this is an effort to prevent people like those brothers becoming the next child abductors and child torturers.


Your courts are routinely weak on the most degenerate and dangerous of people. Your police are understaffed, over worked and low in morale. The Government reduced their number by 20,000. Local councils are legally bound to house these highly dangerous sociopaths – and you aren’t even made aware of it.


Since most are unemployable your tax money is then used to let them enjoy their liberty. They are not only permitted to change names they are issued a new surname by the police. An unsuspecting father might think nothing of letting one of these dangerous predators around their daughter. An unsuspecting single mother may be taken in by their new identity.


Operation Frankish are not in this fight to preach to people what to eat or drink.

Operation Frankish are in this fight to wake people from their slumber and raise awareness so that they fully realise the level of evil and danger they are being foced to live among.

Operation Frankish are here to hold politicians feet to the fire, we are here to ensure that sick and twisted people are incarcerated so that they are not free and at large to turn their sickness on a child, an elderly person, a disabled person or another animal.



And that’s why we fight on, that’s why we strive to have national presence in various cities.

And that’s why we have commissioned our vehicle to show our story in words, pictures and images on Saturday.

This is a representation of what will be playing to many thousands of people on Saturday and be seen on a large screen.





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