Robert Roy Farmer

Upon first reading this story today I felt it didn’t ring true. I’ve seen headlines like this before. You’ll read ‘man gets 99years for animal cruelty’ as the headline and it then later proves the actual detail of the story isn’t quite in line with the flamboyant headline.


I’m going to look into this a bit more and especially this 16 year sentence that was issued. I just want to make sure it is what it says on the tin and its not yet another case of mainstream media lifting something from the wire without fully fact checking the detail.


There are obviously parallels between this guy and the person who is supposed to be culpable for similar down in the Croydon area.


The one difference is that this guy was stopped after a month of it – if the timeline of the guy in England is accurate he is almost going into year three.


There’s another big difference as it happens. This guy in California wont be seeing the light of day any time soon. The guy in Croydon? Even if he were caught today what’s he going to get? You already know the answer before it happens – 26 weeks maximum and highly unlikely to even get that.



And if you want that to change in a meaningful and dramatic way then you are going to need that which gives relentless advocacy nationwide. In other words you need what we do only you need more of it and more often.


While its unlikely you’d ever fully replicate California’s laws, you can most certainly play an active role in turning the UK into the toughest in Europe. That would be something to really be proud of.


Its not going to occur by itself, its not going to be initiated by the Government. The advocacy and drive must come from the grass roots – exactly what we are.


Lets stop looking across the pond all dewy eyed at California. Lets instead repair our own country and lets ramp up the advocacy so that we don’t need to look to the US and wish we could be like them.


That doesn’t start with someone else at some future point.
It begins today with anyone that reads this.


Give us your support in some sort of way. We can grow and develop and eventually redress the long overdue balance.

Operation Frankish – A message to Redcar

To the 35,000 people of Redcar.


2016 was shall we say a somewhat ‘unfortunate’ year for your town. Indeed two of the most high profile cases regrettably happened to originate from your small town.


This is obviously not your fault and nor are people like that exclusive to your town. As strange as it may sound, I only wish they were because then this issue could be so very easily contained and we’d be home and hosed for breakfast.


At the height of when those stories broke there were a number of obviously decent people from Redcar who’d write to us and almost feel some sense of misplaced guilt.


No one needs to feel guilt for the actions of another simply because they are from their town. That would just be a nonsense.


However, with that being said there’s no doubt that ‘Andrew Frankish’ (18/10/93) and ‘Daniel Geoff Frankish’ 6/1/1997 are indeed the spawn of Redcar.


This was not some family from outside the area, this was a family whose roots in that area were long standing. That’s why when we chased them around they would have a nosebleed if they got beyond 35miles.


To the people of Redcar – you didn’t create those two pieces of human garbage. But they are your garbage, as a town, as an area.


Others from Redcar would say to us they felt their town was gaining a bad reputation due to such offenders emerging from their town in such short time spans. I can understand that for sure. People want to feel a sense of justified pride in their town or city and I get how that is undermined if a spate of extremely twisted cases all crop up from one town in a short time. No one wants their town associated with producing head cases.


As I said from the get go, you by no means have the exclusive on nutters. I am from a city of half a million with a dark underbelly and some questionable housing schemes. How many nutters do you think we probably have?


I will be honest and tell you this though. Earlier this year one of our team was searching for cases in Edinburgh that were contemporary and as extreme and perverse as the Redcar Two.


We could find nothing in recent history that came close. We extended it to Scotland as a whole. We still struggled to find anything like it. Its obviously a good thing that we really toiled to find anything like it here. This doesn’t mean everything here is an animal utopia and there are no problems.


A casual look at the SSPCA figures would tell you otherwise. It does mean that in all of Scotland we truly struggled to find anything as extreme as two cases in Redcar that happened in the same year.


Here’s the thing. That pair are losers and scum bags and will never be anything else. The only ‘good’ thing to accidentally spring from their existence is the fact I found it so completely unacceptable and twisted and evil that I stepped on up and put my neck on the line and my own ideas out there.


From the stench that they created we created this movement, a movement whose function is to one day soon ensure that never again can creatures like that do what they did and walk off with the insulting sentence that they were given.


So well known is the case and its details I can say without a shadow of doubt that it remains the most infamous animal cruelty case in recent British history.


We have taken their evil actions and even used their evil faces and we have relentlessly used both across the country, England, Wales, Scotland, beyond. In terms of animal cruelty they became like the Hyndley and Brady.


We were active again on Saturday. Once again we heavily led with these two as a means to drive home our wider message and campaign. We have done this both right in the heart of Cleveland and we have done it many miles from Cleveland and Redcar.


We were here in Edinburgh on Saturday, raising public awareness to the wider cause while ensuring their deeds were a central part of it.


Remember what I suggested? Both those pieces of garbage are not your fault and they obviously do not represent the majority in Redcar. But they were Redcar’s garbage just the same.


I get that the problem is bigger than just those two alone. That’s being worked on. But its true that these products of Redcar have been the spark for all of this.


What does that mean? It simply means that the good folk of Redcar should (even all this time on), be doing productive things aimed at ensuring people like that are one day given proper shower time in the nearest prison.


You had one MP down there that was advocating for a good while. I’ve no idea what she has done in recent times, since I can only go on what’s on her page or in the press and there’s been nothing for months. I could easily have missed it though.

We are not her constituents.


Another idea for the people of Redcar would be to simply give us your support.


We were out there for eight hours on Saturday on foot. And we are not from Redcar nor even England in fact.

Its a nice little gesture when some people down there did something to ‘remember’ those two dogs (Baby and Scamp).


But here’s a fact. Its going to take hard core and very public advocacy and done in a relentless way to truly “Get Justice” for….(insert name of victim).


