A fight for justice cannot be a hobby



It was good to see a ‘happy ending’ story this week when Mr Lamb stepped in to rescue that little dog. The dog has since been rehomed I understand.



Alas, for every fortunate happy ending story there are probably a thousand that do not end happily.



And while its great that Mr Lamb did his thing and that this dog has a new start – its not so great that the person responsible will, as you are well aware, get the legal equivalent of zero as a penalty.



Its this culture of leniency and its the fact that we do not punish such offences properly that leads to a grown man feeling that it might be socially acceptable to have done that in a busy Liverpool street.





Let me put it this week – someone committing a sexual assault in broad daylight and in front of scores of witnesses isn’t a thing that happens, except in very rare instances. But it would do if in fact sexual assault commonly came with a 3% prison sentence rate and more often than not a small fine.



I’m going to spend the next three days doing anything that doesn’t involve abusers, abused dogs or planning campaigns. I’ve hardly afforded myself a day when I haven’t been doing something for the goals so I plan to kick back and unplug myself from it for a bit.



You know by now that we NEED the foundation of punishments that fit the crime, there are no new ways I can say that short of singing it in a love song.





You also know by now that to get anything done properly takes consistent and increasingly creative actions.



We are all about deploying the latter to bring the former into being.



We are all about taking constructive action in other big ways, such as the creation and launch of our own database.




We are not about relying on any politicians from any party to keep their word. Even children know that the native language of politicians is lying.



We are also not about rescue and rehome. It has a role, an important role. Its not our role.  We are a flat out pressure movement.




We don’t aim to save one dog here and another dog there. We aim to keep pushing the body politic until such a time that they action changes to laws which would place Britain right at the very forefront of combating animal cruelty. Even when they finally do cave in and make concessions the ideal would be to then make sure they deliver and make sure those judges are then using their new powers properly.




All sounds good, right? Doesn’t happen by itself though. If you trust politicians to keep to their word and if you fully trust judges to use any new powers properly – then there’s no problem. You don’t even need read on! If you don’t trust them?



Then you must pressure them.




Our latest proposed promo was this;





You can click and read if you aren’t already aware of this promotion.  Visual examples.




I’m not going to bother talking it up here. I’ve already laid out the main benefits in that link. They really speak for themselves anyway.




I’m honestly not sure how many donations came in on the back end of the appeal to fund that. I don’t really deal with the donations but I am pretty sure that if we had enjoyed a flood of them then I’d know all about it. So we probably haven’t since I haven’t.







If you want to donate today that would be cool. I’m not going to hard sell it, at the end of the day we either take it seriously and create a proper momentum and(an) on going body of work or we don’t. There’s no mid way point. Its not as if this whole issue is some little benign hobby and it doesn’t really matter when we pick it up or not.




In all truth, and I was saying this to one of out long time readers recently – its not just a simple case that we obviously need the people themselves to donate towards such promotions.





We do definitely need far more of it that.




Its also the fact that in order to drag this where it needs to be its going to require about five weeks worth of straight commitment, day in and day out. With the emphasis on the word ‘day’ since there is SO MUCH that we could do through the day time but cannot easily do so.





One very brief example. I need to be able to get on the phone and actually speak to people that I just cannot reach of an evening or via e mail, because while e mail is easy, anyone of even vague importance probably gets hundreds per week. You need to actually get in front of certain people or speak with them or their representatives on the phone. Its that simple.




That’s what I need in theory, I need about a month straight to do this without other distractions.



This may even be the bigger obstacle than donations. Just try to imagine taking the next month straight and doing nothing but that one thing. That’s pretty much what I’d need to do at the moment if I wanted to drive this even further forward at this moment in time.




This issue (that we campaign on) is huge. You presently have laws formed in the early part of last century! To change that in a meaninful and lasting way takes a huge effort.




A fairly minor thing takes relatively minor effort. If your mission in life was to save your local community centre it would take effort, but obviously not even close to the effort it takes to do something like this on a national scale with judicial factors built into it.




I know that we could plausibly make Britain the leader when it came to a zero tolerance approach. I do know that this Government would eventually succumb to on going pressure. I also know that if we launch and promote our own database it is going to trigger an absolute shit storm. Its not just the abusers that will dislike it. Its Government ministers. They will probably try to shut it down. Maybe even shoot us or something. I made that last bit up but they definitely wont like it and they probably will try to shut it down.



