The Big Push Starts Now



Sometime next week or so I should have our short trailer for our documentary film inspired by the true events of this case.



In early 2018 legislation should be passed that increases the maximum for such offences by ten times what they are today.




While it is excellent for them to have these greatly extended powers, it will be a hollow victory indeed if the judiciary are consistently proving not to use them. Not much use something existing on paper if not applied in practice.



I strongly believe Operation Frankish can play a pivotal role in ensuring that it becomes more than something written down and that it is in fact used.



While I am not expecting every little toe rag to get five years – I will fully expect proven zoosadists as extreme as that pair were to receive the full force of the new maximum.




Rest assured – two or three cases somewhat like their one will surface next year. And when they do? When they do its crucial that they get the new maximum. The judiciary need to make an example of them and our role can be to keep an eye on the judiciary to ensure that they do.




A culture/social habits can be changed for the better. But it order to do so you must first wake people up to a threat they may have been previously ignorant to.



A few decades ago it was socially acceptable and not even a big illegal deal to drink and drive. It sounds amazing, but its true.



In fact it was so habitual that people were cynical that the social culture could be changed. And yet it was.



A large and powerful way that they deployed in order to win the hearts and minds of people and wake them up to the reality?


A very intense campaign of often quite shocking anti drink driving adverts. It was that coupled with stricter laws that totally altered social attitudes toward drink driving in this country.



‘Its only a drink’ would have been a common and legit state of mind 40 years ago.

‘Its only a dog’ is all too often the perception today.




There is no film that would ever make a sociopath into not a sociopath. That’s not the intention of this production. I’m not that naive to think such diseased individuals can ever be turned around by any means.




It was their video which caused this guy(me) to take constructive action. As ugly as it was, that is the power of video versus something written down and a photo.

Film and video provoke all your senses except for smell.



We have around four months to make this. Its not a nailed on four months, but that’s the target.




That would mean we could release it sometime in the Spring of 2018. With each passing day we are thinking up new ways it could be used.

For example, just yesterday it was proposed to us that independently owned cinemas and theatre’s would probably be receptive to taking it on.



We can also reach a mass audience with this via You Tube, and an international one at that.


As the weeks go by I dare say that other ideas and suggestions that will occur to us.



Everyone remembers a film or documentary that sticks in their mind and provoked various emotions in them, maybe even got them to see life in a slightly different way.


That is what we must endeavour to create and that is how we must strive to use the completed work.



This is a fact. The general public obviously know animal cruelty is a ‘bad thing’. Stand with a clipboard and ask 100 passers by and they’d probably think you were mad for even asking the question. People understand instinctively that its a bad thing.


What they do not yet widely understand is the wider implications. They do not really commonly understand what a zoosadist is, they often know nothing of their pathology and they totally underestimate how truly twisted and dangerous such a person is in totality.



Its by way of the public understanding that and taking it on that your cultural shift can come.




Even I didn’t get all of this at one time. I knew animal cruelty vaguely existed, but it was only when I saw that video and really began digging into this that it fully dawned on me precisely what such people are, why are they so dangerous and why the Government CANNOT have such people at large. It cannot even be an option.




If that one piece of video evidence can wake one man up enough to have created OF and taken action then imagine what a properly produced documentary seen by the many can do?



The conversations it will start. The people who may see it. The people who may feel moved into constructive action having watched it. The way it can get people thinking about something in a new way.



I’ve called this the Big Push since that’s precisely and exactly what this is.




Thinking out loud here, but you know what would be really good? I know that the people of Redcar and that region were obviously repulsed that two people from their town stained Redcar. That’s how they see it.



By taking care of these two dickheads this past 18 months, OF has unquestionably helped Redcar. The same goes for other locations like Darlington. They didn’t last long in Darlo either, not when we helped the landlady come to an informed decision on their tenancy and initiated a local boycott among shops.




It would be a great gesture if some sort of group of informal people in such towns got together and made a donation on behalf of their town which we would use for the production of this film.







They aren’t obligated. I just think it would look like a very good thing to do and if it came from a group or body of townspeople, then I’d obviously have them credited.



Like I say – just me thinking out loud.



To everyone else?


I only ask that you donate what you can personally afford but that you do donate.



I know that there is absolutely no need for things to be how they are, all this sadism and the inevitable underwhelming official reaction to it.




The actual numbers of zoosadists like that pair probably number in their(few) thousands in all of the UK.



Its too many. But its not so many that its so insurmountable that they can never be dealt with or beaten.




