Important Message



In the early part of last year I set out with two goals in mind. The first goal was to put those two brothers on the back foot as much as I could. The second goal was to see the maximum sentences raised from 26 weeks to five years.



It is now one year later. The Frankish brothers were run out of five towns and a total of eight places of accommodation. As far as I am aware they last settled in Sheffield, but the point is that this first goal was unquestionably achieved. They are stained for life now, there is no way back for either of them.



And, as you will likely formally hear next week, the Government are indeed set to announce an increase from 26 weeks to 5 years. That’s an increase of ten times. I don’t think it will take them long to enable new legislation at all. They’ll send it up to the House of Lords and they will most likely rubber stamp it.




The goal to see sentences go from 26 weeks to 5 years has also been achieved for all intents and purposes.



We have come very far in such a short space of time and what’s more, we did it with very little in the way of direct labour or financial help. Many of our appeals fell on deaf ears, but we never gave up and we always found a work around.



When my own dog collapsed and died in the street back in February, I never gave up, I was on it the next day, even though I no longer had any pets at that stage.



People have come and gone from OF, only natural with any volunteer movement. Most of them made a positive contribution along the way, so I would like to give a shout out to them, past and present – they know who they are. No matter how many changes of personnel there were, we never stopped, we just kept on going and going.



Nothing has been able to derail us. No one has been able to stop us. We were essentially created to specifically be a high intensity pressure group that did a lot of very public events and which went out of our way to attract a great deal of press.



We were created to oversee two goals, both of which can now be ticked. We wilfully did things which I knew would lead to those brothers effectively becoming the lightening rod by which radical gains would be made. We purposefully did events in order to ensure their names and faces were kept in the press for far longer than would normally have been possible.




Its quite staggering to think what else could have been achieved had more people answered our calls for funds and labour, considering how far we came with so little of either.




Owing to these irrefutably positive developments we are now faced with a choice. With both goals achieved I can ride off into the sunset, get my life back and kick back safe in the knowledge that things will definitely be better than they were to some genuine level.



That one does seem fairly seductive since I’d no longer have to do anything except suit myself. The only people who have any idea the amount of hours I put into all of this are those like Andrew who are on the inside. It has been an absolute necessity for me to cajole and drive people along for a year, if I had not done so then we simply would not have grown as fast and as efficiently as we did.


What now though? That is the question I am going to have to ask of myself this weekend. The answer to that question will, at least to some degree, be shaped by the public themselves.



We were never designed to go on indefinitely, we were designed to achieve those two stated objectives. We were designed to be quick and bold and not for a war of attrition. I think you can see that design and that model is exactly what was needed and it worked very well.




We are now at a cross roads. Having now ticked both boxes that we originally set out to tick my options are to ‘retire from active duty’ and put my feet up – or we go on, regardless of the very good news and irrespective of the new legislation.




There would have to be meaning to our going on though. Once passed into law, there will be no call for us to lobby for five year sentences being passed into law.




Incidentally, its worth pointing out that when something carries the potential for a 5 year sentence it totally changes the dynamic in a number of ways. In England and Wales you’ll likely find these cases are eventually not heard in a magistrates court anymore. They will be heard by a professional and named judge.



Its also plausible that the RSPCA may not be able to handle prosecutions as they have in the past. With this carrying a now very serious sentence, my guess is that the remit will be handed over to police and detectives to investigate more of. You may find the RSPCA will go on prosecuting general neglect and relatively minor cases, but that deemed very extreme will be deal with by detectives.




It changes the dynamic among police forces as well. If an offence only carries a small fine or some other modest penalty, then its obvious that the police don’t give it high priority. If an offence can carry a sentence numbered in years then it becomes naturally more attractive for any force across the UK to give attention to.




From a legal perspective, the Government placing a five year deal onto this issue elevates it into the realms of being caught in possession of a firearm, or ABH, or any number of other pretty serious offences that I could name.