What we are asking Redcar to do this week is one thing – get right behind Operation Frankish.



We MUST destroy their freedom


So here’s the deal. Its just over a year on from when the infamous and macabre video that sparked all of this first emerged.

In that time and to this very day only one movement have locked their jaws right into this issue and refused to let go. And that movement is without doubt and beyond question the force that is known as Operation Frankish.



What started out as my seeing this one gruesome video led to my awakening as to the prevalence of this cruelty and the insulting sentences that are given that are meant to pass as them ‘paying their debt to society’.


I honestly had no idea before seeing their video that there were that many people out there in this country capable of such things.


I also had no idea that the available punishments were so weak. I assumed such things must be extremely rare and that on the occasions they did happen that they perpetrator would be locked up for a good time – be that in a prison or psychiatric unit.


If I was in a state of semi ignorance then it is clear and obvious that there must be many other good people who are themselves as ignorant as I was. Indeed, during the course of the eight hours we were out yesterday I personally spoke to a number of people and all of them assumed that present sentencing powers were much higher than they actually are.


Its key to understand this because if good people are still generally ignorant then its almost impossible that they’d demand radical change for something that are not fully aware of.

This is why its crucial to get out there and do the work and the projects and events that we do.



Let me break it down. It probably wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say our work yesterday was exposed to 100,000 people over the course of the day. You then add to that the number exposed to it in a secondary sense – via social media. While it would clearly be fantasy land to think all 100,000 watched the content in whole or in part, this is redundant.


What matters is that from that 100,000 many will have. If an event like this were to wake up just one person who got into the fight with the same determination I have then that alone would be worth it.


In actual fact it will wake a great many more up, but my point is that this is how you wake people up – you have to be as much in their face as possible in as creative a way as possible.


Its very much the same with child abuse. The majority of people I speak to are amazed when I tell them what the sentences can be for that and when I tell them that two thirds of thoe convicted of possessing the MOST extreme material do not get any jail time.


When you have a nation in which the weakest in society are being sold short by those who are meant to protect them (the Government) then anyone with a conscience has no choice but to step up and do everything in their power to change that situation.


Its curious that there are so many people as ignorant about it all as I was pre awakening. You have to wonder why. The answer is very clear and simple – these facts are not being laid out for you that often, people are generally not being told how officially lenient the justice system are toward sadistic pet abusing and child abusing vermin.


Have a good think. When was the last time anyone in the current Conservative cabinet clearly stated that its time to crack down on such perpetrators? When was the last time you heard such a discussion on political shows like Question Time?

The fact is that politicians like to speak about getting tough on many things, but for some strange reason it never extends to those whose life goal it is to torture animals or rape kids. Some even like to mix it up and get into both.


In the absence of a Government taking the lead on such matters and in the absence of an opposition party doing so it comes down to us – people. It is we who must wake up and it is we who must force them to change things. That’s what needs doing whatever it takes and however long it takes. Its play to win and win for keeps.


What we are doing is stepping into a yawning great void that desperately needed filled.

By way of our work we are waking people up and raising awareness all the time. And we are doing it across the UK.


When people fully realise the extent of the situation then a % of them will become as resolute as I became – because it will dawn on them that this is a matter of urgency and a fight for the future of which way our society goes.


A % of them will finally realise that this is far more than a ‘pet thing’ – its a pernicious and cancerous apathy from the people in high office toward the exploitation and abuse of the vulnerable – especially animals and children.


When you inform and provoke enough people across the country, when by way of your efforts you can wake some from their slumber, then all such things are gains and wins for this cause.


I have said from day one – the downfall of these predators and the political and legal climate that panders to them will not die with one big fatal blow. Instead it will perish  death by a thousand cuts.


This next part is specifically to those that are utterly sick of freaks having licence to do as they please and who want this country to get tough on them.


We must follow up one event with more action and activity – ASAP. We absolutely cannot afford to treat this fight and the enemy as some sort of casual hobby.

To that end I want to do not one but two events in two cities and on the same day. Two different styles of event altogether.


I’ll not go into all the nuts and bolts yet as it will make this too long and I know how you just hate anything too long. But that’s what we want to do now, we want to press right ahead and do two things in two places and at the same time.


Rumour has it that one of those things and one of the cities may involve a return to the Cleveland area.


We have a bit of money. Not masses – a few hundred quid. In order that I am able to pull this off and do two cities in one day then good people and serious people are needed to dig deep and simply make it possible for us to do this work and do it in short order.

Don’t give what you cannot afford but do give.


Our paypal is




The team here are clearly totally committed to what we are doing and what are trying to achieve. We are doing well and getting better still.


We can give the platform. We can raise awareness. We can apply pressure and we can fight and fight until we win. But its not down to me really. Its down to you guys to make it possible for us to turn ideas into a reality.

Operation Frankish In Edinburgh

Of all the events we have done going back to last year, today was my most favourite.

Since our inception we’ve had presence in ‘Boro, Manchester, Glasgow, Norwich and London. Never have I been able to see the fruits of our own work up close and personal, since the costs of travelling all over the country would be too great.

Today has been the first time I’ve ever had the chance to see what we do in person.

I have to give a shout out to DK and Andrew for putting the visuals and creative together between them as well as selecting the sound.



It looked really excellent in real life today. Its one thing to see a photo or a piece of video. But when we were standing there in extremely busy streets and it was parked up in full view of everything and everyone it looked visually stunning.

It was great to see Elaine show up and she stayed with us for a fair part of the day. It was also great to see Danny travel quite some distance and walk so many miles today, considering this is a guy who nearly died from a stroke not so long back. Both turned up and donated some notes to us as well – great people.