Its is true that one way you beat them is indeed by locking them up. Obviously they cannot do what they do when locked up.



But you must also defeat them by taking your issue and pricking the public consciousness.



And that’s where powerful film documentaries that get seen by many come in.




Never ever think you must bow your head and accept the status quo and that malformed little pricks like that are always destined to somehow come out smelling of roses.



Not at all. If you think that then you need to quit thinking it and start understanding that a social structure and a public consciousness can been changed. It has before. And it will again. And we will be at the forefront of that change.



And when I say ‘we’ that’s really you as well.




The Moral Of This Story…





Andrew and Daniel Frankish expected certain things in life and they did not expect other things.


They fully expected their torture video to never come to light. And yet it did. They had every reason to think it wouldn’t emerge, given the big gap of time until it did.



Once the evidence did leak out and the story did make the press they would have expected (and been advised of) an initial public backlash.


The advice to them would have been along the lines of “feelings will run high for a few weeks“.




They would not have expected nor would they have been advised that the public backlash would last this long.




Its an usually long time for a public backlash to keep on burning brightly. After this time period the vast majority of serious offenders have been able to slink back into the shadows and the comfort of anonymity.




If anything the public backlash has only intensified as time has gone on and not dwindled (which it would normally and naturally do).




It clearly bothers them and gets to them when a new neighbourhood find out what they are.



If it didn’t bother them and they were able to rise above it, or if they were two tough little gangsters, then they’d have stood their ground and not keep taking to their heels all the time or coming home via the back door like a thief in the night.




When OF first formed the advice they’d be given would be along the lines that if they held tight for a bit, time would slow down our natural drive and momentum. But that proved not to be the case either.




The opposite is true, we have gotten stronger, better, more networked and more resourced.




To be fair, the multiple moves and name changing would ordinarily work. They will have been advised that it would, if not the first or second time then at least by now.




They can keep on trying I suppose. But they have someone within their circle who likes to talk a lot and when they do it works its way back to us.





Andrew and Daniel Frankish are not pet hoarders. They are not unscrupulous breeders whose corner cutting led to terrible outcomes. They are not fickle individuals who take on a dog and give it up to a dog home a few weeks later when they lose interest. They are not even individuals who are just a bit too heavy handed with a dog if their dog is totally acting up outdoors and they got a bit frustrated.



They are totally unique and apart from all of the above.



They are the most dangerous kind of pet abuser of all.


Andrew and Daniel Frankish are zoosadists. And a zoosadist is a deep rooted pathology that’s very serious. Zoosadists always have an attraction to very sick and extreme material and actions other than the zoosadism.



If they have zoosadism as part of their psyche then this sadism permeates into every other potential interaction or area of their lives. A zoosadist would find file share or live stream of toddlers being raped and abused right up their street for example.




Their pet abuse wasn’t caused by greed for profit, nor was it caused by laziness nor even stupidity or anger.




The zoosadist is not merely showing you that he will go to great lengths to torture animals. They are showing you that there is something so profoundly wrong with them that its guaranteed they are attracted to and by other extreme and sick material and actions as well.



Not all pet abuse is done by a zoosadist, but all zoosadists engage in extreme animal cruelty.




Not all pet abuse has sociopathy at its heart. Zoosadism does.




Not all pet abuse is pre planned and pre meditated. More often than not with the zoosadist it is very much pre planned with forethought going into it.




Not all pet abuse has some deep rooted and truly fucked up sexual component to it. To the zoosadist it does, it may not be they engage in acts of outright bestiality – that’s not the point.



Its the other actions that they do which serve as twisted lightening rod for a very screwed up endorphin high. With that being said, in many instances of zoosadism it is often shown that there was also direct sexual abuse as well.




If these were two guys who were once upon a time a couple of dodgy breeders who had mended their ways then that would be one thing.




Even if they were someone who had temporarily lost self control with a dog in public and been just a bit too rough – it wouldn’t be good, but it would be a totally different world to their world.




There are times when I’ve wondered how on earth they can ever possibly shake this off and not be cursed by it forever, but I don’t think they can.




Its too serious a thing, it points to too many other serious things that clearly aren’t right.



By the mere fact we are called what we are called the press always have to preface any coverage we get with a back story, so its not even necessary for us to do anything more than … exist.




New people constantly hear about this case for the first time and then they go off and Google us and it leads them here.




Obviously they are both entitled to keep on moving if they so choose. In normal circumstances a house move can mean a fresh start and a new chance. But this is impossible in their case, since any time a new community learn of the TRUTH behind what they are – that community are freshly triggered and rightly so.




