Robert Roy Farmer

Upon first reading this story today I felt it didn’t ring true. I’ve seen headlines like this before. You’ll read ‘man gets 99years for animal cruelty’ as the headline and it then later proves the actual detail of the story isn’t quite in line with the flamboyant headline.


I’m going to look into this a bit more and especially this 16 year sentence that was issued. I just want to make sure it is what it says on the tin and its not yet another case of mainstream media lifting something from the wire without fully fact checking the detail.


There are obviously parallels between this guy and the person who is supposed to be culpable for similar down in the Croydon area.


The one difference is that this guy was stopped after a month of it – if the timeline of the guy in England is accurate he is almost going into year three.


There’s another big difference as it happens. This guy in California wont be seeing the light of day any time soon. The guy in Croydon? Even if he were caught today what’s he going to get? You already know the answer before it happens – 26 weeks maximum and highly unlikely to even get that.



And if you want that to change in a meaningful and dramatic way then you are going to need that which gives relentless advocacy nationwide. In other words you need what we do only you need more of it and more often.


While its unlikely you’d ever fully replicate California’s laws, you can most certainly play an active role in turning the UK into the toughest in Europe. That would be something to really be proud of.


Its not going to occur by itself, its not going to be initiated by the Government. The advocacy and drive must come from the grass roots – exactly what we are.


Lets stop looking across the pond all dewy eyed at California. Lets instead repair our own country and lets ramp up the advocacy so that we don’t need to look to the US and wish we could be like them.


That doesn’t start with someone else at some future point.
It begins today with anyone that reads this.


Give us your support in some sort of way. We can grow and develop and eventually redress the long overdue balance.


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