Mental health…


It must be a bit of a kick in the teeth to many good people who have had some sort of mental health problem when degenerate little scumbags try to pull a ‘mental health’ card in the hope of leniency.


This much I can tell you as fact. From when he left school to early 2016, ‘Andrew Frankish’ was generally in receipt of JSA.



To those that don’t know, JSA is just a basic benefit given to anyone with no job, a very small amount, and they have to go in every week to sign on etc. That’s all JSA is.



When Andrew Frankish did what he did he was 19 and, at that time, in receipt of JSA. Its important to make note of that, because anyone that had an acute mental health problem would not claim JSA. Someone with acute paranoid schizophrenia would generally not apply for and stay on JSA.



It was only in the summer of 2016 that Andrew Frankish suddenly teleported from JSA to a Disability Allowance. Now, a Disability Allowance IS the type of benefit that someone with an acute mental health problem (that could be backed up by medical evidence) would apply for.



Its not a guess that he went from one to the other last year – its a matter of fact. And contrary to what we might think, its not something just handed out easily to anyone.



It is interesting that up until last year, Andrew Frankish must not have considered himself to have a mental issue. He must not have pondered that maybe he had an issue right up until last summer when, by total coincidence, everything came out in the wash and the shit hit the fan in the press and social media.




Only at that exact point does it seem that Andrew Frankish decided that he had a mental issue.



My guess is that he probably claimed that he had some sort of mental ‘breakdown’ as a result of all the exposure. Which could in fact be true, because lets face it, he wasn’t starting from stable foundations and, sure, when everything exploded all over the press etc, and when he was moving over and over and over, I guess that would probably get to the little snowflake.




Its not that I necessarily think he would be totally faking his mental state as such. I’d be depressed as well if I were him. I’d be paranoid too I guess. I suppose I’d start to think the world was against me, and not without good reason.




Its more a matter of this. I have no issue at all in Britain having a system that helps out those who are disabled in some way. I DO have an issue in individuals who are convicted of acts of gross sadism later being able to claim a ‘disability’.





I think there are good ethical grounds for saying that if an individual is convicted of a sick and violent incident like this, then it should disqualify them from claiming and receiving any sort of state benefit, and certainly not one that is there to aid good people with issues.






I don’t need any convincing that he and his brother do have a mental ‘problem’. Andrew Frankish is most likely qualifying on the grounds of severe depression and related things. His actual diagnosis should be a sadistic personality disorder and I genuinely do not believe that is a disorder that taxpayers should throw money at to help them out.





The Government and DWP should make a simple amendment to the criteria for such benefits. If you have been convicted of an offence of this type you cannot apply for and receive a state benefit, and especially not a mental health related one.




I don’t think taxpayers mind the idea of helping out harmless people with mental health issues.




I do think the taxpayer has an issue helping out someone with a mental sadistic personality who makes torture videos.







Am I wrong? It would be very easy for the Government and DWP to simply disqualify anyone like that. Not that they would get it in prison of course. But I don’t even think they should get it when they are out.




Its morally wrong to take peoples money and hand it to a proven sadist so that he does not need to work.








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