The reason why your local police aren’t too interested if your bike is nicked is that its not worth their bother finding out who stole it. No one gets sent to prison for stealing a bike. But if bike theft suddenly carried a five year sentence, rest assured, your local police would be all over your bike theft report.



This is the ripple that will be naturally caused when legislation is made formal in law.



It does something else. The Frankish generation were born into a society whose legal system effectively said such actions weren’t that serious by dint of the sentences available. The generation growing up after legislation is passed will grow up with an entirely different message.



Returning to the fork in the road that we now face (for good reasons)



What do we do now, how do we react to both original targets being met?




Here’s a bit of an allegory. Anyone remember watching those old trashy horror flix like Friday the 13th. Didnt it just frustrate the hell out of you that at points during the film one of the victims had a perfect chance to finish their tormenter off and they didn’t make sure? It did me. I would always be sitting there thinking “He’s knocked out, you have a gun, now blow his head clean off”. But they wouldn’t and their tormenter would recover, leaving them to regret their pang of mercy.





And that reminds me of where we are at now. The ‘tormenter’ is going to certainly get knocked flat on his collective backside.


The question is – do we risk assuming that he will not recover or do we go all the way and ensure that he cannot?



I would strongly recommend that the latter approach is the way to go.



This can be achieved by launching Strike 2 – promoting our own independent and public access pet abuse register… and then pulling out all the stops to make sure it gets maximum publicity.




Its an ideal thing to do because what it boldly says is that while the new legislation is great, bang – here’s our grass roots created pet abuser register splashed all over the place.


It goes without saying there will be a special place for both brothers on that register.




Doing that in mid October would (and esp due to timing), really create something of a shit storm and a great deal of public hype. Not to mention that it makes people feel emboldened to read of the new legislation and suddenly there is this register that hits the scene.





We should also create the film inspired by the true events of ‘Baby’, legislation or not. We want and can create something worthy of submissions to film festivals or that would be of interest to one of the networks. Its a 5 month start-to-end project, partly shot on location and involving more than one case.


If a network were to step forward and offer to buy the rights, we would naturally ask more for it than its costing to produce in its entirety. If we ended up making a substantial profit on any such deal my intention would be to use that to establish both a cutting edge rescue centre with an education centre attached.



These are the things I strongly recommend that we do.



These are the tactics I woud suggest you lend your support to and that means financial backing.



Those are the things we are ready and primed to swing right into action with, even if we have achieved our two initial aims.




Its your call. We’ve come so far in such a short time and with very little. There is no doubt we have done well. We could leave it there and for sure it would be seen as a successful model.



Or we could ramp it up, welcome the imminent legislation, but go full steam ahead on those other things I have mentioned.



When I say its ‘your call’, I don’t merely mean by saying ‘yeah, go for it bro’. Nothing we have done over these past 18 months happened without a huge number of hours and some finance. So, simply telling us to go for it doesn’t help. What helps is either direct labour or financial aid.



And that’s where it becomes your call.



As far as I’m concerned, Operation Frankish has nothing to prove anymore. We’ve demonstrated time and again what we are capable of.


What happens next is entirely down to the pet loving public.







Victory Close As Government Plan Toughest Reforms Ever


As you will have seen from the news stories on the main page, it looks like you’re going to get your upper limit of five years for extreme cases then.


I put this in comments but its worth repeating here;



“Did you see that coming down the pipe? I did, I was aware of the change in tone and rhetoric among key Government figures in this past year.


When OF was very first born Gove was in Government but in another role. I remember his words and rhetoric back then being extremely different to that which he boldly led with here.


He is no minor figure in Government, this is a part of his personal job remit. He would not make such bold statements ahead of next weeks conference unless he knew cabinet members were backing him.


I think what will emerge from this is new legislation which will allow the most extreme offenders to be handed five year terms.



