REGISTER LAUNCH – October 14th- Liverpool, Manchester and Bolton


I took a call earlier alerting me to the fact that SKY (as they are prone to doing) have brought forward the Liverpool – Man U game to a lunch time KO.



This had the potential to be a bit of a pain in the backside, but I’ve not just sorted it, we’ve emerged with an extra.




So, to cut a long story short we are going to invade the skyline at Anfield deep into the second half of that game. Then we will fly over to invade the skyline at the Man City game – KO 3pm.



But its worked in our favour as we can now cover a third game on the way back to the hanger – whoever Bolton are playing at home (Sheff Wed).



In short – three fixtures. In one day. In three separate places.




No campaign slogan on this occasion. No need. The new maximum will be introduced sometime in the New Year, notwithstanding totally unexpected opposition.




This time its all about letting the British people know that as of next week they will have a live and active register, which, over time and with heavy promotion, will become THE place to go to if the public want to inform themselves on proven cases and proven offenders. Its also about very publicly letting offenders know that the net is closing in on them on all sides.


(Artist impression of home page)





This should be as uplifting to pet lovers and normal people as it is demoralising to abusers and the evil.


I have no problem at all speaking to any of the newspapers in Liverpool, Manchester and Bolton. Journalists commonly visit our page so if they should contact me ahead of the official press release then I’d be more than happy to speak to them.


In fact the first newspaper on it will probably make their editor happy.



You’ll see photographs of the banner with the URL for the register being put up on social media on Friday of next week.




There will be around 125,000 at those three games on that day. Then there’s the readership of the press. Then there’s your social media reach after the fact.




The first thing people will do when they see its a site is visit it. From there everything else will be self evident.



Unlike a generic campaign message, with something like this there is an immediate element of people logging onto the site to see what this register is.



For the record the URL will be –



Its not live right now but that’s the URL regardless.




We have contrived to create all of this on what really amounts to relative pennies, for what we spent doing everything you’d do well to get yourself an 1/8th of a page as an advert in a local newspaper.



And when SKY decided to drag a fixture forward we turned it into a gain by adding a third fixture to cover that day.


As you can see we do try to make every £1 go as far as it possibly can in terms of value.



My heartfelt thanks goes out to those who donate, big and small, because it all adds up and with it I can turn it into something like this. Were it not for you guys who do donate, then none of this stuff would be possible. Nor would it have been possible if I didnt have a really hard working fella in out unit as well.



When you donate to us we’re not an organisation that go out and rescue stricken pets. There are already those who do that and far better than I could ever possibly hope to do.




When you donate to us what you invest in is an organisation that will take it right to these abusers in all and any ways that we can.




Yes, the law obviously disallows for going fully medieval on them, but they are dumb, we are smart – we can outwit them. We have done and we will do so again.




‘Tis not merely that we have something gold standard arranged for next week, internally I am starting to see OF evolve as it was intended to be, which was around five or six people, all of whom have specific roles to play, but who all generally know what the other is doing so that no one is really out of step.




For a while I’d been seeking someone to keep me right with legal advice. We now have that to fall back on. We were seeking another graphic designer and appear to have found one.



There’s never been a better time to stand with OF and stand against cowardice and evil.



As usual, like, share, and most of all, consider giving either your skills or a donation to OF.


Paypal –









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