Operation Air Assault

We have planned an event for Saturday April 23rd. The objective of the event is to call for the immediate imprisonment of Andrew and Daniel Frankish. The authorities will only finally relent if we shame the fact that these two monsters are still at large. And that’s why we will be taking this to the sky and in the most high-profile way. Presenting…

*Operation Air Assault*

Imagine a plane flying over a packed football stadium towing a banner that says:


Imagine over 34,000 football fans looking up and reading the message, getting out their phones to discover who the Frankish brothers are, then Tweeting photos of the plane as it flies back and forth…

Imagine reading about what happened in national newspapers…

Imagine the match commentator on radio, TV, or online reading out the banner…

Imagine the Frankish brothers’ smiles being wiped off their face when they realise *just how serious* we are.

Dan Frankish is a supporter of Middlesbrough football club, which is why we are arranging this to take place at their upcoming match against Ipswich on *April 23rd at 3:10pm*. With ‘Boro trying to secure that one last point to get to the top of their league and gain promotion to the Premiership, this will undoubtedly be a game of critical important to the fans and will guarantee substantial media coverage. This could go *viral* on Twitter. Many more hundreds of thousands of people have the chance to see this, nationally and beyond. The publicity this will generate will ensure that those in authority and the brothers know this is not going away. Andy and Daniel Frankish are not only going to prison but this should also be a turning point for all such cases.

While Andy and Dan’s mass-scale humiliation is *priceless*, the plane company has quoted the cost of their services as *£840* (including VAT). The plane will drift in ten minutes into kick off, and proceed to fly back and forth above the pitch and stands. This will last approximately 15 minutes. £840 sounds like a lot of money, but just think- We could raise that amount in one day if 40 supporters contributed just £21. Hell, I would even stretch to £100 if I needed to, to make this happen. Let’s make sure that this case is a game-changer for animal protection laws. With constant pressure and a huge event like this, we can keep the heat on so that Baby did not die in vain.

We have decided against using crowd-funding websites like Kickstarter, because they charge a 5-10% commission and we don’t want to ask for any more money than is required. If you would like to be a massive help to Operation Frankish in our quest to make an example out of Andy and Dan for all prospective animal abusers to see, please send a private message to our page to arrange an online bank transfer. All contributions will be carefully recorded and proof of transactions shown if required.

We are not expecting any obstacles in this plan, but if something does come up such as unfavourable weather, we will know how much to refund everyone. If you request, we will gladly give you a shout-out as a contributor to our biggest action yet. If you would like us to clarify any of the details, please do not hesitate to ask. We cannot wait for this to become a reality. This event will send a clear message to animal abusers, judges and politicians everywhere that the public will never accept their crimes.

Andy and Dan cannot even begin to comprehend the lengths that Operation Frankish are prepared to go to in order to ensure that justice is served.

Thank you so much for your continued and dedicated support,
Your admins, Phil and Steve