Weekend Review & What Happens Next


Our Saturday campaign in the NW of England was a total success. I’d like to thank everyone that was involved in it either with labour or funding.



Since Saturday I’ve had some amazing e mails and messages of support from people who are only now hearing about us. I particularly had a great many positive messages from people in Liverpool.



Of all the campaigns we have done, this would be in the top three in terms of positive feedback received.




I spoke today with a guy who lives way down in the South of England and who wants to give us some financial aid. He loves our work and our style and says that reading about OF makes him feel better about the bad that goes on. In fact, I have noticed that in the last couple of months there are more blokes than ever before stepping and keen to help out. When we began out men were a tiny % of those who gave support. Not anymore, now I see many more guys seeking us out and keen to assist or give.


And that’s great.



Large chunks of the UK have now had OF presence in this past year or so. Manchester(twice), Liverpool, Bolton, Wigan, ‘Boro, Norwich, Edinburgh, Glasgow and London. Its not small beer.






Not only have we had press in all major cities listed, let me give you an idea of what social media presence can do. We placed the link from the Liverpool Echo up on our FB wall. The last time I looked it had reached around 35,000 people. Just from that one post.



In 2018 the maximum sentences are set to rise ten fold.


We now have the database that we can add to, develop and further promote. We will do that and in short order it will be a fantastic facility for the general public.




We’ll still promote black-listed.info at key times and in ways that attract a lot of attention. Sometimes we will simply promote it with images to share online, or a video to share online or by making posters that people can print off and put up in their town. We wont always be needing our plane to promote that now. That was really a one off in order to get it into the public domain fast.




New Page


What you will see fairly soon is a big push for our planned sister FB page – one that will be purely dedicated to the database and with links and news to new cases. All such material will then go on that FB page. Our main Operation Frankish FB page will deal with everything else except that.









One last thing. Our film producer is now back from her trip. I’ve asked around for an informal consensus and it seems to be the case that people are very keen for OF to go ahead with our plans to have an original film made, one inspired by the true events of ‘Baby’.



As I have said before, if we are going to do it we are going to do it right and in such a way that the final work can be submitted to film festivals, perhaps even subject to offers from networks. Its a big task to take on, but if the public appetite is there, then I am happy to oversee the fundamentals.


It would be around four months work, from start to end.



If we do it well and we promote it cleverly then its potential is massive. There may not be a need to have any slant in it that’s lobbying for a rise in sentences, but that is moot. What is of great importance is that something well produced and well promoted has the potential to be seen by millions. And who knows just who might be among the millions? It would also raise huge awareness among the public.



How to support our work



If you like our work and want us to be able to do more of it then the very best thing you can do is donate to us.


Our paypal is our e mail – operationfrankish@gmail.com





Stand With OF


Thanks to those who have been sending in the ‘Stand With OF’ posters. I’ve included a couple here that I got in recently.




That (above) is still an active thing. If you want to do it then say so in comments and we will put the poster on for you to print out. You can just use any soft toy that you don’t mind giving up. You just attach it somewhere, take a pic with it – then send it in. Just leave it there so that passers by see it.









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