I’ve even anticipated them trying to do so. I have a counter reaction to that if the day ever comes. I’m obviously not going to advertise what it is but lets just say that if it got to the point they tried to shut it down, I’ve already figured out what to do and how to use that to our advantage.


In a sense I am almost wishing to invite it.


But that’s for another day.



For today? Well, I am writing this now and then its shoes off and feet up for a few days. It would take those brothers to unicycle past me to gain my attention in the next few days.




With that being said it would be just great if one of the team were able to say to me that something suprisingly positive that helps has happened in that period. Lets just say I’ll not exactly be hovering over my phone with expectation, but if it were to happen it woud be cool.


Let’s Make Britain TOUGH again.



And you don’t do that by fining someone £150 for sadism and letting them pay it at like 1p per week.


That just laughs in the face of true justice that the public can have faith in.


That just emboldens and empowers these snivelling freaks.



Its not on. Its one thing to be be on the back foot against some sort of hugely sophisticated enemy that has massive resources and public pity.



But for this country to be on the back foot and tolerating this level of leniency afforded to this horrible assortment of defective drooling fools?





Is it?




Lamb by name, not by nature….

Credit is due to Mr Michael Lamb from Liverpool.




For when a little dog was being kicked around by its owner, Michael didn’t just stand there and wring his hands or turn the other cheek.  He took immediate and appropriate action.


I’d suggest that if you live in that city that you consider visiting his shop, Maggie’s Farm Organics on Aigburth Road, to give him some business.


He saw a violent situation, he intervened and he ended up with a positive result.


We are no different except in scale. We saw a violent situation, we have intervened and we are trying our hardest to work toward the most positive result ever in British legal history (in respect of this issue).


The actions of men like Mr Lamb should give the nihilists something to ponder. ‘No one ever intervenes’ they will cry.



Well. They just did. Not only did they intervene but it ended very well indeed. He did not conduct himself like a thug either.



‘No one ever does anything’ the nihilists groan.  They are wrong again. No one has tried harder or put more in to the specific goal of radical sentencing reforms than we have this past year or so. So someone is doing something.



I think doom and gloom merchants should stop whining all the time and be grateful and thankful that they have ANYONE prepared to step up, be that in the way Mr Lamb has or indeed in the way that we do.



Thank your lucky stars you do have such people because I don’t really see this as being the common reaction among most. Recognise the fact that you have good people trying to advocate for you, and, in guys like Mr Lamb, even people prepared to put themselves at physical risk.



Be happy with that and get right behind that. If you don’t want to get behind it then at least be inspired by it and do something visibly constructive.



This little dog was fortunate – this time.

The majority are a great deal less lucky.





As to the person who attacked this particular dog? Well, you just know how that always goes, because it can only go one way – leniency. Even the most extreme example only incurs a 26 week sentence as you are well aware. And only around 3% get anything close to that.


While this story has ended well this time, the bigger story is to ensure that violent abusers are dealt with by the full force of the law – the opposite to right now.


And that is going to take a massive and constant effort.


Not from me.


But by you.


The cruciality of hope


Every so often I might see a comment on our FB wall which catches my attention.


I am almost visually immune now to Internet comments that make never to be fulfilled promises of what that person would do with (insert name of abuser) ‘if only they had ten mins with them’. I don’t even edit or get rid of such comments, if I am scanning the comments I can sense in a nano second if its a post like that – and I move to the next one.



This is an example of one that did catch my attention. Why? Because its so very honest and simply put. I’ve only published a portion of it but the full thing can be seen on our wall under the post titled – ‘Creeping Evil’.



“Things must change, there has to be a stronger deterrent for these sickos. I’ll support you as much as I can, because, i find, abuse, cruelty, of any kind and the injustice, abhorrent.
Thank you Operation Frankish. You have given me and so many others….hope! “





I haven’t attributed a name just in case they don’t want their name on our main site here.

But the name is moot anyway – what is important are her words.



