Operation Frankish In Edinburgh

Of all the events we have done going back to last year, today was my most favourite.

Since our inception we’ve had presence in ‘Boro, Manchester, Glasgow, Norwich and London. Never have I been able to see the fruits of our own work up close and personal, since the costs of travelling all over the country would be too great.

Today has been the first time I’ve ever had the chance to see what we do in person.

I have to give a shout out to DK and Andrew for putting the visuals and creative together between them as well as selecting the sound.



It looked really excellent in real life today. Its one thing to see a photo or a piece of video. But when we were standing there in extremely busy streets and it was parked up in full view of everything and everyone it looked visually stunning.

It was great to see Elaine show up and she stayed with us for a fair part of the day. It was also great to see Danny travel quite some distance and walk so many miles today, considering this is a guy who nearly died from a stroke not so long back. Both turned up and donated some notes to us as well – great people.




We probably walked quite a few miles as a team since it was the most viable way for us all to get around so busy are the roads. To give you an idea how busy, we were able to instruct the vehicle to move from one area to the next and we could take short cuts and be there ahead of it.


Despite the throngs of people that were out today the driver was excellent at finding key areas to just pull in. I think he got away with a few of them as police and traffic stasi thought it must be part of the Festival.




There were pre festival activities going on in the Grassmarket area. We tacked on to that area for about an hour.


We sent it to the Scottish Parliament.


We had it drive back and forward along and around Princes St, George St, South Bridge, I’d estimated that between 10 and 6pm a good six figures must have been exposed to it.




Its something of a curiosity that the spark for all of this was a dog and two brothers from a town in Cleveland and today you had two Scottish organisers and two Scottish followers there overseeing it all. The gruesome faces of that pair were displayed for all to see since they have become synonymous with evil and they have become the symbol of the cancerous weakness that exists at the very heart of our laughably named justice system.





It was all up there, our past press headlines, their faces, a break down of their actions, and an entire montage of our past works. Its surreal to be standing there and people start reading it and taking photos of it.


It was fantastic to get out there in person today and be among such great people, real people that gave up their time, their money and their toil.


All that remains to do is seek and cultivate others who share our same passion – to ensure that degenerate scum whose only goal is to bring misery to others are denied their liberty.


We have not put in this amount of relentless effort and sacrifice to lose. Losing is for losers. We only see victory. We only see a day when we will bring these defective parasites back under the boot of justice – where it deserves to be.


One final thought. The next time you see some half savaged dog and write think to yourself how somebody should do something to increase punishments – remember that YOU are also ‘somebody’.


In Operation Frankish you have an excellent mechanism that has its own unique style and goals. We’ve built it, we’ve made it real – all that’s left to do is for people to keep elevating it and breathing life into it.


We have a choice. We can keep on crying a machine of tears every time some low life freaks act out. We can keep on getting all angry at the non punishments.

Or we can fight back, go on the front foot, and through the accumulative momentum of our efforts we can indeed crush these freaks and the culture that they rely on to thrive in.


The only people who wouldn’t have a natural instinct to want to fight back against such low life are other low life or pussies who are too scared to break a fingernail.


Everyone else must surely think its about time there was a radical shake up in this country.


Before a shake up the people must wake up. And that’s why we were out there on foot today pushing this campaign forward.

This fight belongs to all of us, so if you haven’t got in the fight so far – get in the fight or be silent the next time something horrific unfolds.

But if you do have the fight in you? Then you are our sort of person.


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