They also have the right to find a place and stay put if they so choose, its just a reality that due to what they are no community is ever going to treat them as they would anyone else.




It would take something of totally unexpected and unlikely proportions for either of them to have any sort of possible out ball. I almost cannot think what it would take, since its not like they can redeem themselves by volunteer work or donating to a charity. That hardly cuts it.



The only possible thing I can think of that would change the dynamic in some way would be if one of them took it upon himself to sell the other one down the river with some new revelations. Even then they’d need to be gold.



Or if one of the parents had something spectacular and gave them up – that would also alter the narrative somewhat.




Short of that I cannot see any other way that things can change.



The moral of the story is that even the sickest weirdo sometimes gets unlucky, the stars align badly for them and they just so happen to cross the path of the wrong people at the wrong time.



The pathology of individuals like that is a desire to dominate and humiliate a victim.



How ironic that the price they have paid is to be humiliated and totally dominated.

Monday News


Big Screen


Its been suggested to me that when our documentary film is completed next year we could take it to the big screen in various towns and cities across the UK.



While many cinemas are part of big corporate chains there are, believe it or not, still independently owned cinema houses. I can think of two in my own city.



If there are at least two in my city there must be others in big English cities. I’d be surprised if major cities like Manchester, Birmingham and London do not have at least a few independently owned cinemas.




It would really just be a case of putting together a list of the best, determining who the owner of each one was and then negotiating with them to host the film upon release.



Being independent and privately owned they naturally have far more freedoms.



It may even turn out that some of the major chains are actually franchises. If that’s the case then its even plausible to deal directly with the owner of the franchise.



There may even be a privately owned cinema house in all of Cleveland that we can showcase it at.



Once I have the trailer that’s in production I’d be able to directly deal with the decision makers at private or franchise owned cinema and I’d be able to present this as an idea to them. Promoted well in any given town and promoted as a unique independent production, I’d suggest that the public would most likely be drawn into going to see it.




We would still release in on You Tube etc, because that ultimately will draw in the most views.



But there would be something about doing it inside select cinemas that would add a certain status to it and connect it to the people of a given town.




It would be a help to me and give me one less thing to do if someone could do three things.



1) Make a full list of all privately/independently owned cinema houses in the UK.



2) Establish the most senior person at each along with a phone number and e mail.



3) Look into whether or not these large cinemas complexes are franchises or not.




If anyone would be good enough to take that task on please give me a shout out in comments.





Ste Hunter – St Helens


As per various news stories and the report on our site, Mr Hunter and his young daughter apparently witnessed a fairly disturbing act of cruelty.


Its reported that he took a photograph of the perpetrator which he sent to the RSPCA.


If you know Mr Hunter then please ask him to send us the picture. We would be able to give it good reach and depending on its quality, we may be able to sharpen that up as well.







In regard to that poor lady’s cat – Pepsi. Readers of our site and FB page will know we’ve given the two named people until Friday close of business to simply hand their sorry ass in to the police and at least admit to what they did.



Whether they do or don’t is down to them. If they do then that will be the most sensible move for them. If they do not then it will be remembered and life could get tricky in the future.



The downfall here was that the lady did have access to CCTV footage but like much CCTV footage its so poor in quality and lighting.









Its entirely plausible that with your support and our continued growth that we can secure software systems that would permit us to take even the darkest and most obscure image and making it into a clear and visible one.



Here you can see such software being used on a bus that’s in darkness. You will see by the end that its transformed completely.










Donations are simply our lifeblood. They allow us to do all the things we have done, they will allow us to do all the things we want to do.



When you donate to Operation Frankish you are investing in the growth of a concept which is a pressure group, a news source, a content creator, a public relations agency and an investigation agency- all rolled into one.


The level of money we get in via donations always directly correlates to the level of our growth and capability.




This is quite a complex, well thought out and multi tiered organisation.



We have the aspiration and the idea to add other tiers so that we are THE force to be reckoned with for abusers.


Our ability to do that naturally relates directly to the level of donations we receive from the people themselves.





Toddler horrified by dog abuse in St Helens town centre


*The article states that Mr Hunter took pics of the individual. We would be very keen to see any photographs. We can assist in trying to ID the person for one thing*




st helens



THE RSPCA has urged witnesses to contact them after a dad-of-three reported seeing a man grab a small dog by its neck while shaking, swearing and screaming at it.


