Operation Tour De Frankish

On May 21st 2016, Operation Tour De Frankish took to the streets of Middlesbrough for eight long hours of shaming.  The Teeside Retail Park, Skippers Lane Retail Park, Tesco Extra, Tesco Ingleby, Parkway shopping centre, Sainsbury’s, Stewart’s Park and the Cleveland shopping centre were all visited as part of the route among others.

When creating what is essentially an advert you need to do one thing – make it easy for people to understand what you want them to do.  The hope of any advert is to provoke a response even if that response is to take to Google and read up on something.  Many an ad agency falls on their own sword by way of over complicating their message.  Our message could not be more clear, be that to the public or otherwise.

Once again this has been placed firmly in the public eye both by way of the Operation and then by the understandable media coverage that follows.  Once again that places pressure on the powers that be to actually do something.  It is the accumulative impact of multiple actions that the establishment tend to finally yield and do something close to the right thing.  The reason they try to make it so hard is to put people off from trying.  Yet when the pressure refuses to go away then they have a history of caving in and finally getting it almost right.

We will put more photos and material up as we get it.

Thanks to everyone who made it possible.





The original fundraiser promotion is below:

For Immediate Release – Operation Tour De Frankish Update

On April the 23rd and thanks to superfast public backing, we were able to commission a plane and take it to the sky.  This worked out precisely and exactly how we had planned; If anything we teased more national media coverage of it than we had anticipated.  Suffice to say that whenever coverage is given to any of our operations then the entire sick story surrounding that pair of dangerous psychopaths is brought up – yet again.  It goes without saying that this is excellent.  This is a winning strategy that will not only keep it in the public eye but will form a large part of our psychological operation.  With that in mind we can announce details of our May operation – Operation Tour De Frankish.

Put Saturday, May 21st in your diary. With that being said if you are in Middlesbrough on the 21st then you are not going to need a reminder. You will not be able to fail to see what we are doing.

The strategy behind the plane was always for it to be a “quick hit”.  Ten minutes, and then back out.  Operation Tour De Frankish employs a whole new strategy for a different demographic.  For days we have negotiated with companies up and down the nation to find the one that we felt was not merely best value for money but also made quality a priority.  We believe we have found the company we want to work with and they have set aside May 21st for us.

On this occasion we have hired a truck that measures 30 feet long.  On this truck we will mount a huge billboard.  The image itself is approximately 20 feet long, so you can very easily see how big and bold this is.  This time the duration is not going to be measured in minutes.  Instead it can be measured in hours. Eight big fat juicy hours to be precise.

These are very experienced and professional people we are using. They know what this is about.  They will do a very thorough job.  They will drive this truck (complete with huge billboard) through and around all the high-density areas of Middlesbrough, where there is a lot of footfall.  Over and over and over.  The only real stop we have asked them to make is a good location near the busy Cleveland shopping centre.  This will capture the attention of those visiting the centre as well.

As to the image and message?  We’ll show and tell you that very soon.  Rest assured it will be high impact.  Make no mistake – this will be devastating.  Just pop yourself in their crocs for a second…  Just as you are hoping and praying that this is finally going away… a massive truck steams through your town with a giant-sized billboard.  On a Saturday, and for 8 hours.

And now the rest is down to you.
This is a summary of what we are getting
A driver
8 hours dedicated driver time
A 30 foot long truck
A massive billboard mounted on the truck
Insurance and fuel covered
A plethora of photos taken by the company
High visibility in the town of Middlesbrough at an optimum time
Further exposure for the case
Additional pressure in regard to the case
Emotional undermining of the enemy

The all in cost of this (and believe me, we spent a lot of effort getting the best company and a good deal) – £1,080.  This also includes the VAT so it’s a straightforward £1,080.

The only other potential cost is for artwork, but we are on that and believe we can get that done by a volunteer who supports us.

That’s the target amount on this occasion.

Once the truck is secured I have many ideas how best to optimise its exposure long after it is done driving.  I think its a fantastic deal and as I keep saying, only be being bold and overt can we achieve the results everyone wants – not merely for this case but the wider issue of sentences for crimes of this nature.

All we need are 100 people or so to give up £10.  Or it can be less people giving more, it doesn’t matter.

We can give you all of our time, dedication and creativity.  However we cannot turn this into a reality without those who believe in what we are doing.

If you want to donate something then please e mail us for details at
Operationfrankish@gmail.com. Or send us a message on Operation Frankish 2 – Cage the Monsters.
Photos are for demonstration purposes only.