Operation Frankish were founded in late May 2016. The catalyst for our foundation was the now very public case involving two brothers – Andrew and Daniel Frankish.
Their case has grown into the most talked about pet abuse story in recent history. Their case also served to shine a light on the sickeningly weak sentences that are routinely handed out to convicted sadists.

The present system with its culture of leniency toward sadists and predators is against the spirit of the law and the will of the British people.
We exist to play our part in changing that culture.

From May to December we have conducted a series of high profile and high exposure events to bring public and political attention to this stain on our society.
All of our past events are documented both on this site and in the press.
We are not a ‘vigilante’ group and work within the law. We can be considered a pressure group but we do not advocate for or condone acts of violence. We believe that a fix can be found on the political and legal level.

Our first aim is to see sentences radically reformed from their present 26 weeks to 5 years. In Scotland the maximum is 52 weeks – but this is still not acceptable.

Our second aim is to ensure that judges and magistrates are instructed to use their future custodial powers. All too often they do not even use they hold right now.

Our third aim is to see the scrapping of electronic tagging and home curfews. We have revealed the cost to be massive and the fail rate to be high.
Our fourth aim is to endorse the idea of a new national register for pet abusers. This should be accessible to the public.

Those are our four principle aims. And by way of persistence and public support we will achieve them.

While we understand that not even harsher sentences will entirely eliminate the existence of abusers what it does is punish them properly. I think it is vital that the public feel that sadistic abusers are at least punished properly on being convicted. What it will also do is make those who are opportunist abusers think twice. While they can act without fear of losing their liberty right now the threat of losing years of their life will certainly dissuade a fair %. It will also send out a clear overall message that this cannot be tolerated in civilised Britain.

Coming down hard on such abusers would make this country appear strong. At this point in time the country looks weak and these feral sadists are laughing in the face of everyone – and very much the publics face.

While it is true that was a case of particularly abhorrent pet abuse that spawned Operation Frankish, we are acutely aware of the fact that this culture of leniency extends to other species of predator – such as paedophiles and even rapists.

It is clear that the weakest and most vulnerable are being preyed upon. It is also very clear that thanks to weak politicians, weak sentences and weak judges a message is sent out to abusers of every kind that there is no real risk or cost.

The reason why we exist is to change this entire dynamic. The pendulum must swing back in favour of the victims and the innocent and away from the predators.

You do not even need to have pets to support what we do. You don’t even need see us as exclusively a movement that is animal centred. If you are tired of the pandering to predators of all kinds then OF is for you. If you believe that such predators belong under lock and key then OF is for you. If you believe that politicians must be pressured to act then we are for you.

2017 is going to be a key year. There is a Bill being heard in Parliament on February 24th. While it is by no means and all or nothing Bill it is a start. It is only a positive that Anna Turley MP used her position to initiate that.
2016 ended very strongly for this movement and this cause. We wanted a powerful end on the lead up to Christmas and we have achieved that without question.

We are a positive movement who are in this to win it. With your support in 2017 we can make great strides and win.