Ste Hunter, from Sutton, alleges the attack took place on Sunday, November 5, around 10am when he was going to McDonalds with his two-year-old daughter on Church Street.



He alleges that he saw a man “violently” lift the dog above his head before shouting “why have you chewed through your lead” while shaking him.



The 42-year-old said: “I was disgusted and mortified that this vile attack happened anyway but especially in front of my little girl. I just had to say something and asked him how he would like it if someone grabbed him violently by the neck like that.


“To which he answered with ‘It’s my dog I’ll do what I want’.


“I took a picture of him and the dog and sent it to the RSPCA but the dog was shrinking away from him. It’s an innocent animal it should be treated like that.


“It was supposed to be a little treat to get breakfast at McDonalds for my daughter for doing her first dancing exam and instead she was distraught.


“She loves animals so much and it’s such a bad example to set to anyone never mind someone so young in the morning and on a weekend.


“I hope inspectors find him and make sure the dog is OK.”


An RSPCA spokesman added: “We are concerned to hear about this incident involving a Yorkshire Terrier in St Helens. It must have been very distressing to witness.

The Netherlands model..?


How many dogs do you estimate there are in the UK? When I last checked the figures it was said to be somewhere in the region of fifteen MILLION. That seems an astonishing number and would work out as one dog for every four humans.

Its obvious to anyone that this is far too many.



And hard evidence can be found that its way too many by simply visiting any dog shelter across the country.




Its not merely abandonment and neglect that this crazy canine surplus leads to. It leads to dangerously out of control dogs or it leads to the most unsuitable of people owning dogs and from there you get cruelty cases.



There are far too many people today breeding for profit. They are breeding all these dogs yet there are not even sufficient decent homes for the dogs that already exist.




I accept there are some top class breeders in the UK who do their best to ensure their puppies are sold on to the best of people. I also accept that for some people getting a puppy is their favoured choice.




But neither of those things takes away from the fact that there are far too many dogs bred to add to the already burgeoning numbers.







I see adverts with litters for sale all the time online. I myself own a dog, a Shar Pei. I very often see litters of beautiful looking Pei’s that are fetching £800 a time, and there might be six or seven in a litter.



I’m not sure how many litters a female dog can have, but at that sort of money you can easily see why this soon attracts people who see the £££ signs.




And while I am sure that the majority of those pups will be sold to devoted people, I am equally sure that a depressing % will be sold to people who later give them up or abandon them.



Because that’s the other thing with dogs – people too often buy for aesthetics and don’t consider the nature of the breed.



For example, a Pei can be an expensive dog to keep in terms of health care requirements. They can also be protective and they can be confrontational toward other dogs. They certainly ‘look cute’ as puppies when they have all their folds.




But these are strong and wilful dogs and require someone with experience of breeds of that type. They are highly loyal and defensive of their owner but they are a breed that require a person prepared to put the work in.




I have never bought a puppy in my life and I never will. All my dogs have been rescues including the one I have now. There are so many unwanted dogs in the UK that’s its almost possible for a person to adopt almost any breed that they could buy as a puppy.




I appreciate that if you buy a puppy you will get more years from the dog, at least in theory. But you could adopt a dog aged 3 that might live ten years or more, while your puppy may not even make it to 3 due to a health reason or accident.




I appreciate that people might think adopting a dog is more challenging, since you are inheriting any behaviour issues. I have adopted three dogs in my life. A Bull Terrier, a Staffie and a Shar Pei. Three of the strongest willed breeds you will get. They had zero issues that a bit of work and patience didn’t iron out in no time at all.



For example, my Pei would sometimes pull her head back if I put my hand near her. This was in the first week. So I spent that first week putting peanut butter on my hand, let her eat it off my fingers and spoke to her while she did it.




After a week of that she never again pulled her head back from my hand. She has the confidence in me to let me put my fingers right in her mouth to examine all her teeth and she is very gentle and has never ever scratched me, not even by accident.




I had been told she could be confrontational with other dogs while on a lead and I did see a bit of that in her during the first week. She’s like a different dog now though. I can walk her past any dog on one finger if I want. If I’m not sure of the other dog going past I can get her to wait on command and she will totally ignore the other dog, like a guide dog would do.




So the idea that if you adopt a dog its going to be too big a challenge just isn’t true. In some ways it will be much less of a challenge than a puppy.






I also understand that for emotionally driven reasons parents might get their daughter or son a puppy. All I can say to them is they should try to explain to their child why its far better to adopt – then do that. It will teach the child a good moral lesson.