We probably walked quite a few miles as a team since it was the most viable way for us all to get around so busy are the roads. To give you an idea how busy, we were able to instruct the vehicle to move from one area to the next and we could take short cuts and be there ahead of it.


Despite the throngs of people that were out today the driver was excellent at finding key areas to just pull in. I think he got away with a few of them as police and traffic stasi thought it must be part of the Festival.




There were pre festival activities going on in the Grassmarket area. We tacked on to that area for about an hour.


We sent it to the Scottish Parliament.


We had it drive back and forward along and around Princes St, George St, South Bridge, I’d estimated that between 10 and 6pm a good six figures must have been exposed to it.




Its something of a curiosity that the spark for all of this was a dog and two brothers from a town in Cleveland and today you had two Scottish organisers and two Scottish followers there overseeing it all. The gruesome faces of that pair were displayed for all to see since they have become synonymous with evil and they have become the symbol of the cancerous weakness that exists at the very heart of our laughably named justice system.





It was all up there, our past press headlines, their faces, a break down of their actions, and an entire montage of our past works. Its surreal to be standing there and people start reading it and taking photos of it.


It was fantastic to get out there in person today and be among such great people, real people that gave up their time, their money and their toil.


All that remains to do is seek and cultivate others who share our same passion – to ensure that degenerate scum whose only goal is to bring misery to others are denied their liberty.


We have not put in this amount of relentless effort and sacrifice to lose. Losing is for losers. We only see victory. We only see a day when we will bring these defective parasites back under the boot of justice – where it deserves to be.


One final thought. The next time you see some half savaged dog and write think to yourself how somebody should do something to increase punishments – remember that YOU are also ‘somebody’.


In Operation Frankish you have an excellent mechanism that has its own unique style and goals. We’ve built it, we’ve made it real – all that’s left to do is for people to keep elevating it and breathing life into it.


We have a choice. We can keep on crying a machine of tears every time some low life freaks act out. We can keep on getting all angry at the non punishments.

Or we can fight back, go on the front foot, and through the accumulative momentum of our efforts we can indeed crush these freaks and the culture that they rely on to thrive in.


The only people who wouldn’t have a natural instinct to want to fight back against such low life are other low life or pussies who are too scared to break a fingernail.


Everyone else must surely think its about time there was a radical shake up in this country.


Before a shake up the people must wake up. And that’s why we were out there on foot today pushing this campaign forward.

This fight belongs to all of us, so if you haven’t got in the fight so far – get in the fight or be silent the next time something horrific unfolds.

But if you do have the fight in you? Then you are our sort of person.

Get Off Your Knees


So you’re sick and tired of a weak justice system that is dangerously lenient on extreme sadists?

You’re worried for your children since so very many of these sadists are loose, protected and probably not far from you?


You’re sickened by the little packs of feral teens who terrorise neighbourhoods, attacking pets and people alike? And you’re convinced that those who are capable of making a lengthy torture video involving their own dog are a grave danger to children or the generally vulnerable?


Then get off your knees and DO something constructive about it. Push back against it. Counter it. Anything will do – so long as its not constantly moaning about it every single time it happens. Nothing has even been moaned into existence.


Only organisation, action and creativity will work.
Go organise.
Go create.
Go take action.


If I can do it there’s nothing to stop anyone reading this from doing it.

If they cannot or wont do that then at least give direct support to those who do.

If you do neither of those things then I’m afraid to say you are part of the problem and not a part of the solution.

If you do neither then you don’t really have a right to rant and rave at abuse stories, weak justice systems or politicians.

Its very simple. If we don’t start locking up proven sadists and if we don’t start taking their actions more seriously then acts of sadism will spread like a cancer and its not merely pets that will die – its children. Or people with learning difficulties or an elderly person. Maybe even someone you know and love.




Nothing is going to change if just left alone. These MP’s in Westminster and those in the Scottish Parliament are not going to initiate tougher measures from the goodness of their heart. You are going to need to pressure and force them.


Petitions wont do it and e mailing your MP’s wont do it. You need something far more public and that gets into faces far more. You need something with an openly stated manifesto of wanting to put these sadists away for a very very long time. You need something which is not adverse to making a highly public example of someone should it be felt that they have brought it on themselves.


I created this to be precisely that.

Everything I have just laid out as what you would need I have created and given to you as platform.


However, in the interests of fairness, if the reader believes any of those I have listed at the bottom of this article are more likely to do that which eventually gets such sadists caged – then by all means give THEM your support;

This country are fortunate to have such a dedicated and nimble movement such as Operation Frankish. I personally think its time more people in this country recognised that fact.




For the work that we do and how devoted we are, and given the nature of the goal and its importance, it is almost shameful how little the noise of people online translates to anything of worth.


They say how sick it makes them, how outraged they are. That’s fair enough. But at some stage the person needs to get beyond emotions and actually do things in the physical realm.

If something sickens and anger me that much I wouldn’t say anything at all unless I was personally prepared to take direct action against whatever the issue or person was.

Its not merely the victims that these twisted abusers laugh at.
Its not only the courts which they are well aware are hamstrung.


They are laughing at all those who wring their hands and who vent online, but who take no action and do nothing to counter them. If a man or women had any pride that one fact alone should be enough to provoke fight in them.


The reader who knows in their heart they aren’t doing anything shouldn’t be sick at the abusers or the apathy of politicians. The reader who knows in their own heart that they aren’t doing anything of worth should first of all be sickened by their own inaction, lack of fight, and lack of selflessness.


The reader who isn’t doing anything should hold that thought the next time they look at their own dog or kid.