Hope is not an optional extra. Its your lifeblood. What is the opposite of hope? Hopelessness. And when you are in a state of hopelessness then you are already defeated and all that’s left is for the vultures and the maggots to feed on the decaying carcass.



With that being said I am pragmatic. Hope is vital – but hope must be based upon something. If its based on nothingness then its not true hope – that would be false hope and a deception.



Put simply – its not as if our goal and aspiration here is to ‘cure the world of all evil – forever’. That really would be a somewhat hopeless and even childish aim to have. We’re practical. We’re not Miss World contestants vacantly mouthing platitudes and ridiculous goals that can never possibly be achieved.




Here’s what we are saying to those in charge (as you will soon see, it is not remotely outlandish). We are telling them that normal and decent people cannot and will not tolerate this culture of hyper leniency which only serves to feed and further embolden the very worst of people.



Elected officials may be seen as temporary custodians of political power, but this is our country and in our country we should set our own standard.



We are saying to them that it would be in everyone’s best interests if they radically reformed sentences so that the public could see with their own eyes that there is at least some measure of justice being carried out.




We are telling them, imploring them in actual fact, that if they continue down this road of being soft on abusers of all kinds then groups like Operation Frankish, Dark Justice, Guardians of the North etc etc, they are all going to grow stronger and bigger as people lose faith and hope in conventional systems and turn to others for answers and fixes.



Not only will those that exist grow – others will come into being. If the culture of leniency is still permitted to go on at that late stage then I think you would eventually see natural and organic alliances form.




That is why its very much in the interests of Government and their advisors to wake up and get ahead of the curve. This is not the 1970’s when stuff could be swept under the carpet. This is 2017 and we now all know how much we are being played like fools by Governments and courts whose actions literally put you and your loved ones in danger.




Changed days now though. Now we can organise things, we can shared facts, we can expose both the abusers and the politicians who shamefully come up short. We can construct great visual events which stir the public discourse and keep these issues at the forefront of minds. We can create an organisation (like this) and reach more people than would ever have been possible pre Internet. We can create video, visuals, written content, we can even set about creating our own abusers database which the public can access.




That’s what the hope is all based upon – something tangible. We’ve never lived in a better time to reach more people, spread the message and create. We’ve never lived in a better era to finally get those sentences where they need to be. We’ve never lived in a better time to expose the dark corners where they may hide.



Animal abusers are not becoming more sophisticated as time goes by. They are not some organised front but rather a class of criminal who are disorganised and who often act alone (but not always). They have no public support or sympathy. They are not financed or backed. By and large this is also a very low intelligence class of criminal that you are dealing with.



Nope – animal sadists may be becoming more extreme as time goes by (a result of the aforementioned culture of leniency). But they are not becoming more organised and sophisticated. Their opposition on the other hand are very much aspiring to hyper organisation and sophisticated public promotions.





Any time someone donates or offers their labour to us it allows us to grow, to organise better, to become more sophisticated in what we can do.


There is plenty to be hopeful about.


But hope alone is not sufficient. You must have the work ethic, the resolve, the vision – to physically force your hopes into a reality.


That’s what we’re all about – not just offering out hope, but a hope based on achievable aims and a hope that can be plausibly turned into reality.


Creeping Evil


I have a set of ideals that relate to this terrible and for too long neglected animal cruelty problem – ideals that go beyond simple lobbying for a sharp hike in sentencing powers (albeit this is vital and MUST be secured).



I cannot force others to embrace those ideals – I can only propose that if they were to do so then life would be very much better and less tainted.



Because make no mistake about it – every single time a story breaks about extreme abuse and the story inevitably ends with the usual weak sentence – it taints us a a nation.



Whether you realise it or not those disgusting actions and those actions not being punished definitely leave a stain upon the soul of the country.





I’ll lay it out as plainly as I can. For reasons that are too long and complex to go into here, your country is in a phase of utter degeneracy and evil. This is a fact. Accept it as a reality.



The reasons as to how we got there are important and I have gone into some of them before. But not here. People can go dig around and discover the plethora of reasons if they so wish. The reasons are important but the decay is at such an advanced stage that right now you must deal with some of the immediate symptoms – dealing with reasons can come later.