How can we as a nation start to deal with this excess of dogs and insufficient numbers of good owners?




There’s probably no magic pill but I believe its plausible to do multiple things that collectively would greatly improve the situation.




One reader alerted us to the fact that in the Netherlands they try to encourage the public to adopt and not buy by way of placing a fairly heavy tax on buying a puppy.




Its probably not a perfect system but since its been brought to my attention then I’d like to make a point of reaching out to the appropriate body over there and getting their first hand feed back.





I wouldn’t see it as a total solution, more a potential part of one. Who would most object most to such a tax? Probably the breeders whose primary motive was pure profit. And sure, there would be those that would try to trick the system, but if they did that then they’d be guilty of tax fraud and it would be an HMRC matter. And they have more powers than the police in some cases.






There are obviously still going to be people who’d pay the tax regardless of what you set it at. That’s why I’d personally propose that any tax raised from such transactions be ring-fenced and shared around the shelters nationwide.



Help us create something greater


E mail/paypal –


Operation Frankish has done well for the British people, especially those who are animal lovers.



In around just 18 short months we have gone from a mere idea to a fully recognised movement with a large body of work behind us. We are networked. We are in the know. We are well organised and we have some top people involved in OF.




Our reputation is growing. I very often hear us being named checked on another page if a cruelty case crops up. There is no doubt or question that OF has gained a reputation for itself. The reputation we have is that we are good news for pets and pet lovers and extremely bad news who would seek to do evil to them.





We have the capability to put presence in any city at any given moment. And thanks to our network of anonymous sources we have been able to keep track of abusers when even established and expensive private detective agencies have failed those who tried that route.





Our blog (this site) is well read and I get very good feed back from many of the news bulletins and original content that I write, research, edit and publish.





My vision and my ideal is to create a movement that is so multi faceted and with such reach via its people networks that we are able to combat any given issue at any given moment and in a range of different ways.





No Government will create an Operation Frankish for you. The only way an Operation Frankish style movement was ever going to come to pass was if people themselves made it so.






And they did. I have given my direction, my leadership and unlimited hours toward developing this concept. But without the belief I have had and without the money to back the belief? I’d still be sitting here with a good idea and abusers would have one less thing to worry about.





You have the chance here to develop Operation Frankish onto a whole new level so that in another 18 months the very name would give even the cockiest abuser reason to pause.





You should be proud that your country still produces men and women who don’t wait on the state to fix everything and who instead create, innovate and seek to dominate this enemy. This should illicit a feel good factor within you.





There is rock solid evidence of things moving in a very positive direction. A ten fold increase in the maximum sentence cannot be sniffed at. They may or may not prove to use it ‘enough’ but its far better they have that power than not.



Once they have those powers the magistrates and judges no longer have the excuse of saying that a non custodial sentence is the best they could do. It gives you something tangible to monitor and put pressure on if you feel they aren’t using it often enough.




There has also been a notable increase in offenders going to prison even under the existing laws. Some are even now going to prison for offences that are probably a bit less serious and messed up than what AF and DF did.






I don’t know if you guys listen to radio much, but the narrative is on the radio up and down the country, on various shows. They are all speaking about this subject and this phenomenon of animal cruelty. I understand there was a programme on Kent Radio last week in which the consensus was that they should not only get five years but serve ALL five. I’m good with that.


There was something similar on BBC Radio Scotland last month, so all across radio, they are really picking up this subject and going for it.




I once went on record as saying that I wanted to do all I could do make my country the least comfortable place in all of Europe for people of this type. That wasn’t hyperbole and a hollow statement. I really meant it. And are we not heading very much in that direction now? I’d absolutely say that we are, the evidence is all around.




One day other European nations will reach out to our nation and ask how we got this pet cruelty behaviour under control. They will learn from our successes as a nation and implement them for their own nation, which means from good more good shall follow.






Individuals who choose that path are so demented and driven by their twisted evil that when triggered they are able to exhibit a strength beyond what would normally be possible for them. Its similar to the stories you read in which a man or women was somehow able to move a car over so their kid could escape a crash. They would not be able to do it if you just asked them to. They were only able to summon that amount of adrenalin because the mother or father so badly wanted to shift that car.




In the case of AF and ‘Baby’ he was only able to summon that level of adrenalin because (in a perverse twist on the above example), he so badly wanted to commit heinous acts of evil.   Hence why an 8 stone guy could fling a Bulldog around as if she weighed nothing.