The reader of that type needs to stop crying and whining about injustice, get off their knees, stop being so weak and show some fight.
We literally could not do more with what we have to set an example and lead by example. We don’t want pats on the head for it – we want support for it.


I personally do far more than I really should or can afford to do but since there’s a blatant absence of those willing to try then I give it all I have. I have two people in this team with no previous experience of creative who had to learn how to do the creative for Saturday from scratch – just so we can get the event done.

They have never asked for anything and they have actually put in more of their own £ in the last two weeks than we’ve had from most others put together. It says a lot about them but it also says a lot for those who are well aware we are a grass roots movement reliant on public donations and yet to get even the price of two pints from them is like trying to squeeze blood from a stone.


I was up until 4am today trying to use Twitter as it was always intended to be used and that’s to send short links and messages to key people and organisations. I then had a whole four hours sleep.

I will then be out for most of the day on Saturday to oversee the event.


We don’t do it all for the sake of our health or as a little hobby. We do it because unless there is push back and unless there is overt public displays then the culture of silence and inaction will go on and on, and with it the sadists will flourish.




I think its way overdue that our selfless actions, good intentions, high work ethic and dogged determination was reciprocated with far more direct support and aid.


But…. if you think one of those listed below have the edge and the required agility to get these types of beasts caged then at least give them your support.


List of animal welfare groups

United Kingdom
Animal Allsorts
Assisi Animal Sanctuary
Badger Trust
Battersea Dogs and Cats Home (London)
Blue Cross
Born Free Foundation
British Divers Marine Life Rescue
British Horse Society
Cats Protection
Centre for Animals and Social Justice
Dogs Trust
DSPCA (Dublin)
Eurogroup for Animals
Farm Animal Welfare Council
Hillside Animal Sanctuary
The Horse Trust
Hounds for Heroes
Irish Blue Cross
League Against Cruel Sports
The Mayhew Animal Home
National Animal Welfare Trust
National Office of Animal Health
National Wildlife Crime Unit
Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics
People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals
Redwings Horse Sanctuary
Retired Greyhound Trust
Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA)
Save Me (animal welfare)
Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Screech Owl Sanctuary
Swan Sanctuary, Shepperton
Thornberry Animal Sanctuary
Ulster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Wetheriggs Zoo and Animal Sanctuary

For Immediate Release

On Saturday Operation Frankish will add Edinburgh to our list of cities that we’ve had high visibility presence in. Edinburgh will be added to London, Cardiff, Manchester, Glasgow and Middlesbrough.


Our vehicle will be in the city from ten in the morning until 6pm. By the time it has completed its eight hour cycle it will have been seen by many many thousands of people. This is a national problem that requires a nation fix and that’s why its key we have presence in multiple major cities.


We would encourage all those in Edinburgh to do what they most love to do anyway – take their phone, take photos, put them on social media.


We would encourage all those not in Edinburgh to simply share this link and story around, especially on Twitter and social media pages that are relevant and which have a large reach.


We would remind people that just last week the RSPCA announced they want to secure greater powers of entry … which would bring them in line with what already exists in Scotland.
This is evidence that if a given goal can be secured in Scotland that the rest of the UK then finds it a great deal easier to fall in line.


The infamous sadism and cruelty that we all witnessed in the small town on Redcar is but a representation of the unchecked sadism and cruelty which can be found all over England, Scotland and Wales.


This is not a race between different parts of the UK. This is a race between the good people of the UK and those who set out to destroy and abuse the vulnerable and the innocent.


Anyone who is familiar with the level of sadism and violence seen in the story which was to spawn our movement would very soon understand that this is far and away more than an ‘animal welfare’ issue.


Anyone familiar with that level of sadism and evil is well aware that this is an effort to prevent people like those brothers becoming the next child abductors and child torturers.


Your courts are routinely weak on the most degenerate and dangerous of people. Your police are understaffed, over worked and low in morale. The Government reduced their number by 20,000. Local councils are legally bound to house these highly dangerous sociopaths – and you aren’t even made aware of it.


Since most are unemployable your tax money is then used to let them enjoy their liberty. They are not only permitted to change names they are issued a new surname by the police. An unsuspecting father might think nothing of letting one of these dangerous predators around their daughter. An unsuspecting single mother may be taken in by their new identity.


Operation Frankish are not in this fight to preach to people what to eat or drink.

Operation Frankish are in this fight to wake people from their slumber and raise awareness so that they fully realise the level of evil and danger they are being foced to live among.

Operation Frankish are here to hold politicians feet to the fire, we are here to ensure that sick and twisted people are incarcerated so that they are not free and at large to turn their sickness on a child, an elderly person, a disabled person or another animal.



And that’s why we fight on, that’s why we strive to have national presence in various cities.

And that’s why we have commissioned our vehicle to show our story in words, pictures and images on Saturday.

This is a representation of what will be playing to many thousands of people on Saturday and be seen on a large screen.






Q) Of all the public events you’ve done which has been your personal favourite?

B) Our first ever one, probably down to the fact of it being our first ever one. When that one went well and hit the press and went viral on social media, I knew we had the makings of something.


Q) What makes a successful event for you?

A) One that is high visibility and raises either awareness or provokes a public discourse. If it gets mainstream press coverage that’s also desirable.



Q) What motivates you?

B) It was my personal awakening at how profoundly evil and dangerous such individuals are together with my determination that we (as people) cannot lose to them.



Q) What has most surprised you?

A) I’ve been surprised at the sheer % of people who see this issue, who are told and have proven to them how dangerous such people are but who still do nothing to counter it. I recently put up a social experiment video in which an actor brutally beat a dog in public. From the dozens of able bodied people that walked by only an elderly man and one women intervened. When I put this on the Internet people were shocked that so many stand by and do nothing. The irony is the video is really an extension of our own experience.



