Get Off Your Knees


So you’re sick and tired of a weak justice system that is dangerously lenient on extreme sadists?

You’re worried for your children since so very many of these sadists are loose, protected and probably not far from you?


You’re sickened by the little packs of feral teens who terrorise neighbourhoods, attacking pets and people alike? And you’re convinced that those who are capable of making a lengthy torture video involving their own dog are a grave danger to children or the generally vulnerable?


Then get off your knees and DO something constructive about it. Push back against it. Counter it. Anything will do – so long as its not constantly moaning about it every single time it happens. Nothing has even been moaned into existence.


Only organisation, action and creativity will work.
Go organise.
Go create.
Go take action.


If I can do it there’s nothing to stop anyone reading this from doing it.

If they cannot or wont do that then at least give direct support to those who do.

If you do neither of those things then I’m afraid to say you are part of the problem and not a part of the solution.

If you do neither then you don’t really have a right to rant and rave at abuse stories, weak justice systems or politicians.

Its very simple. If we don’t start locking up proven sadists and if we don’t start taking their actions more seriously then acts of sadism will spread like a cancer and its not merely pets that will die – its children. Or people with learning difficulties or an elderly person. Maybe even someone you know and love.




Nothing is going to change if just left alone. These MP’s in Westminster and those in the Scottish Parliament are not going to initiate tougher measures from the goodness of their heart. You are going to need to pressure and force them.


Petitions wont do it and e mailing your MP’s wont do it. You need something far more public and that gets into faces far more. You need something with an openly stated manifesto of wanting to put these sadists away for a very very long time. You need something which is not adverse to making a highly public example of someone should it be felt that they have brought it on themselves.


I created this to be precisely that.

Everything I have just laid out as what you would need I have created and given to you as platform.


However, in the interests of fairness, if the reader believes any of those I have listed at the bottom of this article are more likely to do that which eventually gets such sadists caged – then by all means give THEM your support;

This country are fortunate to have such a dedicated and nimble movement such as Operation Frankish. I personally think its time more people in this country recognised that fact.




For the work that we do and how devoted we are, and given the nature of the goal and its importance, it is almost shameful how little the noise of people online translates to anything of worth.


They say how sick it makes them, how outraged they are. That’s fair enough. But at some stage the person needs to get beyond emotions and actually do things in the physical realm.

If something sickens and anger me that much I wouldn’t say anything at all unless I was personally prepared to take direct action against whatever the issue or person was.

Its not merely the victims that these twisted abusers laugh at.
Its not only the courts which they are well aware are hamstrung.


They are laughing at all those who wring their hands and who vent online, but who take no action and do nothing to counter them. If a man or women had any pride that one fact alone should be enough to provoke fight in them.


The reader who knows in their heart they aren’t doing anything shouldn’t be sick at the abusers or the apathy of politicians. The reader who knows in their own heart that they aren’t doing anything of worth should first of all be sickened by their own inaction, lack of fight, and lack of selflessness.


The reader who isn’t doing anything should hold that thought the next time they look at their own dog or kid.

The reader of that type needs to stop crying and whining about injustice, get off their knees, stop being so weak and show some fight.
We literally could not do more with what we have to set an example and lead by example. We don’t want pats on the head for it – we want support for it.


I personally do far more than I really should or can afford to do but since there’s a blatant absence of those willing to try then I give it all I have. I have two people in this team with no previous experience of creative who had to learn how to do the creative for Saturday from scratch – just so we can get the event done.

They have never asked for anything and they have actually put in more of their own £ in the last two weeks than we’ve had from most others put together. It says a lot about them but it also says a lot for those who are well aware we are a grass roots movement reliant on public donations and yet to get even the price of two pints from them is like trying to squeeze blood from a stone.


I was up until 4am today trying to use Twitter as it was always intended to be used and that’s to send short links and messages to key people and organisations. I then had a whole four hours sleep.

I will then be out for most of the day on Saturday to oversee the event.


We don’t do it all for the sake of our health or as a little hobby. We do it because unless there is push back and unless there is overt public displays then the culture of silence and inaction will go on and on, and with it the sadists will flourish.




I think its way overdue that our selfless actions, good intentions, high work ethic and dogged determination was reciprocated with far more direct support and aid.


But…. if you think one of those listed below have the edge and the required agility to get these types of beasts caged then at least give them your support.


List of animal welfare groups

United Kingdom
Animal Allsorts
Assisi Animal Sanctuary
Badger Trust
Battersea Dogs and Cats Home (London)
Blue Cross
Born Free Foundation
British Divers Marine Life Rescue
British Horse Society
Cats Protection
Centre for Animals and Social Justice
Dogs Trust
DSPCA (Dublin)
Eurogroup for Animals
Farm Animal Welfare Council
Hillside Animal Sanctuary
The Horse Trust
Hounds for Heroes
Irish Blue Cross
League Against Cruel Sports
The Mayhew Animal Home
National Animal Welfare Trust
National Office of Animal Health
National Wildlife Crime Unit
Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics
People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals
Redwings Horse Sanctuary
Retired Greyhound Trust
Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA)
Save Me (animal welfare)
Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Screech Owl Sanctuary
Swan Sanctuary, Shepperton
Thornberry Animal Sanctuary
Ulster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Wetheriggs Zoo and Animal Sanctuary


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