This is an evil so profound that they recorded this and held onto it and never let it go.




You need only look at generic photos of AF, DF and an assortment of other known abusers to see the belligerence in them. More often than not they are giving the middle finger or some other mentally stunted action.














Why they did was quite unique (thank God). But people of that type are not unique, even if they aren’t precisely replicating that.



There are a lot of people like this.



There are far more than there were even ten or twenty years ago.




They live on your streets, and as that lady found out in Hartlepool, that can end very badly. If it can happen to her it can happen to you.




And what generally happens when this is all reported to police, as people are brainwashed and expected to do? They tick a few boxes and file it in the bin in practice.




That’s not entirely their fault as their hands are tied and they are forced to prioritise their manpower. But that’s not much of a comfort to either pet owners or their pets.




And you can complain all you like as an individual if you object to such people moving next door to you, but since local authorities and Government agencies are there to protect them and not, I wouldn’t put much faith in that.




For the record one way not to copy or do is ever to throw a brick through any window.



No one has, but I am sure its happened in other cases.



There is no way I can ever support that action because the person throwing it just has no idea who or what it might hit or shower with glass. There could be children or even other animals in a property. Your brick throwing would make everyone look somewhat stupid if it ended up killing something or a child in the house.




Its also not heroic. If you’re going to go to the bother of visiting a house then why brick it, when it would be far better to doorstep the perpetrator, film it and use that?





We’ve done pretty well keeping them on edge and moving without the need to brick a window. The most severe thing that people have done is print off some posters and splatter a street with them so that the public are informed.




Maybe one gets popped onto a gate or door, but at the end of the day its a poster, not a brick. You have to be better than the filth you are dealing with and (as we have proven), using good sources, spreading truth and deploying poster campaigns has been far more effective in cleanly ensuring that they are purged from a given area. Its clinical, its efficient, its targeted. And its not a brick.





I just want to put that on record as a tactic and method we’d never use or deploy.



If I ever meet up with those two it wont be to throw a stone and run away.





You must understand, this country has a very serious problem with low empathy but cocky youth who know no boundaries and think they are untouchables.

That’s the problem. The symptom of that problem are all the victims they batter, torture rape and kill and all the property they destroy and burn.







This is a problem so widespread that its by no means limited to animal cruelty. Nope. The reality is that this feral % within the generation we have would be capable of doing anything that was evil and sick, whether that was animal cruelty or some other thing.



Its for that reason that I think its vital that a movement like Operation Frankish grows and develops.




The ordinary people need grass roots movements that get stuff done in a coherent manner.




Absent of organised grass roots movements that balloon and grow, what do you have?



The police have already conceded defeat in many instances.




MP’s are not going to be there when you need them most, moreover they are obviously limited to what they can say and do.




The big and well monied charities like the RSPCA do good work, but they are not set up nor are they designed to do the work that we do. They simply would not be able.




Just try to imagine what we do then try to imagine the RSPCA doing it. The public would undoubtedly love them to do it, but its just not them. The stuff that we do is too edgy and too close to the bone.




So this country needs grass roots movements to fight back or else I cannot fairly see what else there is to act as force against this evil.





I do not do this because its a fountain of fun. Its pretty grim work and to keep it all relevant is extremely demanding on my time and imagination. I also needed to recruit assistance and do so in such a way that they were able to work together. Unlike the CEO of the RSPCA I do not get a salary for any of this.





I do it because I will not surrender my land to this mass of degenerate filth and the misery and destruction they cause. I do it because I can barely think of a better use of one’s time or ability than to use it in pursuit of destroying the evil doers.





I do it because I know our enemy are ultimately cowardly losers in every sense. Ten smart and street wise individuals with the tenacity and will are capable of negatively effecting the lives of ten thousand abusers.





And we do that by what I said earlier – lets make Britain the toughest place to live and be if abusing animals is your thing.





By way of hard work and creativity, let us settle for no less than Britain being the World leader when it comes to dealing with such people.





Its that work ethic together with our loyal financial backers that took us from a mere idea to this reality 18months later.





And it will be that work ethic and it will take a new wave of donations in order for us to take this to the next level in the next 18 months.





Even some of the biggest and best lobby and pressure groups in the country did not enjoy the massive growth we’ve had in their first 18 months. Its often taken them many many years to establish an identity.






You (the British public) have something good at your fingertips with Operation Frankish.




I would invite you to take something good and elevate it to make it something great.



We can do great things and we can carry this very far indeed.




But if you want growth so that Operation Frankish is ten times what it is in say 2019 then its time to step up and enable us.