If you do not see that we are in a phase of hyper degeneracy and evil behaviours then all I can suggest is lifting your hands away from your eyes. Look around. It is everywhere. Its poisoning everything. Do you ever happen to follow the pages of Dark Justice, Guardians of the North, etc?





Do you realise that as part of this hyper degenerate basin that we find ourselves in that the tentacles of this have reached not only to the increasingly extreme abuse of animals but what I can only call an epidemic of sexual predators and assorted paedophiles?



You need to see this not as individual and unlrelated events but a a whole picture. Take a step back and see the entire tapestry. Spend a few days casually looking through some newspapers online.





Again and again you will see the same pattern, the ever increasing and habitual abuse of animal and children with a great deal of cross over between the two. Again and again you will see objectively dangerous people under sentenced and free to strike again. No real punishments. No true deterrents. Just a mass of utter degenerate scum getting caught, almost grudgingly processed by the system and spat straight back at you.



I often wonder how many times people must be spat it with this phlegm before they react in some way.



Do you honestly think this would be the case if just one member of the current cabinet were directly impacted in the same way ordinary people are when such dangerous individuals are just let loose this way?



Of course not. If something extreme were to happen to one of their dogs or kids then there would be emergency meetings and there would be legislation being sent to the House of Lords in no time.



You are held to a different standard to the political class. You are seen as lesser. You’re not but that’s how they perceive you.



Its not their lives and neighbourhoods that are impacted. Its not their kids, their sister, their pets, their anything. They and their family are safe, they live in a safe community, their kids go to the best schools, and they have extra protections from police and intelligence services.



Can you perhaps see why they might just not care as much that in your community the place is crawling with convicted paedophiles, animal sadists and an assorted of other human garbage?




That’s why you should care. Because if you don’t care and they wont care – then you are all fucked.


No apologies for language.



Things will just get worst and more messed up on more levels. Everyone will one day know someone directly impacted by the feral no empathy demons we are ceding our country to.


The police can do their best but with budgets and numbers cut, I’m afraid that they will be reduced to a clean up after the fact squad.



I wouldn’t place much faith in your establishment media to be vanguards either. Some of the most degenerate people of all work in establishment media for one thing. And for another? They have a very narrow set of subjects that they are told by their bosses to over play, to saturate your thoughts and eyes with. Brexit, Trump, ISIS, that’s pretty much the trio of subjects that are replayed over and over.



Nope. Its definitely down to us as people or no one. Its as simple as that. No magic man in the sky is going to come down and make it all better. No political leader is going to take office and make it their priority to address such things on their own steam.



The police are overwhelmed by the fact that the courts let them go faster than they can arrest them.



I know the Internet well enough to know the deal. No matter your subject or how good your arguments, on the Internet its very easy for people to pretend that the issues aren’t there. I obviously know its far easier for someone to just walk away from something online than it is when you are speaking with them in real life. This is unimportant though.



What is of crucial importance is this – while its very easy for a person to ignore something online, believe me, in a society going increasingly bad then it is not going to ignore you.



It makes no difference if you wish to hear no evil, see no evil. Its increasing. It grows. It becomes more bold.



So, regardless of whether or not you ignore it – it will not ignore you. It will also not ignore or give a free pass to anyone or anything that you care for. That which you care for coming into direct contact with one of these demons grow each day. Its akin to a game of Russian roulette, so prevalent are they, and such freedoms that they have.





Now, you can wait until it gets to the stage where it one day does personally come knocking on your door.



Or you can do the right thing and make a vow to yourself that you are not going to concede one inch to these degenerates any more.



I’m not here to spin fairytales with definite happy endings.



I am here to warn you that unless you personally take some sort of action then the evil is going to one day come seeking you out. Or someone or something that you love.




We can give it our all, I can take this quite far, albeit due to practical reasons I may not be able to take it all the way.  I may not be able to practically afford the time it would take to personally action all of my ideals, which would include people specific legislation (for pet ownership).



But I can take it a good extent of the way. I’ve a good committed team helping push things on.



What its really going to take is a huge push on behalf of everyone that reads this.



That’s what it comes down to in the end.





To what extent have you had enough of the degeneracy and the culture of hyper leniency and what are you prepared to personally sacrifice in order to push back against it? Those aren’t questions for me to answer on your behalf. Those are questions only you can answer.