Q) What has happened to Anna Turley’s role in this fight?

A) No idea, you’d have to ask her directly. I follow the latest news items and I haven’t seen anything relating to her and this issue for quite some time. I have no idea what her intentions and plans are after her Private Members Bill failed.




Q) Why do you think viral petitions with sometimes as many as 800,000 signatures often come up short in terms of a result?

A) That’s simple. Because they are too easy to create, its too easy to get lots of signatures, but the Government couldn’t possibly cave in to every petition with a lot of names on it – so they tend to cave in to none at all. Also, they can easily ignore petitions. If its ignored what do they signatories do about it? Usually nothing.




Q) You recently announced you had approached the FBI. To what end?

A) For one thing they are the world leaders in profiling various kinds of offender. They are light years in front of any other country, and if they can offer any insight or value there – great. For another thing, there is a suspicion that those brothers have a nefarious Internet history which may even be of interest to the FBI. There was only one way to find out – approach them. If there were the opportunity in the future and if I felt it served a purpose, I’d be prepared to go to the US for a short time and observe their methods first hand.




Q) You also researched and approached seven of the foremost criminal psychologists and forensic psychologists and asked them to do a profile of both brothers. To what end?

A) Because they are internationally respected in their field and have a vast body of experience with individuals of this type, their risk factor to others, and their chances of re-offending. If we can create a body of gold standard testimonies as to the danger and risk such people pose then we can use that in many ways to achieve our aims.



A) Its been said by many social commentators that we live in a low empathy generation. If we assume that to be true what is the counter to it?

B) Yes, I think that it is true. The only viable counter to it is that good men and women have to redouble their efforts and do whatever they can to compensate for those too selfish or low empathy. Its the only answer since it would take too long to socially re-train society to be high empathy.



A) If the country has no concise and relentless advocacy to meet this cruelty with a radical shake up in the sentences given, what do you think will unfold in the next 5-10 yrs?

B) Legally things would remain as they are. Perhaps a few cosmetic changes. Since cosmetic change is really no change at all my forecast is that both the instances and severity of the cruelty would inevitable get worst and more extreme still. If there is no proper pressure and dynamic advocacy then in that decade a large number of children will also be suffering – usually at the hands and feet of the pet abusers. Simply put – minus strong advocacy we are all guilty of condemning the weakest to a nightmare. That’s not hyperbole. Its a self evident fact that can be proven.





A) Can you think of any big social change which was initiated internally, by the Government and legal people themselves, with society following and not leading?

B) Not really. I could perhaps make a case for the ban on smoking in public places, but even that had organised support and advocacy behind it. The last sincere one might be the obligation to wear seat belts.


A) Do you think the public understand how key advocacy is?

B) No. Generally speaking they unconsciously think things just happen by themselves. When things don’t happen by themselves or improve they get very annoyed and disappointed that things don’t improve.

They need to look to groups within the country who now have agency and advocacy. They need to look and consider why MP’s will fall over themselves to appease and please certain groups for issues far less pressing, while paying lip service to this one for decades. Example. Imagine there was a big push in this country to get Halal or Kosher totally banned. Here is what would happen in no time at all – Muslims and observant Jews would swing right into action to defend what they regard as something key to them.

They’d have advocacy, they’d be organised, and any Muslim or Jew who was prepared to be a voice in defence of thee practices – they would rally around and support. They’d put money and effort into protecting this practice and, thanks to that organisation, that pressure, that dedication to defend what is important (to them), very few British politicians would want to be the one to try get a ban going.

That’s advocacy at work.




Q) What do you think the co-operation is like between big charities like the RSPCA and other organisations whose stated goal is some sort of better future for pet ownership?

A) Very poor. There should be much more and it would make sense, but there isn’t. In part its down to the fact that the established ones seem to rock from one disaster to the next. Just look at the press the RSPCA has had over the past year or two.


Q) What do you think the RSPCA, SSPCA etc should do more of?

A) Simple. Use more resources and devote more of the press privileges they are granted to push aggressively for much longer sentences. They cannot argue a lack of funds when they pay their CEO 200k a year and spend thousands on private prosecutions. They don’t do nearly enough direct and robust advocacy for such aims. I find it all a bit lame and limp.


Q) The comments sections in abuse stories seem to provoke a lot of threats and/or wishes of harm to offenders, something which often seems to irk you. Why?

A) Because there is no follow through to their anger. I don’t agree with vigilante style ‘justice’, but even if I did people who talk about it aren’t doing it anyway. Its just a waste of them typing it and a waste of my time reading it.

Their anger would be just if there was legitimate follow through. Not running around like some lawless mob – grown up measures that gradually lead to changes that last. To be honest I’m not interested in anyone’s anger unless it then calms down and translates to something of worth. Also I am trying to protect them from themselves. Why make it easy for the abuser to use the law for his own ends by reporting a death threat? It makes no sense to me.




Q) You’ve openly asked people to try to hold back on expressions of public sorrow, up to an including acts such as candlelit vigils. Why?

A) Well, people are free to do what they want. I don’t dislike them doing it, its just that its tactically counter productive. Why? Because its a hyper display of sentimentality. That’s what the abusers will feed off. I don’t want people to give them such emotions to feed off if I can help it but its down to them. They can feel one way privately and be another when public facing. That’s just my view.




Q) How do you manage to fund your events?

A) Its all public donations and on the very rare occasion, someone doing a fundraiser for us.


Q) How do you rate the level of financial backing that comes in?

A) What comes in is greatly appreciated. But people need to face the reality that advocacy that desires to do a little old thing like make legal history needs backing. We appreciate what we do get but what we do get in no way reflects the seriousness of the goal, nor does it reflect or reciprocate the personal effort and manpower put in.


