An open message to the media




In the spring of 2016 Operation Frankish were formed with one primary goal in mind – to see the maximum sentences for animal cruelty raised from 26 weeks to 5 years.


As you will be well aware the Government very recently announced plans to make that change early in the new year.



It is said there is ‘no rest for the wicked’. That is true. But there shall also be no peace or hiding place for the wicked either.



It is for that reason that on Saturday the 14th of October our plane will take to the sky.


Our plane will fly over three venues.



Anfield Stadium. Toward the end of the game between Liverpool and Man U.



City of Manchester Stadium. (Etihad Stadium). During the game between Man City and Stoke City.




Macron Stadium. (Bolton). During their home game against Sheff Wed.





This country needed a public access pet abuers register.



While the political class procrastinate we create.



That is why we have created




*data will formally go live on Saturday*



That is why we will take to the sky, to show the political class that people at the grass roots level will not sit back while they waste time and pontificate.







We will create. We will build. And we will triumph.





Our register will lead with a number of powerful cases. In a very short time we will built it into the most comprehensive register of its kind in all of Europe.



This is in line with our goal to make this country the toughest in the Western world when it comes to dealing with dangerous and deviant sadists.




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