All Ready To Go


If you don’t already know then here is what we are going to do this weekend.


We have hired our plane…








And created this site and database. *data to go in*



On Saturday our plane will fly over Anfield, then it will take to Manchester and, on the way back to base it will fly over the Bolton v Sheff Wed game as well.





Our aim? To raise public awareness that there will now be this live register that they can access and to undermine the abusers and demoralise them even further.





We’ll probably do Anfield deep into the second half, we’ll get to Manchester for their first half and fit Bolton in near the end.




Everything is pretty much done and organised so if you are reading this now then there’s not really a whole lot for you to do.




I guess if you did want to do something you could take the link to this article and share it around all pages that are affiliated to Liverpool, Manchester and Bolton. Doesn’t need to be football pages, any sort of social or news page can feasibly be linked in. Its pretty easy to source such pages on Facebook, so if you want to do that then please press on and do so.




If you happen to live in Manchester, Liverpool or Bolton then I guess you can always show up outside the stadiums someplace and take your own footage and photos. Likewise if you happen to be a supporter of any of those three clubs.




Its already possible for you to submit your own cases by the way. That’s the whole idea behind it, that the public eventually get used to sending cases in and we will data input them and grow the register organically.




We’ll ideally get to a point where we are smoothly getting proven cases in and fairly speedily putting them up and keeping on top of new information as much as possible.



There’s no more anyone can do to lobby for an increase to five year maximums – been done, its already being granted.



However, in light of the fact that the bulk of those convicted likely wont get the maximum then its key for the public to have resources they can bookmark, visit, search and even send in their own cases.


And that’s where this Blacklist comes in.



We’ll be able to develop and add more features as time goes by, for example we may look into developing an app or we may look at developing video on it.



But until then we’ll get this into the air in Liverpool, Manchester and Bolton on Saturday. If I manage to find a gap in my week then I’ll ring around their press to let them know to expect us. Seems polite…




We have someone creating a poster that you will be able to print off and paste and stick up wherever you live. The poster will also be to promote awareness of the register. We once had Redcar splattered with a poster, I’d like to see our poster to push this splattered all over different towns in the UK.




That should be ready soon and we will put it on our Facebook page or something.


The only other way to support us is to donate. We’ve had some great donations for ¬£200 a time recently and with that we are able to do things like create and promote the register.



With that said, we’d be happy with 100 people giving two quid as well.




The tide is turning against these evil people. They have new five year maximums in their future but even if they don’t get the full five they are going to be logged, registered and they are going to end up on this register (most likely).




You will never stop all evil. It seems there are a % of people who have a dangerous and sick mind. But what you can do is have some proper measure of control over it rather than just let it run wild, free and happy.




You can choke the life out of the shadows and the secrecy that they must have in order to function. You can do that and you can of course go after their liberty via the proper channels. You can let them know you mean business.



These kinds of people are erratic and they are sadists. But all sadists are cowards with no exceptions. Once you are organised and have some tactics then you have nothing to fear from these people at all. That’s another thing the predator relies on – people being in isolation and not getting organised.




Our aim should be to totally destroy their swagger (ill deserving that it is), and reduced them to little more than confused cockroaches in a bottle.



Like our work and hate our enemy?


Support us –




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