Turning Evil Into Good – ‘Baby’


Its been a great week for this country. Confirmation of the ten fold increase in sentence maximums came in, Scotland is liable to fall in line any time soon as well.


We read about the first forensic science lab in the UK dedicated to using their expertise to combat this threat, and today we read about the work of Virtual College and their collaboration with The Links Group to produce this…




And this




That second link is probably more relevant to the general public.



As you are also aware, Operation Frankish are creating our own pet cruelty register of convicted offenders and we plan to heavily and robustly promote that so that the public are aware of a useful tool, but its also another psychological hammer blow to abusers.



We should be able to generate quite a bit of a hype with this.




But this post is mainly about the film we are planning to make. A film that will be inspired by the true and tragic events of Baby. A film that will engage, inform, inspire and a film that will be of interest to film festivals and big networks alike.





This will be an independent British made film about Baby and related events. Its not a film about Operation Frankish, per se. Its important to emphasise that since there’s a subtle difference.




The fact that the Government have committed to big New Year reforms means we can now focus purely on both actively pushing the register into the public domain and we can get on with the film.




These two examples(below) aren’t exactly what we are doing, but they give you an idea of how powerful a well made indie film can be (both examples were given by our production company).






Its going to take about four or five months to produce from start to end. I will oversee it obviously, but its not me who is personally making, producing, editing, and creating the film.



That would be way beyond my skill set or the skill set of an average person. Who we have picked has the experience, the crew, the best equipment, the studio and insider contacts for later assisting us to enter it into film festivals and such.


This is a little bit of film they made for something else.





Not only will a powerful and poignant film about Baby raise public awareness about such abuse, it would be such a fitting tribute to that little dog to create and produce something so good that everyone could be proud of it.




Yes there will be costs – obviously. However, a well made film has the potential to be viewed by millions and it has the potential to reach far and wide and in unexpected ways.




Moreover, a well made film is liable to get offers to buy the broadcast rights. As I have said, when it got to that stage we would obviously only agree if the sum offered was more than what all the production costs had been. With a decent profit made from it, my intention would be to put that decent profit toward some sort of innovative and slightly different animal education centre of some sort. A positive and lasting thing for a community.




We’ll be looking to get the production team to film, cut and produce a trailer failrly shortly.



It will be an exciting and bold move.



Please give us your support to help create these things. All amounts are well received.



We’ve got one or two other interesting bits in the pipe as well, but for now we are focused on the register and the film.


Thanks for reading and know you’re winning




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