Knowing the system a little bit, what will then likely happen is that the courts will want to flex their new muscles for a bit, which will be bad news for the first half dozen or so who are deemed to be most extreme.


To make a big public example of the new legislation the first knot of them will be liable to have the book thrown at them. In time that way temper a bit, but initially I would anticipate the courts being keen to ‘show who is boss’ when they have these new powers. The Crown like that.



I suppose that in England it will have to involve cases being moved out of a magistrates court, since I do not think unpaid magistrates have those sorts of powers. Those kind of powers would be for a professional judge I’d imagine.


All that would slightly surprise me would be in England slapped this legislation in place before Scotland. With that being said, I think Scotland are preparing their own very similar legislation, so its probably a case of who gets it over the legal line first.”








Quoting that saves me repeating myself.


As and when this is made law it does beg the question – what now?


As you will see from our Wiki page our number one stated goal was…


“Operation Frankish: , founded in May 2016,is a small but growing operation based in the U.K. They are a pro-active animal welfare & rights pressure group, working within the law, seeking imprisonment for convicted animal abusers in the U.K. They have four principle aims which are to:


‘Ensure sentences are increased from their present 26 weeks to 5 years’









It is a statement of fact that if the Government create legislation allowing sentences going up to 5 years we will have met that main goal.



That’s why the question ‘what’s the future’ is relevant.



We could no longer lobby for that which would be achieved. That’s a good thing, but I’m just saying, you cannot advocate for that which is granted.




One might wonder how much influence we potentially had on changing the political discourse.



Its impossible to prove it in any scientific way.



All I will say is this. The likes of the RSPCA et all, they have existed for over a century. For over a century we have had among the weakest penalties in the First World.




We came along about 18 months ago, immediately leading with this figure of five years, and pushing a lot of stuff into the press. And now we are on the cusp of this Government creating new legislation that would permit for sentences of … five years.





So, based on just that alone, I would say we’ve either had influence or its been a remarkable and spell binding coincidence that after all this time of nothingness, that in 18 months the body politic want to go from 26 weeks to five YEARS.





Its down to you whether you believe in remarkable coincidences or not, but as I have said all along, the Government fear grass roots pressure groups that do stuff, and they often try to negate them by simply folding and conceding to whatever their aim was.





I’ve been saying since day one that this class of offender are really no loss to the establishment, they aren’t bankers or connected people, just vermin that operated under the radar. I did say that if you keep pushing that eventually people like Gove would throw the abusers in front of the bus.





Clearly we must first wait to see that they do in fact pass this into law but all the signs point to it.




A formal passing of such legislation would certainly change the dynamic of OF at least in so far as that number one goal would be achieved.






It would certainly beg the question as to where we go from there.




Given that we’re not a rescue and rehoming organisation but a pressure group, if the stated objective of securing 5 year sentences is indeed achieved the easiest thing for us would be to conclude ‘job done’. Because it would be (at least in so far as that number one aim).




If you want my own personal insight into this, I’d probably say you cannot trust politicians and nor can you full trust the judiciary.



Do I think this Government are about to reveal some pretty far reaching reforms that are definitely worthy? I do. Would I consider this worthy of celebration? I would.



But I am not stupid. I am aware of the fact that new powers can be handed to courts only to later discover that judges themselves are choosing not to use their full powers.




I would say that even if this Government do indeed pass legislation that carries a 5 year maximum it would be wise to hold their feet to the fire. Make sure they keep their promises, but also put the judiciary on watch for the first year, we would rather like to monitor to what degree judges would use these long fought for powers.




I would also say that we should independently ramp up our efforts to create and publicise our own private pet abuse register.



In fact, the need to do that and cause it to make a big splash is now imperative.



The timing to do something like that in mid October and following this news could not be better.




If that hits the press in two English cities then a register totally indie of Government is not going to please them. They wont like it. The abusers wont like it. If it gains increasing publicity and hits then it wouldn’t surprise me if the Government either A) Try to ‘shut it down’ or B) Speedily create a register in the hope that by doing so we will roll our one back.