Q) You speak a great deal about the need for momentum. Why is it so key?

A) Because this is a crazy and insane world where almost everything is fighting for its say or its fair share of the narrative. The public have short memories and you cannot have large gaps in between what you are doing. Momentum causes its own pressure among those in public office. Once you have that momentum (which is hard to attain to start with) you have to try to sustain it. That’s why its so vital.



Q) Do you think people fully understand that yet?

A) No. If they fully understood it then we’d have been able to take on the amazing momentum of three events in three cities over Christmas and New Year. They may think things can be done in a sort of laid back, ad hoc, ‘as and when’ fashion. There’s not really much I can tell them except they are wrong. That’s not how victories are won.


Q) Do you plan to do any further events after the one on the 15th?

A) Well the problem and issue is still going to exist after the 15th, so its obviously going to be a necessity for any pressure group to keep applying pressure over and over. Until such a time you have a crack in the wall.

With that being said we live in the real world. We have created a movement and a platform for people that’s quite a bit different to the Dog Trust or the RSPCA. We can do some interesting things, we can even do it without the need to be paying a CEO a six figure salary. We may not be physically be able to rescue as many dogs as they do – but that’s because we are not designed to do that.

There is no reason though why our advocacy cannot be the catalyst which leads to historical legal change. We are much smaller, but due to that we can be more nimble, we can focus on a few goals, and we can push things in a way they will not.

There’s one thing we cannot do and that’s the ancient art of alchemy. In short – we cannot achieve anything on thin air and tears. If citizens want proper advocacy then its down to them to make it what it is.


Q) How much would it matter to you if your best efforts were in vain and how long would you give it to determine this?

A) It would matter. But as much as it would matter I could deal with it knowing I had given everything I had. If I hadn’t given everything then I might feel bad, but the fact I have given it my all – I could deal with it. As for determining it? That’s easy. We determine it by way of the productive public reaction.

This honestly isn’t that big of a deal to do if enough people had the will for it and if enough people got serious and funded their advocacy. Wouldn’t even take a stupid number.

A thousand or so would probably prove ample if they were all quietly productive. It only becomes or remains a big deal if there isn’t even a number of productive people of that type out there. If there’s not then you just get more of the injustice that you have now. As to how long? No time frame, but I guess if I am convinced that people are happy with the present sentences then we wouldn’t have anything to advocate for.



Q) Do you think there would be greater funding for your works if your ‘target’ was paedophiles and not animal abusers?

A) Maybe. Probably. With that being said it wouldn’t surprise me if it weren’t by very much. That’s a symptom of a low empathy society.




A) Do you think the public have lost momentum with the original story?

B) Possibly a bit, but its natural. As horrific as it was it wouldn’t help to purely stay stuck on it forever. I think people accept the fact the dog is long since gone and I think they accept the fact that the best thing you can do is address this in a way that disallows those like them from getting such lenient treatment in the future.


Q) Do you hold a view on the so named Croydon Cat Killer?

A) Not really. I’ve read a lot of supposition and, unfortunately, any dead mammal which now surfaces seems instantly attributed to this person(s).

I think there’s a risk of it taking on an urban myth aspect if there are too many reports. I found the statement of the detective to be unusually colourful though – I must admit. I found them raiding the home of a know rapist and making that public to be curious – to say the least. Its bizarre to me that this has gone on a few years and there’s no conclusion. It seems to defy the odds.


Q) Views on PETA?

A) I think they are utterly ridiculous and never ever want to be seen like them. I cant even begin to tell you how dumb and insanely ideological some of their campaigns are. One example was their claim that ‘milk is racist’. It wasn’t a joke. It backfired badly and made them look nuts.


Q) View on Vegans?

A) I don’t care about them one way or another. They only make up about half a % of the population though and a large % eventually go back to eating meat. So its not exactly what I’d call a golden target audience for us. I’d sooner appeal to non vegans who can see a difference between breeding for food and two dickeads throughing their bulldog down the stairs and generally kicking the life out of her.


Q) Do you enjoy doing this?

A) Not really, but I look around and don’t see a queue of people that are begging to do it. I feel a moral obligation to do it, that’s different from enjoying it. The subject matter alone is unenjoyable.


Q) What could make it more enjoyable?

A) On the day people like that are caged for a long time I might manage a smile. Until then? I enjoy it when we do an event. I’d enjoy it if people did more, gave more and woke up to the fact that we are trying to change legal history and get these maniacs under some sort of control before the damage is irreparable.


The Truth About Poverty

When we speak about poverty the tendency is to always think of it in terms of economic poverty.

There is economic poverty in the UK, but relative to the rest of the World even our most economically impoverished aren’t eating rat.

Here in Scotland anyone can get homed by declaring themselves homeless. It may not be a mansion that a person gets, but they will be given a roof over their head. If they genuinely have no money there are systems in place to help. No one here pays for or has to worry about medical bills.


I’d like to talk about another kind of poverty – moral poverty. It is entirely possible for a nation or society to have a veneer of wealth and civility and yet, under the surface there is an acute poverty of morality.



In Britain today I do not consider economic poverty to be as big of a threat as the moral poverty that I see all around.

You can have as many holidays, take away, alcohol and hedonism as you like. None of it means a thing if there’s moral decay underneath it.


There is clearly a moral poverty at the top of society. If that were not so then we wouldn’t routinely see the judiciary pander and bend over backwards to accommodate the animal torturers, the child rapists and the collectors of material in which both are systematically abused.