˙unɟ sı sıɥʇ ʇnq ˙ǝןʇıʇ poob ɟo ʞuıɥʇ ʇ,uɐɔ


Mug Club.   If you’ve paid to join MC then your Operation Frankish mug should be with you this week. When you do receive it we would encourage you to take a pic or two – send them over to us.


We might do different styles and models of mug in the future. I’m sometimes barely able to sleep at night thinking of the exciting world of mugs.

Each mug is made from pure gold with an outer layer of Kevlar. All mugs were made by small orphans so, no pressure, but if you don’t join – no bread for them.



Oh. And if you have joined then make sure you send in a good pic of your dog or cat – whatever pet you have. Might even want to wait until your mug arrives and have the mug in the pic with your pet. Yup – do that. Then we’ll put them up in our MC Gallery. Just to remind people – annual membership is £30. This equates to about 57p a week and it greatly helps us to do the work that we do.



You can join by sending £30 via paypal to – operationfrankish@gmail.com



Be sure to put ‘Mug Club’ in the title and include a full name and address.



Operation Rain Storm –  You can read all about that here –






Concepts such as a big uptake for Mug Club can help us to deliver gold standard work which, lets be honest, this issue merits. But you can still help us regardless of Mug Club.

If you don’t have the money for an annual MC membership – simply donate what you can afford.







Content contributors.  Again I am putting out a call for people to send us their articles, stories, original content etc. Regular content is key, it informs, keeps people engaged and it means we don’t need to rely on conventional press to give an issue the space it deserves. Any time I have cut the content for a month or so – people want the content again. That’s cool but I need more contributors though. Or just any.



Technical people.  We can never get enough people who are good with technical matters. It saves us time and it creates more efficiency. There are lots of technically minded and technically skilled people who are pet owners. It would be cool if a few more of them let themselves be known.



Creating traffic.  A decent number of new people were pulled over to our page and made aware of it for the first time. How? One of the team simply linked our page to another page. I’ve done it before, I’ve linked to other pages, I’ve linked in comments sections of all the newspapers that have a FB page. I don’t do it now as I don’t have the time with doing everything else.


But linking our page in this way is really something that anyone could be doing for us. It brings in new traffic which may even lead to more aid. To do it a couple of times a day isn’t too much to ask from anyone who is now reading this.



Brolly Promo.   Working on the basis that we’re financially able to do Operation Rain Storm then we will be promoting it in advance in various interesting ways. We’ll be creating some video. But on the occasions we have done visual promo’s with pics in the past – they proved popular.


So here’s one very simple thing you can do to help pre promote the idea.

We can look to get things going by pushing a couple of hash tags into the domain. All you need is an umbrella. Open it out. Write three things on it.





Send these in. We will start to use them for promotional purposes.




Have a good evening

Operation Rain Storm


I’ve spent about two weeks researching, weighing up and costing different ideas. I’ve dismissed all those that would be financially way beyond our scope. I wont even bother going into those, no use going into what we cant do.



What I do definitely know is this. In 2017 you have a great deal of competition for people’s attention, in real life or online. Why? Because people are swamped by advertising messages trying to sell them something and they are suffocated by people trying to foist something on them. It has never been more fiercely competitive than it is today to grab your fair share of the narrative.



This applies ten times when your chosen thing is animal cruelty. Lets be honest – animal cruelty is by definition a toxic subject. Its not something people really want to talk about, its not a subject you can just drop in.



It is for all of those reasons that its critical to always present your message in new and interesting ways.



Gone are the days when you could just stand and give someone a leaflet and hope they might be impressed.



So with all of that in mind here’s what I want to do.



I want to send a unit out into central London. We will cover all the best areas that we can, Regent St, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square.



In total we will do 25 locations in central London.



It may come as no surprise to learn that doing anything in central London these days is becoming increasingly challenging.



But we can work around that and we can do this.


At each location the team that we send will draw an image/message which is approx a metre square.


Its done with a very big difference though.


Using a hydrophobic spray each of the 25 messages/images remains concealed … until the first day of rain fall.


On the first day it rains all 25 messages will be revealed in all 25 locations.


The method is very durable – messages last for around five or six months.