I am prepared for either scenario.



My own personal view is that we (as in you as well) should keep going at this, even if the Government do make the quite large leap from 26 weeks to 5 years.



I absolutely believe we should do the register and publicise it big time and I completely believe we should create a film based on the tragic story of Baby.



That’s what I recommend, advise and believe should be done.




On the other hand, it comes down to others. If there is sufficient interest to keep going at this (as I strongly suggest), then that’s what we will do.



If there isn’t then we can say we went into it seeking five year terms and we emerged out the other side with five year terms.







Wrong all along…


I set aside the last five weeks to purely and only focus on things to do with OF. I’ve achieved so much in those five weeks and set in motion that which would be fantastic if the people want it enough.



Is it demanding of me? Sure. I was fielding calls and negotiating things on my birthday on Wednesday. The day before I had an exhaustive four hour meeting and got home well after seven, a meeting that was entirely to do with animal cruelty.




This is okay though, it may be tiring and demanding, but I truly believe that nothing will improve or get better unless people (like me) stand up and attempt to do all in their power to MAKE things better.


I’ll never get the desperate screams of that poor dog entirely out of my psyche. Given that I could not bring Baby back to life I resolved to obliterate the culture of leniency and secrecy that these parastical abusers rely on to flourish.






Owing to the five weeks I took out to set things up, we are on the cusp here of some great stuff. Game changing stuff, things that would elevate the cause in the immediate and mid term.



Even after I got home late from that meeting, I had my dinner and was back doing things for this cause.



One of those things was to fairly briefly explain what I have set up these past weeks followed with a call to arms.



I laid out what we need and why. I put some money into boosting the post to increase reach and the reach was good, I cannot fault the reach.



The post was called – ‘200 Heroes Needed’. It reach a few thousand people and enjoyed multiple shares.



All we were really asking was for a mere 200 people to give what would be the price of two pints – a tenner.


True, we were seeking 200 people to do it over five or six days. But we are into day three nearly and what we’ve had in so far is a couple of donations, one for a tenner and one for twenty quid. There may be one or two more for a tenner since I’ve written this.



As welcome as those donations are, lets be realistic here. There is no way anyone can do or achieve anything of note with £20 or £30. The notion is absurd as anyone would agree.


All I can take from it is that people aren’t really interested in construction action, they aren’t really that bothered about putting this ….(click ze link)


….onto this….




…….then doing that which would expose that register to tens and tens of thousands of people and public officials.



All I can take from this is that people aren’t that bothered about putting true and sustained pressure on abusers or politicians. That’s why I gave this the title of ‘Wrong all along’.



I have no issue if I was wrong and grossly over estimated how much the public really wanted to change things. There’s no shame in my having over estimate public seriousness if I did so in good faith.



There’s nothing wrong in being wrong.



All we can take from it is that the public don’t care about making a film inspired by the tragic events of ‘Baby’ that could be submitted to film festivals or be coveted by one of the big networks. I guess if people wanted a thing badly enough we’d have seen it by now when we ask for aid.



But when we put out an appeal that reaches a few thousand and we get about £40 in, then okay, maybe people just do not want to really change the present dynamic in any meaningful or lasting way.




The line that ‘failure is not an option’ is really just empty BS. Failure is always an option. Generations of people before us failed these sentient creatures and of course they can be failed again.



These sick and sadistic freaks need not even do anything to ‘win’. All they need do is sit tight, because the status quo is just fine by them. All they need to do to win is relying on people doing nothing innovative and visible to fight back against them.


Thanks for reading


200 heroes needed


Never get yourself too down about this pet cruelty situation because there are great things being worked on and set up in the background that are going to be fantastic.


Operation Frankish is not a movement for people that are stuck on anger or sadness, Operation Frankish is a movement that wants to and does get things done. If you are someone that also wants to get things done then Operation Frankish is for you.