We would not have judges refusing to send a convicted offender to prison because he ‘could be at risk’. We would not have a case of a judge letting a man convicted of the possession of the most serious abuse material walk free on the grounds “he plans to start a family”. We would not have a perverse situation where just about any sick and twisted little punk can get a free pass by simply claiming he or she is needed to “help look after a relative”.


It has gotten to a point where the judgements and the comments by judges are like something from a satirical magazine. You almost have to check to ensure what you are reading isn’t a parody.


Our public officials are so lacking in the most basic morality that a cabal of social workers and police officers chose to turn a blind eye while kids were being groomed and raped in one small English town – for over 15 yrs.


If they are capable of that then you can surely see how such people need replaced root and branch OR literally forced into doing that which is clearly moral.




With that being, you get the public servants that you merit. If you tolerate low standards then there are no shortage of those prepared to take a nice salary from the public purse and provide you with the lowest of standards.

They don’t mind if you later moan at their incompetence, so long as generic moaning is as far as it goes. Once they have their feet under the table and their hand in the public purse, it often takes a scandal of seismic proportions to shift them from their well paid role.


It would be all too easy to point to the general establishment and accuse them of low moral standards.

The most widespread and common moral poverty exists among the general population itself.


I’m no dreamer and understand there is no perfect world. But I absolutely and steadfastly believe that there are things that go on in our country TODAY which we could push back against and as a result we’d be left with a much better society – for everyone.


Its irrefutable. There is absolutely no reason why we “need” to accept present sentencing limits for examples of psychopathic sadistic cruelty. We’re not dealing with a fact of physics or a command from God here. Its only paperwork and legislation. The only reason why you have the limits that you have is a person(s) must have sat down at some stage and settled on the figure. Therefore, what can be written can be rewritten.



How does the justice system attempt to form a semi cohesive sentencing system based on a huge spectrum of actions? Its very simple. They broadly base it on what they consider to be the public consensus on how serious a given action is. Most of us would agree that pre meditated murder is probably the ultimate transgression which is why this is reflected in law. Most of us would also agree that smoking a joint in public wouldn’t be worthy of a prison sentence which is why almost no one would ever be sent to prison for it.


Thus, if you hold the view that the justice system itself isn’t fully getting the gravity and violence involved in actions like those of those brothers then the most obvious explanation is that the justice system and the establishment do not yet believe or accept that the general public themselves consider it worthy of much harder and more immediate action.


The same can be said of the leniency shown to those convicted of possessing and distributing child abuse material. If there exists a culture in the justice system of leniency then, at least in part, it may be taken from the perception that there’s not the visible public demand for it to be treated more severely.


This then throws up an interesting question. If the justice system relies on a visible public consensus to shape law and to shape sentences for given offences, where are they able to see it?


If they do not see a relentless and highly visible public demand for animal sadism to be treated by way of much stronger sentences then the legal system has no incentive to initiate change, they may even get the false perception that change is not required.

Indeed, that is what Government departments would presently tell you – that change is not required.


They’ve decided that by themselves, but if there is visible public push back then what they consider sufficient very soon becomes a hot potato for them, they get the message that the public have decided its not sufficient.


We have to keep in mind that those in high office are not necessarily all evil in some way, but they are absolutely detached from most of us on an economic level and a social level. They simply cannot always relate to what it means to mainly working class communities to permit leniency toward sadists, psychopaths and predators. Its not as if those they are lenient on are likely to spend a million and move in near them. Its not as if their children are liable to come into contact with them. And if they are in high office then they live in gated communities with a hot line to the police.



The bottom line is this. If ordinary people like you and I want to ensure that offenders like Frankish pay the price for their actions in the future then its down to us as people to cause as much of a public storm as we can with that aim in mind.




This is about far more than what they did to the poor dog, the dog is long dead and there’s nothing than be can done to reverse that. This is about forcing those in high office to open their eyes and LOOK at the level of sadism and violence involved, this is about forcing those in high office into publicly admitting that those who engage in such acts are by definition a danger to people. This isn’t an emotional argument as such, since there is enough facts, evidence and research that would fully inform anyone in high office how much of a danger such people are. This is about building that which can hold those in high office to account if they fail to act upon the evidence presented.



This is about changing the near future by our actions of today. If we broadly accept the meme that ‘those who do this to animals often go on to do it to people’, do we not then have a moral obligation to do all in our power as men and women to do all that we can to ensure that our public servants are forced to take it WAY more seriously at the point it is an animal? That seems a logical first step.


Come down hard on those convicted of extreme sadism to animals, send them to prison, and from that stage on at least the authorities would always taken such a person far more seriously than now – they’d lose many more rights as well, even after they had been released.


We are not financially in poverty as a society right now. I read today that the average adult spends £50k on drink in their lifetime. We spend huge amounts weekly on fast food, entertainments, things we don’t need or use, we even buy and totally waste vast amounts of groceries.


What we do have is a moral poverty.

Perhaps one could say that the more a society declines into moral poverty the more they try to substitute it with entertainments and buying stuff.


We need to set a far higher moral bar, we need to press reset and start over.

It is simply not acceptable to me on a profound level to see people of this type treated with such wanton leniency, knowing that they are a constant danger to the unsuspecting or vulnerable.


It should not be acceptable to you either. You have one country. Be the boss of it and don’t fold and meekly give in to those whose entire reason for living is to destroy and cause suffering to the vulnerable.


It should not be acceptable for you to be subjected to having these people thrust into your communities. Your safety and quality of life should not be undermined just to accommodate the safety and quality of life of those who want to burn your pets alive or rape your kids.


You shouldn’t be made to feel so utterly demoralised by reading case after case in which the offenders put two fingers up to victims and justice.

But you are going to have to fight, work and battle for better if you want better.


