Operation Frankish – A message to Redcar

To the 35,000 people of Redcar.


2016 was shall we say a somewhat ‘unfortunate’ year for your town. Indeed two of the most high profile cases regrettably happened to originate from your small town.


This is obviously not your fault and nor are people like that exclusive to your town. As strange as it may sound, I only wish they were because then this issue could be so very easily contained and we’d be home and hosed for breakfast.


At the height of when those stories broke there were a number of obviously decent people from Redcar who’d write to us and almost feel some sense of misplaced guilt.


No one needs to feel guilt for the actions of another simply because they are from their town. That would just be a nonsense.


However, with that being said there’s no doubt that ‘Andrew Frankish’ (18/10/93) and ‘Daniel Geoff Frankish’ 6/1/1997 are indeed the spawn of Redcar.


This was not some family from outside the area, this was a family whose roots in that area were long standing. That’s why when we chased them around they would have a nosebleed if they got beyond 35miles.


To the people of Redcar – you didn’t create those two pieces of human garbage. But they are your garbage, as a town, as an area.


Others from Redcar would say to us they felt their town was gaining a bad reputation due to such offenders emerging from their town in such short time spans. I can understand that for sure. People want to feel a sense of justified pride in their town or city and I get how that is undermined if a spate of extremely twisted cases all crop up from one town in a short time. No one wants their town associated with producing head cases.


As I said from the get go, you by no means have the exclusive on nutters. I am from a city of half a million with a dark underbelly and some questionable housing schemes. How many nutters do you think we probably have?


I will be honest and tell you this though. Earlier this year one of our team was searching for cases in Edinburgh that were contemporary and as extreme and perverse as the Redcar Two.


We could find nothing in recent history that came close. We extended it to Scotland as a whole. We still struggled to find anything like it. Its obviously a good thing that we really toiled to find anything like it here. This doesn’t mean everything here is an animal utopia and there are no problems.


A casual look at the SSPCA figures would tell you otherwise. It does mean that in all of Scotland we truly struggled to find anything as extreme as two cases in Redcar that happened in the same year.


Here’s the thing. That pair are losers and scum bags and will never be anything else. The only ‘good’ thing to accidentally spring from their existence is the fact I found it so completely unacceptable and twisted and evil that I stepped on up and put my neck on the line and my own ideas out there.


From the stench that they created we created this movement, a movement whose function is to one day soon ensure that never again can creatures like that do what they did and walk off with the insulting sentence that they were given.


So well known is the case and its details I can say without a shadow of doubt that it remains the most infamous animal cruelty case in recent British history.


We have taken their evil actions and even used their evil faces and we have relentlessly used both across the country, England, Wales, Scotland, beyond. In terms of animal cruelty they became like the Hyndley and Brady.


We were active again on Saturday. Once again we heavily led with these two as a means to drive home our wider message and campaign. We have done this both right in the heart of Cleveland and we have done it many miles from Cleveland and Redcar.


We were here in Edinburgh on Saturday, raising public awareness to the wider cause while ensuring their deeds were a central part of it.


Remember what I suggested? Both those pieces of garbage are not your fault and they obviously do not represent the majority in Redcar. But they were Redcar’s garbage just the same.


I get that the problem is bigger than just those two alone. That’s being worked on. But its true that these products of Redcar have been the spark for all of this.


What does that mean? It simply means that the good folk of Redcar should (even all this time on), be doing productive things aimed at ensuring people like that are one day given proper shower time in the nearest prison.


You had one MP down there that was advocating for a good while. I’ve no idea what she has done in recent times, since I can only go on what’s on her page or in the press and there’s been nothing for months. I could easily have missed it though.

We are not her constituents.


Another idea for the people of Redcar would be to simply give us your support.


We were out there for eight hours on Saturday on foot. And we are not from Redcar nor even England in fact.

Its a nice little gesture when some people down there did something to ‘remember’ those two dogs (Baby and Scamp).


But here’s a fact. Its going to take hard core and very public advocacy and done in a relentless way to truly “Get Justice” for….(insert name of victim).


What we are asking Redcar to do this week is one thing – get right behind Operation Frankish.




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