If you’re someone who thinks ‘nothing will ever change’ then OF isn’t the place for you. If you take the single minded view that this is a problem that can be smashed by smashing the culture of leniency then OF is for you.



To be honest, some of the things we have planned aren’t done justice by words alone.




You may already be aware that we are commissioning a film documentary that will be inspired by the true events of ‘Baby’.


If you weren’t aware then you are now.





It will be engaging, it will have aspects of darkness, there will be parts done on location, some in Redcar, what we are looking at here is something that we will start shooting in November and it should be finished by March of 2018.



Its a lot of work, there are quite a number of people involved in the production, but our intention is to create something so good that it can potentially be watched by millions, entered into film festivals or even sold to a big channel for network broadcasting.




As the team will tell you, I have had several meetings and discussions to get this going and the first thing they are going to do is create a teaser/trailer.



This should be ready sometime late October/early November.



This teaser trailer will include some real life footage, we’re not speaking a basic thing made in five mins and with any piece of music bolted onto it. It will be a portal into the film. We will also be able to use this trailer on kickstarter campaigns, which we plan to use to part fund the production in full.




This is obviously going to be a work in progress so now let me deal with something more immediate. I am bored to tears by politicians of all stripes. If we waited on them nothing constructive would ever happen. Its for that reason I do not recognise their authority. There is far too much at stake to rely on them actually being constructive. They’ve been TALKING about an animal abuse register for years. We still don’t have one, and, even if you did, it wouldn’t be freely publicly accessible.



And that’s why we have undertaken to make one.



We’re not just going to make it though. There’s limited value in having one if its not commonly known about. Not only do you want the general public to read all about it, you also want the freaks to read about it as well.




And that’s why I am going to hire aircraft to drag a banner with the name of the register over Manchester and Liverpool on the same day. We have picked those cities as they have events going on in them in mid October which will be attended by huge numbers of people. This will naturally be of interest to the regional press in Merseyside and Manchester.




Doing two cities in this way on the same day will create its own ripple effect. No generic campaign slogan this time. This time its going to be all about ensuring that as many good people and freaks know about the register as possible.





The best way you can help us in the fight right now? Donate. There’s a reason I chose the title – 200 heroes needed. That’s why we are seeking. We want 200 people to step up and donate a tenner. This would absorb most of the costs of both the big twin city promo for the register and the production of the teaser/trailer for the film.




Can we get 200 people in say 5 days as challenge? That’s really only 40 people per day for 5 days giving a tenner. Doesn’t seem much giving the nature of the subject and the fight at hand.



Help us to achieve those things I have laid out.



Paypal a tenner to –




And please like and share.







20 People Needed…


We’re trialing out a small awareness promotion and are seeking 20 people to help out, ideally from all parts of the UK.


We will send you on request;

One fully laminated postcard (see pic)
One soft toy
Some cable ties



All you need do is find a good spot where a lot of people walk by and fix it to your chosen spot.


And that’s it.


Here’s a photo of someone far better looking than me showing you what it looks like.





We’d like a spread of them across the country.


If you want to help out then just send us your full postal details via PM on Facebook. We will post the package out to you.

Creating a Nuclear Winter For Pet Sadists




I’ve not been around much to write articles and put items on our Facebook wall this past month.


I have been far too busy trying to do things for this cause offline, things which involve my having to meet people in real life and push things on. In the absence of volunteer writers for the site, its a case of writing what I can when I can.



As far as putting abuse stories up on the wall, I have stopped doing it personally. I don’t even read them anymore. I find them wholly demoralising and for me they serve no purpose. I find the whole hand wringing and fake outrage a bit worn after a while. The people I am interested in are people of action. Its people of action who will get things done and help make the change.