Creative and imaginative

Potential to build a story around the first day it rains

Longevity. The messages lasting for several months

Mass increase of awareness and curiosity

Can strike at multiple locations in the heart of London

Good social media potential



Here it is being done in Hong Kong.




This is cool and creative. I’d recommend doing this.


All we need from you in terms of aid is financial support to do it.


We will take care of everything else. All you need do is support it with some coin.  Paypal –  Operationfrankish@gmail.com



If you think these issues are important, if you agree that creativity counts – then directly support what we do.


Send us some coin today so that we can action this project.


Have a good week

Mug Club Update


The first batch of Operation Frankish mugs have finally been ordered and will be winging their way to people this week.





This stylish item has multiple uses, including;


Being able to drink a wide variety of hot AND cold drinks from it


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What people have said about Mug Club.


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You can enjoy ALL the benefits of annual membership for a mere thirty quid.
Paypal – operationfrankish@gmail.com
Please put ‘Mug Club’ in the title and include a full postal address.



The Balcony Parallel


There was a story in the press last week in which a man was jailed after leaving two dogs to starve on a balcony.


If you want to you can read the story in full below;




I guess the one positive to come out of this example is that he indeed was sent to prison. 18 weeks is still way short of what it should be but its better than no weeks.



Its far too easy for the public to try to shift the blame onto the neighbours. Could they have done more? I have no idea, but the article does state that;



‘police found the emaciated dogs confined to a squalid enclosed balcony area’


The key word there being ‘enclosed’.




It also states that ‘neighbours had reported a stench coming from the flat before officers broke in and discovered the dogs in horrific conditions’.



So there you go. The neighbours did do something. They were alerted to the fact that something was amiss. They reported it via the correct channels. The police then gained entry and the rest is history.


I’m not really seeing quite how the neighbours are at fault here.




The only person at fault here is the guy himself – Zach Cook. No one else. It was his choice to get dogs and it was his choice to follow this route (quote) – “”His way of dealing with no longer wanting to care for his dogs was to pretend they didn’t exist while he continued to get on with his life in the flat attached to the balcony”.




It looks to me like the neighbours did what they could as soon as they became fully aware that something wasn’t right.



But lets not kid ourselves. There is a deep irony in members of the public criticising the neighbours for not doing more or doing it better when the vast majority of them are not doing anything visibly constructive themselves.




Our reach for the week just gone was shy of 27,000 people. That’s not insignificant at all. No doubt many of that 27,000 would be convinced that in similar circumstances they’d have dealt with the balcony story far better than any of the neighbours.



I’m amazed there are any problems at all in real life given how many people online SAY how well they would do a thing if faced with a similar situation.



There probably are situations when neighbours could and should do more and not just when it comes to pets. How many kids might have been saved with earier intervention?



But you cannot really keep a straight face and take to the Internet to criticise members of the public for coming up short if you are coming up short yourself.



The parallel is this. Imagine OF as being like a large block of apartments. The reach on a given week are the ‘residents’, the ‘neighbours’ if you like. The platform we create is the balcony. And those two dogs are representative of the issue.



One could then fairly ask – why aren’t 27,000 neighbours and residents doing more? Its rhetorical. We know its down to a bystander phenomenon, the idea in a mass of people that ‘someone else will do it’.




Lets state the obvious – this subject matter is not cool. People don’t really want to talk about it or hear about it, this is not the sort of subject you can just casually drop in at a party.



Nope. This subject matter is about as far from cool as you could get. In fact its one of the nastiest and more disturbing subjects that I can think of. Not an easy sell to say the least.



Its for that reason we at least attempt to do cool things and present them in cool ways. The only way to engage the public or press is to present it to them in ways they somehow get into. Ways that draw their attention and interest.


We attempt to take a subject that no one WANTS to speak about and we endeavour to present that subject in such a way that its visually interesting and palatable.


That’s what we set out to do and that’s what we have managed to achieve and in a fairly short space of time – not much over a year.


Its worth all the effort for me when I personally see how the discourse has changed in a year.


I now sense that you are at least on a path way toward seeing the worst of these ‘people’ locked up – more often and for much longer.


You’re not there yet – but you are much further on than you once were.