I can only give you my dedication for free. And so can the team. But to grow something like this needs constant funding. It needs all readers to give what they can.





As a small example of the cash we pay out, we’ve just paid £200 in order to further develop our pet abuse register and we just paid a grand last week to give our film makers some working budget to get going.





We were able to afford to pay it. But when we spend its important that its replenished.




You’ll perhaps know that the lady from Hartlepool with the cat called ‘Pepsi’ couldn’t do much with her footage as it was far too low grade.





This ties in to what I was saying recently, we are always innovating and with the resources and backing we will secure software that would permit us to sharpen the quality of stills and video and present crisper material. We’d be able to look into facial recognition software as well.


With continued support we will be able to re-promote our animal abuser register in another very public way and sometimes we are able to ‘buy a source a pint’ as it were.




The reason there is so much utter scum out there who are puffed up the way they are is that they simply haven’t had anything to fear. Its not that they are incapable of feeling it, on the contrary, they are often the first to bolt at the first hint of anything.



In the best way possible they need things to fear.



In the NE of England many child groomers now fear Dark Justice thanks to their activism.



We must use fear but on a national level.



Not by way of bricks and broken windows.
But by creating something strong, powerful and with the reach and technological ability to take abusers down.




I completely believe we are creating that and that in another short period of time I can move it onto a whole new level of effectiveness.




Remember these words. One day soon all pet abusers are going to know the name of Operation Frankish.




And we will be so multi faceted that if the left hand doesn’t get them then the right hand will.




That’s the movement I want for Britain.



That’s the sort of movement that I think people can easily throw their weight behind.



That’s the sort of clever grass roots movement that achieves so much more than any £150 fine.



As we grow we will also have greater media and political influence.



I’ll go on putting my all of everything into building this as a legacy for people and pets if you go on helping me grow it with your donations and your support.




And together we really will create something phenomenal.

One Chance And Until Friday


Quick backstory for readers;



(News links below)



‘This is the shocking moment a thief snatched a family cat from the roof of a car.
The 12-year-old black and white male cat called Pepsi was grabbed from the top of the vehicle in Hartlepool, County Durham, in the early hours of Sunday.
His owners checked their CCTV after Pepsi failed to return home – and saw a man wearing a tracksuit approach and snatch the animal before quickly walking away.



Ms Parkinson, who declined to give her first name, said the pet was a gift to the family from her father, who bought Pepsi when he was dying from cancer.
She said: ‘We adopted Pepsi from a cat shelter with our other cat, Penny, and we’ve had him for about ten years. My dad battled with cancer for years and passed away in 2010’.







The public were asked to come forward and ID those involved in this incident.



And they did. They named the following two men – Nathan “Naynay Greyhound” Kerr.





And also – Lee Ryan.






The information we have is that one of them allegedly took it upon himself to inform on the other one (for whatever motive).



We understand that the police visited at least one of them but he just flat out denied it and that was pretty much that.




The quality of video footage is not deemed clear enough to work with. Its true that the video itself isn’t fantastic, CCTV is often useless that way. Only a very small % of people are convicted on CCTV alone.




People in the town have named them as the culprits but my guess is that the police just don’t have the inclination or resources to go speak to them all and try to get testimony.




Nope. What’s needed here is a simple confession. They both need to go to their police station in Hartelpool and they both need to admit what they did.



This is the best thing they can do – for themselves. Just accept that you did a shitty thing to a pet that belonged to a decent person, be men, and go confess to it.





The Alternative



Here’s the alternative. The alternative is that we will start looking into every single aspect of your life.



We have the means.


We have the reach.


We have people behind us that would put you pair way out of your depth.


We have resources and we have contacts.


We can make life very problematic for those who do not see the error of their ways.


Just have a little think about every other snidey little secret or scam or anything you have in your locker.


We can get into all of that and we can start dragging everything out if you want us to. You should look us up. Then you should do some thinking. And then you should accept this once in a lifetime opportunity to get both your backsides down to Hartepool police station and just admit what you did.




The people in your town are extremely angry over this and its in your best interests to at least begin to de-escalate that anger by getting down to the police station to confess what you did.




One of you has children. For their sake I would not publish your location and I’d ask people in your town to keep that in mind.




But the treats end here.





We fully expect you pair to find your balls, get down to the police and confess to what you did. By Friday at the very latest. Once you’ve done Phase One we can discuss Phase Two.




This is the best option and the best offer you are going to get.