We have a golden opportunity in the middle of next month to really make a big splash. It would hit three major cities on the same day, and very likely get regional press coverage from all three. This woud create a ripple effect in which the national press may even cotton onto it.



This would be something the press would certainly publish and what is more, as the story broke it would psychologically put the chills up abusers – wherever they are.



We plan to hit Liverpool, Manchester and Sunderland – on the same day.



We will be putting in a huge PR drive in order that the press and public are made fully aware of the new pet abuse register that we are trying to piece together.




The only potential threat to us pulling this off is that we desperately need technical assistance for Andrew as a matter of urgency. Andrew has put out a personal appeal on our FB wall – its pinned. Without that aid and without that assistance we will not be able to do this in mid October and a fine opportunity to create the perfect storm will have passed us all by.



Its that simple folks. If we don’t have the technical support to assist Andrew then we wont be able to get this idea over the line on time.



Surely in 2017 there must be someone with the technical know how to assist Andrew, who is really doing his best but is by his own admission a bit out of his depth.



The guy has sat up long into the night trying to figure things out and I think he merits a bit of help and support here.



I have spent the last three weeks purely doing work offline for OF – I think that merits a bit of direct support.



There is no way we can do this alone. You are going to have to make yourself known and heard and assist us to get to where you want this to be.


I have set up a whole framework for mid October and if I press the big red button then its going to be all over the press and be a shot across the bow for abusers.


I can only press the big red button if Andrew gets that technical support ASAP.



We have a real opportunity here to put abusers on the back foot. It takes a great deal of planning, time and effort – I do that. All I need from you is to give your support. We need someone in to assist Andrew. Someone who can work fast and for free, but if you insist on being paid something then we are not against it.




Or we can let the chance sail on by and go back to this slightly curtain twitching reaction of hand wringing and tutting any time a dog abuse story breaks.





We don’t have time to make a huge debate out of it. Time waits for no man or dog for that matter. We need that aid and if we get that aid then we can create the perfect storm.



This post is mainly about getting Andrew that aid so we can get this job done. You can PM him via our FB page or add to this thread in comments if you CAN help.



Some financial aid wouldn’t go amiss either. Please give what you think the goal of getting these demented bastards locked up is worth to you.


Paypal –





We’re going to need to pick a city fairly soon to serve as the launching pad of our UK animal abuse register.



I don’t have any specific preferences, its a nation wide issue so its almost irrelevant to me. With that being said there might be a decent symbolic argument for saying ‘take it back to where it began, choose Middlesbrough’ (this being the nearest big city to Redcar).



The more I think about it the more this makes sense. Our first ever piece of public action as a movement was in ‘Boro, there is a definite coherent relevance to considering the same city to act as our launch pad for our register.



There’s also the fact that parts of our film documentary are likely going to be filmed on location down there.



That’s another good reason why we might want to choose ‘Boro as our place to trigger the register into the realm of public awareness.



However, if you can make an astonishing case for an alternative city then by all means make that case.



The tactic here will not to be sort of covert and ‘under the radar’ with this register. We don’t intend to hide it on some dark and neglected corner of the Internet.



The tactic here will be the opposite, we will purposefully go out of our way to be as overt and over the top about it as we possibly can. Its obvious why we would want to adopt that tactic, but in case its not obvious here are the reasons;



1) Creates a sense of dread and demoralisation in the minds of the enemy. Justified dread as well I should add.



2) Uplifts those who are good people and creates a good solid ‘fight back’ story.



3) Raises awareness of the register as a public access feature thus allowing it to speedily grow organically as the public submit their own documented cases.



4) A portion of it may even make it into the film documentary.






There are probably other good reasons, but four is plenty.


It may also create some sort of reaction from public officials in some way. Its hard to predict what, it depends on how overt we can be. My suspicion is that they are generally not going to like it or approve. My suspicion is that they will try to patronise us and say our ‘hearts are in the right place’ and blah, blah, blah.




