Operation Unforgiven

Operation Unforgiven – Statement

April 27th 2016

Andrew and Daniel Frankish are an ongoing danger to society for as long as they remain at large. They represent a danger to animals and also to children. That is unacceptable.

Not only did they torture their own pet bulldog but they lovingly held onto the evidence. For two years. It does not take a genius to understand why they would do that. They would ONLY hold onto it if it meant something to them. If it meant nothing to them then they would have destroyed or deleted it long before. They retained the footage because they had viewed it many times over. Perhaps they even shared it and took it to the home of fellow abusers.

Let us ALL be clear about one thing. This was no one-off or blip on their part. You KNOW that they have a great deal more to hide. There is no question that they do. There is also no question that someone has information on them that would lead to their immediate arrest.

If the information were of good value then not only would they be arrested on new charges but tried and likely convicted as well. Were that to happen it would provoke a domino effect for not only would they do all 21 weeks of the original sentence but they would ALSO do additional time for the new charges. Depending on what filthy little secrets they have this very likely could lead to them going to prison for far longer than anyone could have originally hoped for. Several years is even possible.

It is for all of the above reasons that Operation Frankish is offering a £2k reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Andrew and Daniel Frankish.

This is not a joke. The reward will be paid on the day that they are convicted and sent down. All privacy will be respected. We do not want rumours or unsubstantiated claims. We do want hard evidence and irrefutable facts. We do want information that is of the quality we can hand to detectives with confidence.

Our goal is not merely that they are recalled to court and made to serve their 21 weeks for torturing ‘Baby’. Our goal is not to merely fight for a long term change to the overall laws. Our goal is to remove these two degenerates from our society for as long as is humanely possible.

Here is what YOU can do today:

Share both this statement and the image. We literally need this to be shared thousands of times.

If you live in Cleveland then print off as many of the posters as you can. Encourage friends to do the same. Locate them in high visibility areas. (We have a larger file we can send if needed.)

Take photographs of any posters you do put up. Upload and share them.




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