Merseyside Police Try To Suppress Free Expression And Fail


Just had word in from the team who were working the NW of England today. There are two interesting nuggets of news.




The first is that our team down there found they had a bit of extra time so they took it upon themselves to fly over Wigan’s ground.


That’s four sports venues in one day. Wigan, Bolton, and the bigger one’s – Manchester and Liverpool.



Which brings me to the second piece of information just in from our guys in England.


This is the message;


“Had a bit of an argument with the officer in charge of the police helicopters at Liverpool today. He insisted that he wanted no inbound air traffic. Air Traffic Control told him there was a plane coming in towing a huge banner. Police tried to claim they were a security risk and wanted no one near there. Air Traffic Control then asked me for my reaction. I asked the officer under what authority he was saying this, under what specific law. He panicked and relented as long as I didn’t go below a certain distance. We pushed them for an answer on tape and they gave in. Felt political”




Now, I’m not anti police but at the same time, I don’t live in a fantasy world in which the friendly bobby on the beat is there to merrily help old people across the road.



There is no doubt or question that the police are a tool of the state. There is also no doubt that the police have a history for behaving politically. They specifically do not like any sort of grass roots movement that has the backing of people who are awoken, and they definitely have form for pullings ‘laws’ out of a cloud in order to shut down anything they don’t approve of, even if that thing is entirely lawful.





And whie I am sure that most officers are people that act in good faith, there is also no question that there have been some terrible cover ups ordered from the top. The tragedy of Hillsbrough was made many times worse by the way police at that time conducted affairs. And then there was Rotherham.




Not to mention the many entirely legitimate and lawful public gatherings that police are infamous for trying to undermine one way or the other.




I don’t think its too much of a stretch to suggest that its plausible the police would also have reason or political motivation from trying to stop a grass roots movement like OF using our freedoms to advertise a public tool to the long suffering people.





Either something is lawful or not, there is no in between, yet if they had remained unchallenged then you can see how easy it is for the police to try to invent an in between.



Their cited reason of “security” is one of those catch all terms that says nothing. Note they didn’t say safety but security. Subtle difference.





The fact of the matter is that the people we send into the sky are professionals with years of experience and all the right documents to fly and to do this.




The safety and security demands on them are so exacting that if there was any genuine risk they wouldn’t have been flying for so long.



They wouldn’t have their licences, the aircraft would never be allowed to take off and air traffic control would never permit them in the air.




Therefore, its fair to suggest that the cited reason of “security” was some made up thing in the hope that our guys would feel bullied and back down. After all, if it was REALLY about that and they really had that authority, they’d have said it on record and in detail and they would not have relented – but they did relent.






Good coverage in the Liverpool Echo. Its on our FB wall but I will also leave a link here.





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Please consider it to be developmental. In the days and weeks ahead we will grow it, add features, and within short order it will be a powerful tool for the public and a definite psychological blow for abusers (who WILL want to avoid being included).



Our intention was always to run with a number of the most heinous cases and then organically grow it into being the best facility of its kind in Europe.



Today was all about getting it out there. And we did. In four separate towns and cities.



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