We MUST destroy their freedom


So here’s the deal. Its just over a year on from when the infamous and macabre video that sparked all of this first emerged.

In that time and to this very day only one movement have locked their jaws right into this issue and refused to let go. And that movement is without doubt and beyond question the force that is known as Operation Frankish.



What started out as my seeing this one gruesome video led to my awakening as to the prevalence of this cruelty and the insulting sentences that are given that are meant to pass as them ‘paying their debt to society’.


I honestly had no idea before seeing their video that there were that many people out there in this country capable of such things.


I also had no idea that the available punishments were so weak. I assumed such things must be extremely rare and that on the occasions they did happen that they perpetrator would be locked up for a good time – be that in a prison or psychiatric unit.


If I was in a state of semi ignorance then it is clear and obvious that there must be many other good people who are themselves as ignorant as I was. Indeed, during the course of the eight hours we were out yesterday I personally spoke to a number of people and all of them assumed that present sentencing powers were much higher than they actually are.


Its key to understand this because if good people are still generally ignorant then its almost impossible that they’d demand radical change for something that are not fully aware of.

This is why its crucial to get out there and do the work and the projects and events that we do.



Let me break it down. It probably wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say our work yesterday was exposed to 100,000 people over the course of the day. You then add to that the number exposed to it in a secondary sense – via social media. While it would clearly be fantasy land to think all 100,000 watched the content in whole or in part, this is redundant.


What matters is that from that 100,000 many will have. If an event like this were to wake up just one person who got into the fight with the same determination I have then that alone would be worth it.


In actual fact it will wake a great many more up, but my point is that this is how you wake people up – you have to be as much in their face as possible in as creative a way as possible.


Its very much the same with child abuse. The majority of people I speak to are amazed when I tell them what the sentences can be for that and when I tell them that two thirds of thoe convicted of possessing the MOST extreme material do not get any jail time.


When you have a nation in which the weakest in society are being sold short by those who are meant to protect them (the Government) then anyone with a conscience has no choice but to step up and do everything in their power to change that situation.


Its curious that there are so many people as ignorant about it all as I was pre awakening. You have to wonder why. The answer is very clear and simple – these facts are not being laid out for you that often, people are generally not being told how officially lenient the justice system are toward sadistic pet abusing and child abusing vermin.


Have a good think. When was the last time anyone in the current Conservative cabinet clearly stated that its time to crack down on such perpetrators? When was the last time you heard such a discussion on political shows like Question Time?

The fact is that politicians like to speak about getting tough on many things, but for some strange reason it never extends to those whose life goal it is to torture animals or rape kids. Some even like to mix it up and get into both.


In the absence of a Government taking the lead on such matters and in the absence of an opposition party doing so it comes down to us – people. It is we who must wake up and it is we who must force them to change things. That’s what needs doing whatever it takes and however long it takes. Its play to win and win for keeps.


What we are doing is stepping into a yawning great void that desperately needed filled.

By way of our work we are waking people up and raising awareness all the time. And we are doing it across the UK.


When people fully realise the extent of the situation then a % of them will become as resolute as I became – because it will dawn on them that this is a matter of urgency and a fight for the future of which way our society goes.


A % of them will finally realise that this is far more than a ‘pet thing’ – its a pernicious and cancerous apathy from the people in high office toward the exploitation and abuse of the vulnerable – especially animals and children.


When you inform and provoke enough people across the country, when by way of your efforts you can wake some from their slumber, then all such things are gains and wins for this cause.


I have said from day one – the downfall of these predators and the political and legal climate that panders to them will not die with one big fatal blow. Instead it will perish  death by a thousand cuts.


This next part is specifically to those that are utterly sick of freaks having licence to do as they please and who want this country to get tough on them.


We must follow up one event with more action and activity – ASAP. We absolutely cannot afford to treat this fight and the enemy as some sort of casual hobby.

To that end I want to do not one but two events in two cities and on the same day. Two different styles of event altogether.


I’ll not go into all the nuts and bolts yet as it will make this too long and I know how you just hate anything too long. But that’s what we want to do now, we want to press right ahead and do two things in two places and at the same time.


Rumour has it that one of those things and one of the cities may involve a return to the Cleveland area.


We have a bit of money. Not masses – a few hundred quid. In order that I am able to pull this off and do two cities in one day then good people and serious people are needed to dig deep and simply make it possible for us to do this work and do it in short order.

Don’t give what you cannot afford but do give.


Our paypal is operationfrankish@gmail.com




The team here are clearly totally committed to what we are doing and what are trying to achieve. We are doing well and getting better still.


We can give the platform. We can raise awareness. We can apply pressure and we can fight and fight until we win. But its not down to me really. Its down to you guys to make it possible for us to turn ideas into a reality.


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