Feral and Dangerous


Firstly we have a new and additional FB page.
It can be found here –


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The page speaks for itself, it will be purely devoted to new abuse stories and our database development.


All other OF activism and announcements will, as always, be on our normal FB page.





With that out of the way let me move on to the main point which was ignited by reading this last night;





The sickening rise of people posting vile images of animal abuse – because they think Snapchat makes them invincible.



Youngsters are sharing sickening pictures of animals being abused on Snapchat because the app makes them believe they are ‘invincible and untraceable, according to the RSPCA.



Some of the sick images being shared include a goldfish having its eye cut out, a video of a squirrel being set on fire and hit with a rock and a video of a fox having its throat slit.





The charitys Special Operations Unit, which is investigating the worrying trend, says the app is making people feel‘invincible and untraceable’.


One of the units officers said: “”Not only are these savage attacks on defenceless and vulnerable animals, but videos often include youngsters laughing as they inflict the injuries or text layered over the top suggest that they find it entertaining”.


More here –






Point one. When you cross a line and take part in certain actions you concede your right to be viewed by the world and by society as an innocent ‘youngster’.


If a 15yr old wants to play at being psychopath or gangster, then they cannot hold onto the defence of ‘youngster’. Evil is evil, regardless of whether its done by someone of 15 or 85.


Do I think these so called “children” should be afforded the privilege of anonymity even after getting caught? Absolutely not.



They are not victims they are the perpetrators so why on earth should they be protected by anonymity?



Why shouldn’t good mothers and fathers have a right to know exactly who that new friend their son/daughter brought home REALLY is?



Why should the right be with the sick little offender and why should that right come at the cost of keeping everyone else in the dark?




To illustrate how insane it is, two years ago a pair of girls (14) abducted a toddler from a store in England. They had intended to abuse her. Thankfully, the public and police acted fast and were able to intercept them. They were each later given about 4 years, but they were allowed to remain anon.



They will be young women by the time they are out and the state will pander to their every whim to ensure they remain anon. Its astonishing. That’s not incompetence. That’s a system that’s almost designed to favour the evil person while simultaneously keeping good people in the dark.




Those four little rat faced pussy freaks who abducted that little dog called ‘Chunky’ were all ‘children’ at the time of the event. While their names and identities were to leak anyway, once again – why should they be afforded anonymity at all?



If the family moves, would you not want to know that the new kid at your kids school or college was a dangerous little sadist who should be avoided?




These are not ‘children’ that are culpable of a normal bit of nonsense. They are merely young monsters in the making, any child like innocence they ever had has long long since evaporated by the time they are in their teens and doing things like this.


Good luck trying to ‘educate’ one of them into normality again by the time they’ve crossed that threshold. You might turn about 1% of them around, but the rest are destined to grow up into your future rapists, sexual predators, paedophiles etc.




In my experience of the mothers of such ‘children’ (since it seems its only the mother that appears to surface most times), it is usually very easy to see why they would ‘raise’ them as they do.


I tend to find the mothers simmering with false indignation and a moronic refusals to fully accept and appreciate that the only peope at fault are A) Them for being such a catastrophically failed ‘mother’ and B) Their ugly spawn who are nothing but a dark stain on society.




Here’s what I say to those mothers. Fuck you, fuck your horrible twisted little broods and fuck your anonymity.



Face the fact that you are scum who gave birth to scum, and if you do nothing else right in your otherwise hollow and shitty life then get your disgusting ‘youngsters’ sectioned under the mental health act. Do something. They are your ‘children’ and all they become is a cancer to society. All they do is leave a trail of evil and filth.




Operation Frankish is not the social work department. We are not here to listen to your sob stories and lies. We don’t care. What we do very much care about is when your utterly shit ‘parenting’ produces the next generation of predatory degenerates.




Society owes you and your evil brood nothing. If society had a choice in the matter you and your spawn would be immediately cut off from the teat of the benefits system which you milk more often than not.




OF owes you nothing either. Except for this piece of advice. If your ‘children’ are culpable of these actions and when someone inevitably leaks details, we cannot guarantee that this leak wont gather big momentum. If they do the kinds of things touched on in this article – its is going to be a ‘problem’. It would be an ‘issue’.






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