Its no longer enough for us to be good people in our own life, our own little bubble. Times are too dangerous. There are far too many people out there today who will ultimately ruin the very fabric of the nation you rely on to be a good person in your own life. Your streets and neighbourhoods will be more dangerous and as they grow more dangerous, so dos the threat to your family (unless you want to start putting bars on windows and locking yourself in).


There are already neighbourhoods in which good people are virtual prisoners, terrorised as they are by groups of little violent yobs who are only tough in odds of 10-1 and, even then, with weapons. Why is this accepted? The police will often go down, but they are limited to what they can do and these little bastards know it. If the fire services are called they are often subjected to stones being thrown and their officers being attacked.


Why do we put up with and tolerate this as a norm? Weakness. Everything stems from weakness or softness. The bully will always target that which appears weak and soft, testing it out first, before finally findings full confidence and they take total charge.



I want people who feel sick at the weakness as much as they are sick of the deviant actions. The more sick someone is of the weakness the more readily and willing they will be get take action and demonstrate some push back.


I want people who are tired of being trampled on by a justice system that routinely permits utter freaks to be free and at large to live among us with almost zero punishment.


I want people who are so sick and tired of it they simply refuse to accept it and who take the view that’s its down to us, the ordinary people, to push for a radical change in several areas.


By doing that, by pursuit of that aspiration, we can rediscover the dormant morality and take our nation back from those whose only goal is destruction.

Pay attention, Frankish & Frankish


The pair of you thought you were so very tough that day. Just one big joke to you.


Its odd how you lost your sense of humour when you went on the run time and time again though. Its odd how your bravado deserted you as you both wet your nappy at the slightest noise and would be straight on to the police, begging for them to help you.


And its flat out telling that only three people put their neck out for you both – your mother, her sister, and the rapist friend that you have, David Westwood (convicted for sexual offences).


I am never going to let either of you rest unless you yourself come and stop me in person. I only wish you had it in you to try – it would give me the excuse that I need.


You consider yourself hard men for what you did? Okay. Then come and stop me if you are hard men. Lets see what you have and what you can do against an adult person and not a tiny little dog. You wont though and you never will. You will always run and you will always hide, like the two bacteria ridden cockroaches that you are. On a level playing field and in a straight up situation you both know that someone like me would kerb stomp you into the ground. That’s why you pick on little dogs. Freaks.


Know this much though. Andrew Frankish, you once made claim that you can hardly remember what you have done three weeks past, let alone three years. That’s fine, son. That’s why I am here – to remind you.

And to remind everyone. Forever and ever and ever. You’re welcome.


My memory is superior to your memory, kid. I wont forget your actions and I wont forget your vile writings about raping six year old girls. Anything in your past we will uncover it. This applies to both of you. Andrew Frankish – remember your boast how you were leaving Redcar to “find more dogs to torture”?


I have no idea who the pair of you think you are. But you had best make sure that no child and no animal is harmed or touched by you.


If there’s a next time it will be your last and final time.


It wont be a bunch of soppy magistrates who will judge you.


It would have been better all around if neither of you had been born. You are weird freaks of nature. Andrew Frankish, you are as soft as putty. I can tell. Seen and met your ilk many times. And you are like a twig.

Danny boy – you are dirty and out of shape.wankers1

Edinburgh – July 15th – Get Your Feet On The Street




If you are in Edinburgh this Saturday then the Operation Frankish audio visual vehicle will be there from 10-5pm.

We’ll be in or near all the best known areas, Princes St, George St, Grassmarket, the Royal Mile.

The city will be very busy on Saturday, its busy on any Saturday but there’s a festival on this particular Saturday.

If you are in Edinburgh then grab your phone or your video camera and look out for it.


There’s an electronic tracking feature that can be enabled via the Internet. I will put that on our Facebook page.


I must give thanks to the guys who worked on putting the files together for the audio visual. Its the first time they have had to work with such material, so they are due thanks for their patience and persistence.


I help the team with everything except for that side of it since I don’t know what I’m talking about. My usual remit to them is “Have a look at this, make it work, thanks mate”.


Thanks and credit is also due to the literally tiny number of people whose donations and fund raising make it possible for us to turn ideas into reality.


Its this tiny number of people who are giving those without a voice real advocacy, exposure, and it is they who will all have played their part in one day making this country hard core when it comes to dealing with acts of sadism and wilful cruelty.


If you are not in or from Edinburgh you can still play a part. Take one hour out of your day. Go find as many Edinburgh pages on FB as you can. Spread the word of our presence. Absolutely anyone can and should do that. Recruit two friends to help.



On Wednesday or Thursday I will put a short trailer/taster on here to show you the optics that will be played on Saturday. The screen is large and they can play the audio pretty loud. This has been used to promote and give presence to some pretty well known brands, so I’d consider this a classy, creative and high visibility way of delivering a message.


The fact that it will be out there for hours speaks for itself.


I will be personally contacting the Edinburgh Evening News. They should be on this along with their sister title, The Scotsman.


If you look at their FB page a LOT of readers complain that they don’t cover enough edgy and real news. They complain that there’s too much banality or even advertising disguised as news.


They should be all over this for their own benefit really. Not only have we had great press in every other city but two of the team of four are Scottish. I am the founder, not only Scottish but a ‘son of Edinburgh’.


I’ll end on this key note. Its vital that after this event we follow it up with a new one and fast. You cant afford big gaps in this fight. Correction – the victims cant afford it.


If you absolutely cannot do anything else, at least consider a donation since its the donations that permit us to turn ideas into genuine and high profile advocacy.


Even the price of what you’d pay for two coffees at Costa can make a big difference to us.


Donations can be made via paypal to