Their noses will be out of joint since the authorities are the ones that normally like to put people on a register. Well, they never did get around to putting these types of evil feral creatures on a dedicated register. They’ve had years and they have never done it.


So we are.


They probably will not like that as it means they “lose control”. It also makes them look slothful and incompetent in the eyes of the public. They don’t like that either.



To be honest I’m not that bothered what a bunch of over paid public officials may or may not like. I’m not seeking their approval or say so. Everyone that makes the list, now and in the future will be someone who is on record and convicted.



This will simply grow to be a one stop shop feature that a concerned person can access online and run a simple check by name or location. It will provide facts. Not speculation or opinion.



In a way I am part hoping that public officials do eventually work themselves into a flap over it. It would only be a total PR disaster for them if they tried to use weasel means in order to ‘shut it down’. Besides which, we wouldn’t let them. There’s all manner of ways we can move it around if we needed to.


Its going up.
It will grow.
And its going to stay up.
Its that simple.




Governments have had plenty of chances to do this and they had the means, the funds and public will. They do what they are best at – procrastinate.



Procrastination is not harmless. There are very real and severe consequences that happen due to their procrastinating.



If they tried to make a thing of it then we would make it into a massive free speech issue and paint them as protectors of proven sadists. That’s why it doesn’t really matter if they like it or not – its win/win.



All of this should be good news to animal lovers and bad news for abusers.





Nothing happens by itself. Good things happen when people like those in our team put in the effort, the time, the ideas. And good things become great things when many others rise up in support of people like that.



The way we want to create this and overtly push it into the public eye is big news. It will make a splash, no doubt. No type of abuser likes to be corralled and placed on a public register online. They truly hate it. They fear it.



They’ve had it too easy for too long.



We also need to get back into the habit as a people of creating things ourselves if the state wont play ball. We should get out of the habit of relying on them to create everything.



That’s why we are creating this. There is a need. If you rely on them you’d be here for years before they delivered a register.


And that’s why we must do this.



Give us your support. Your support for us is a blow to abusers nationwide and the lenient culture that they thrive in.


Read Now. Act Today. We’re Winning



Its been a very productive week. We have lots of cool things and gold work going on in the background here.


Some of this will be rolled out soon, other things will take a bit longer.



This is a summary of what we’ve productively done just this week alone;



Met with filmmakers on Tuesday to initiate brief on the documentary film (based on the events surrounding ‘Baby’) that we eventually wish to submit to international film festivals.


I hadn’t heard of this one before, but they asked me to go look it up.







Decided on a short and easy to remember name for our independent database of convicted abusers.

Bought domain and set about creating the nuts and bolts of it.




Decided on a way to force that site and the database url into the press when we are good to go. (The abusers and authorities are going to hate this – different reasons)





Started to source a short list people with the skills and experience to do some grass roots reporting for us.


Example. Scotland could be set to announce that sentences are to be raised to a five year maximum. But what of England? I am looking into getting a crew into Redcar to do some face to face questions with the public there. Do they recall the Frankish case? What would they think of a situation in which the maximum in England remained at 26 weeks while just North of the Border it could be five years?


This would be an entirely separate thing to our docu-film.





We are also putting the finishing touches to a cool little campaign that almost anyone can take part in.



We’ve got some animal soft toys, we’ve produced a full colour post card that is to be attached to the toy. The toy is then to be attached to an area of your town in which a lot of people pass by. It invites them to stop, take a selfie with the toy and message, and send it or Tweet it.


Some will no doubt get stolen, but its fine, there weren’t many costs with this. We’d be seeking people from different towns and cities to ask us to send them one in the post and then attach it in an arera where a lot of people pass by.







Gypsy Justice Ty Beanie Boo



Not only do we still exist long after the initial story broke, right about now we’re probably in the best position we have ever been in. We have a steady ship and the crew just work quietly away doing what must be done. Everyone in step with each other.




