Operation Black Box 21(updated)

By now you will know what was in the black boxes that we sent. Discs. And an OF business card. Modern. Clean. Concise. Stylish.
We fully understand and accepted from the start that we are not the only people in Britain that send these people mail. We are however the only people in Britain that will ever send them THIS mail.
We know that their team of assistants probably have to sift through everything from wee old women moaning about the cost of beetroot to even the next Jedward hopefuls sending a demo.
Not to put too fine a point on it 99% of their mail will be utter rhinoceros dung. This isn’t.
This fits into that 1% of “very interesting things to get in the post and no matter who you are”. If I was a media executive and my PA failed to pick this out then I’d probably have to fire her or something. Especially if a competitor jumped on it.

As I stated on our FB post the actual contents of the DVD shall remain under wraps – but only for a relatively short time. It seems only manners to at least give those who received them an opportunity to view, discuss and respond. We will show you either way soon enough.

We warn you well in advance its not sweetness and light though. No use my pretending its a love song.
This was created to shock the senses of anyone viewing it, esp on full screen and with good speakers. It shocks the mind, your vision, your ears, to be totally honest its a short journey of bedlam and insanity. Just keep that in mind when you do finally see it.

OBB is a small gamble for a potentially great gain. But with that being said I am truly very relaxed right about now. As time has gone on certain things have become a bit less important than they once were.
For example, two months ago it was very important for us to covered by the media. By doing so we kept giving the entire story new life over and over. We did indeed get that coverage in all Operations. The plane got exposure, as did the truck and the reward poster was in the Express.
Its not that we don’t want that same type of coverage anymore, its just that things move on and having it is not so big of a deal to us as it was two months ago.
We obviously still want them to pick up the ball otherwise we would not have sent those discs. However events are morphing and its not all about the media exposure anymore. If they give us it and they want to work with us – we are here.
If they don’t then its really not the huge thing it would have been a month or two back.
This is a good sign as it means we are no longer merely relying on media exposure and public mood alone.

The same could be said of the lobby to have their sentence reviewed. We still want them locked up, but in the grander scheme of things to do 21 weeks is not such a big deal, esp if you only did half. Really only two and a bit months. So if the review was just and only going to lead to that then it seems like small beer. Not that politicians and the courts seem exactly interested in even doing that. How many MP’s reacted to those petitions that people did? One? Two? And what have they said or done since? Nothing.

We seem to be appealing to people that want sadists and paedophiles at large. That’s why they never listen to the public over such matters. They want it. What else can it be? They have the power to change it and they do not. So they must want it. None of this is good enough and all of it must change and not in some long and dragged out way which, in the end, is a rehash of what we have. The changes required and demanded by the public are radical changes.

If anything we are over achieving right now. Seriously. We have so much great stuff to work with that we almost don’t know what to do next at times. You’d imagine by now we’d run out of steam but keep in mind that OF is really anyone that affiliates with our principles and that to that end things can happen or develop which suddenly put us way ahead inside days.
*Taps nose *