I will do everything I can to take this as far as I can. I always have since day one. On a personal level its pleasing that my imagination and ideas are recognised by others, I have had two offers of doing paid stuff in the last two months. I haven’t been able to accept them as doing so would leave me literally no time at all to do this anymore and I would love to see it through to an end game.


One thing I felt we could do which would serve a few purposes is anamorphic art or trompe l’oeil.


Tell you what – just look at an example of it. Its easier and better than me describing it.













Purposes served?





Encourages passers-by to interact with it and upload their photographs to social media.


Could be done in a very sexy location.


If we decide to do this then yes, we’d almost certainly try to locate it right in the very nerve centre of London.


Possibilities are endless really.


Let me know what you think.

A response to Gail Walker

*Gail Walker is the Editor of the Belfast Telegraph. The following relates to her Editor’s viewpoint – published yesterday. We have republished it in full here *



A year ago, partly due to public pressure, the Assembly introduced the most stringent animal cruelty penalties in the UK.


This followed a number of high-profile cases which shocked many people due to the abuses involved.


This newspaper was one of the voices calling for increased penalties.


With the most serious cases now attracting jail terms of up to five years and fines of £20,000, it was a move welcomed by animal lovers throughout the province.


Yet sadly it does not seem to deter those who have no feelings for animals, either domestic or wild. One of the most extreme examples are those involved in badger baiting.


They’re so brazen that they even brag on Facebook about the number of badgers they have killed, even though the animals are protected.


It is not only the badgers which suffer a cruel death in such incidents, but also the dogs that are sent into their setts. One such unfortunate animal was recently pulled out of Newry canal.


Many of the dogs used in badger baiting suffer such horrific injuries that they are destroyed. Even if they could be treated the people using them dare not go to vets otherwise their vile activities would be uncovered.


While the majority of people are animal lovers, it is clear that a substantial number do not share their caring natures.


From 2012 until 2016 some 6,000 incidents of animal abuse were recorded in the province.


That is a shocking indictment of a civilised community.


But there are also differing views of how animals should be treated. Our story today of how a family’s pony was shot in error by a man out hunting foxes is a case in point.


To many people living in the countryside, foxes are vermin and have to be kept under control. They know the damage they can do to poultry or to lambs.


Others may feel that hunting foxes is cruel. It may be an idealised view of the animal, but they are the people who ended traditional fox hunting with dogs and horses in the UK.


To them, even vermin deserve to be treated with some humanity.


However, we should not forget the owners of the pony in this very sad case.


The animal was shot by accident but the incident shows the need for great care to be taken by anyone going out shooting.


It could have been even more tragic.
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To make my response more concise I am going to omit all mention of fox hunting and badger baiting and focus specifically on domestic pets and the opening to her article.


Taken at face value it makes for somewhat depressing reading. Indeed, one could say it has a deeply nihilistic and sense of hopelessness to it.



After all, if N Ireland have implemented such far reaching changes and things are still as gloomy as Gail believes then we may as well all pull the duvet back over our heads and go back to sleep.





I’ll tell you why I believe Gail is wrong. For one thing, as she notes herself in her own article – N Ireland only brought these changes in one year ago.



It is far too soon to get a true and comprehensive insight into the long term impact those changes will make to N Ireland. You would need to revisit it in five years. And when you did revisit it, you’d need to do so with before and after statistics.


You’d need to bring forth figures and you’d need to cite those before and after figures.


Only then could you do a justified compare and contrast.


Here’s another crucial factor. In that past year what actual % of those convicted received the maximum prison term?



I know people in N Ireland and what they tell me is that the sentencing reforms were fantastic – the problem is that the judiciary there are vastly under using their powers. In short – they aren’t sending many to prison and certainly not for anything like as long as they legally could do.



This is why, along with our own goal to greatly increase sentences we have always included the following as part of our stated manifesto;


‘Ensure that judges and magistrates are instructed to use their future custodial powers’.



In other words, it is insufficient to simply bestow new powers to judges if in fact judges choose not to use the powers handed to them.



When someone is convicted of a rape, the number of years he gets is usually the only question. However many it is there is always the expectation that being found guilty WILL mean a substantial sentence.



We seek to not only greatly increase the sentencing powers that judges here can use. We seek to ensure that they use them to the fullest.