We’re moving in a great direction with a lot of confidence for the future.




You can see how constructive we are being. I have always taken the view that there’s no use moaning and getting enraged over something unless you are prepared to take action. That’s always been how I have approached life, long before OF.




I may indeed have founded this movement. But people past and present have made a positive mark and they all left a part of themselves in the movement.



This movement is but an expression of the dissent and disgust that exists among the British public over this subject matter. To that end it is everyone’s movement, its most certainly everyone’s problem since having flat out whacko sadists wandering around is never a good idea.




Times are going to change. Sadists like this have operated under the radar and without proper punishment for way too long now. This is not acceptable. They have grown bold and puffed up, way beyond their true bravery or intelligence – its time to bring them back down to size.



Play your part. Support us in one of several ways.




Consider donating to our docu-film. If you wish to donate toward that fund, then please send what you can afford to…






If your donation is toward that then please put ‘film’ in the title.



Perhaps you would like to donate toward the launch and promotion of our database? All the labour has been done for free, but once finished I want to be able to get the press to bite that URL. If you wish to donate toward that then put ‘database’ in the title.




What other ways could you help? There’s that small plan I mentioned before, with the soft toys. That’s easy done. If you want to do that then just send us a PM and tell us what town/city you are in.



You could join Mug Club, annual membership £30, same paypal as above.





And if you cant do any of those? Then at least like and share.



Scotland set to cage abusers for five years


According to press reports today Scotland is set to announce radical new changes which would see the most extreme animal abusers face up to five years in prison.



On the chance that someone within the SNP reads this article, I would strongly suggest that if they indeed go ahead and sanction this change it will be warmly welcomed here in Scotland.



Scotland has its own legal system of course and is able to do such things regardless of what England and Wales want to do. Even if it is indeed only the most extreme examples that get close to landing such a sentence, it would be a huge step in the right direction. It would send a clear message out to all wannabe abusers – at least those here in Scotland.




This is coincidentally positive news since when speaking to our film maker today, she expressed an enthusiasm to speak to a politician as part of our film.



If these propositions in the press stand up and Scotland goes down this route then great consideration would be given to speaking to a Scottish politician. We’ll see.




This news isn’t that surprising to me. It also wont be that surprising to anyone that has read what I have been writing this past while. I forecast that Scotland may indeed cave in and get on it first of all.



I also predicted that if that were to occur then it would create a huge disparity with England and Wales, which is just beautiful, because that disparity makes it so much easier to drag them both into line.



There is absolutely no way that London will hold on to their current 26 week maximum if Scotland slam a five YEAR maximum onto their abusers. The chasm would be too great and they’d simply have to bridge it by changing as well.



This issue is becoming a thing at last in the body politic.



You had Gove saying a month ago that his Government would have to come up with reforms which ‘used the full force of the law’ (against the most extreme). You can pretty much take that to mean that they too have picked up on this five year meme and both London and Scotland are probably in some sort of informal legislative race to see who can get the most far reaching legislation over the line first.



Don’t underestimate the competition that naturally exists between the political class in London and Scotland. Its real and its tangible. When you then try to force an issue into the public narrative, eventually both Scotland and London’s political class see the benefits on getting into it.



Earlier this year we made page 2 of the Sun when we called into question the resolve of Nicola Sturgeon.




If Scotland and her party action these changes then maybe she does have some bite after all.


Everything is very much heading in a good direction, the direction I hoped it might go.


We have this news above.



You probably know we are taking on the very ambitious project of creating a documentary film inspired by the true events of the ‘Baby’ case.




You also likely know we are putting together our own independent database of convicted abusers, and we are making it accessible to the public. Indeed, we want the public to send us cases and we will organically grow the data.



And you also likely know that we are planning on pulling off a stunt in order to get that database into the press.



All in all its pretty much wins and gains all around.



With that being said there is still a great deal to do and that’s why you should get behind us today and give OF your support.