The List of The Damned

Over this next while what you will see is us heavily pushing and promoting the launch of our animal abuse offender database.


In fact we have one member of the the team working on a video aimed at promoting its launch. It wont be the first video, it wont be the only way to pre promote it. Such a tool is only of use if there is a weight of awareness and knowledge about access to it.


We don’t want to miss anyone that’s been convicted so if you are able to provide large scale archival data on many cases – contact us. Don’t just send us lots of individual links though as we would never have time to look through every message that way.


The more we promote it (before and once live) the better. Not simply because it alerts people to the fact they will now have the feature to do a search with. But the more we pre promote it the more it will psyche out the abusers who love the cover of darkness and who rely on fading memory.


I am fortunate that we have the people who can do all the mechanics of it. I have then given them a brief on ways we can promote it which they are quite taken by and understand the psychology behind.


It will still be a lot of work for them and for me though and we will do it, we will do what must be done since if left to politicians we’d wait forever. We need to get out of the habit of sucking on the state teat and creating our own fixes and solutions anyway.


When we rely on them nothing gets better.

So we had best rely on ourselves.

We’ll use video to promote it.
We’ll use online posters that can be shared.
We’ll print off physical posters and have people put them up.



I will also take to Twitter for an entire day and use Twitter as it should be used – to get a short message to everyone and everything that may matter.


In this case I will take to Twitter with promotional video and I will endeavour to force the launch of the database into the public narrative.


When the Government were last asked about such a thing they first said we apparently don’t need one and then sort of said ‘okay we might need one, but we’re too worried about repercussions aimed at the abusers’.


Always fretting and concerned over the feels and freedoms of the worse of people, huh?


Here’s the thing. Our intention is not to use it as a means to incite this hysterically exaggerated idea of vigilantism that Government ministers push.

But let me also be clear – the emotions, feels and liberties of such invidivuals is of zero interest to me. They shouldn’t be at large to start with, but since the Government insist on being pussies and letting them roam free, then I guess we have been left with no choice but to take legitimate defensive measures.


And that’s what this is about. It will be an easy to access and easy to navigate tool that the decent people in this country can go on and search as a defensive measure tool.


I hope to grow this side of it to the degree that we can put out near instant alerts if one convicted abuser moves from A to B.

With that in mind I have started the process of looking into having an app developed.


What can you do?

Well, when we v soon start to promote it with video etc you can share as many times as you can.

We’d certainly not shout at anyone that wanted to throw some dollar in so we can pay for printing or even to take out an advert. It would help with the development of the app as well.


And that’s pretty much all you need do.

We’ll do the rest.

Hopefully that sounds a more than fair proposal.




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