I’d take it if I were you.



We wont be making it again.





“..escalate the attacks to humans, specifically vulnerable women and girls…..”


I’ve been keeping a casual eye on the bizarre situation in the Croydon area of England in which a large number of pets (mainly cats) are alleged to have been killed by the same person(s).



Its been going on since at least 2015. That’s nearly three straight years since the first cases were reported.



I’m fairly astonished that its still unresolved after all this time, especially when the police themselves appear to have devoted an unusual amount of time and resources to it.



Not to mention that a ten grand reward has hung over the case for as long as I can remember.



And yet …. nothing.





With that being said the police have apparently reduced it down to two or three suspects according to reports here;



You’d imagine that they plan to speak to or have already spoken to all two or three.


I do vaguely recall them going through the door of one suspect last year. It came to nothing.



Based on how seriously the police are taking this and based on their own statements, I think the police are motivated here by the idea that this person is some sort of serial rapist rather than being primarily motivated by reports of dead cats.






Its not common for the police to make statements that are based on supposition in the way they are doing with this. Police normally stick rigidly to the facts only and tend not to speculate beyond the known facts. It is not at all normal practice to read a statement like this;



Detective sergeant Andy Collin


“There is a known link between serial killers and harming animals when you look into their dark history.

“If you look at offending patterns, the assumption is this killer is getting some form of gratification.

“The concern is they will cease getting that gratification and escalate the attacks to humans, specifically vulnerable women and girls.”



Its not that he is necessarily wrong of course. Its just that the usual police policy when it comes to giving press interviews is to stick rigidly to the facts and, if anything, to play things down in order to avoid a public panic.



That’s why a DS making a statement like that is very unusual. It DS isn’t a naive police constable. They are older, have lots of experience and are media savvy.



Which begs the question, why would a media savvy DS with years of experience deviate from the known facts and appear to dive right into quite alarming speculation in this way?



Usually the police do everything to avoid spreading panic among the public. But not in this case.



Now its my turn to speculate.



I think the reason for such an usually candid and speculative statement is that they have good reason to believe that this person is already an active serial sex offender.



Reading between the lines it doesn’t strike me that this is something they think he could do but something he has been doing.



That would explain why they’ve deviated from the usual police to press statement that always underplay a situation.




It would also explain why the police are taking this so unusually seriously. They haven’t just punted this to the RSPCA or some community officer. A Detective Sergeant. A special unit. That’s some serious budget there.


I do not think the police would spend so much budget and deploy such senior officers if this were only about reports of dead cats coming in.







Its a strange case. The downside in the press reporting on a case like this is that it will always inevitably bring in a flood of claims from people claiming to be the latest victim when most of them probably haven’t been.




Its an unavoidable thing that happens when any case like that is thrown out to the public. It creates a hysteria so that any time someone finds their cat dead they incline toward believing this ‘cat killer’ has struck.



This obviously muddies the waters and likely takes up time and resources. There is also the risk in a case like this that press reporting unwittingly induces replica killers in the same region.




There are however no doubt a good % of genuine cases that probably have all been done by the same person. If you ask me the police are conscious of the fact that while they are after this ‘cat killer’ they are really after something else on top of that.





They’ve likely tried to reduce the incidents down to those they consider to be most genuine and belonging to the same person. Then they’ve probably made a map of that. Then they’ve probably made a map of all sexual assaults in that region laid one over the other. I think that from there they are possibly starting to see certain patterns.


Join. Speak. Spreading the word


Mug Club



I am going to have one of our mugs dropped into our film documentary as a small prop. Sometimes a film or television programme do it with a product and call it ‘placement advertising’.



Its an annual sub of £30 to join Mug Club. You get your mug – obviously. And you get some other benefits that we’ve not thought of yet, but the revenues all go into the movement and allow us to do the work that we do.







Considering joining Mug Club this week. Simply paypal your annual sub and be sure to include a full name and address for delivery.



Then when you see it on the documentary next year you’ll be able to drink out of your own while doing so.










Speak Up



For the last year or so I’ve read a number of messages and posts from people in Cleveland who lament the frequency of animal cruelty in towns such as Redcar. As sincere as such messages might be the truth is they are swallowed up and never really seen or heard.



Operation Frankish have commissioned an independent documentary film scheduled for public release in the Spring of 2018.


Our crew will be on location in Redcar. This could be your rare chance to speak and to have your view heard by a massive audience once its released and out there.



I already have one or two people that are going to speak, but if you feel you have some sort of special attachment to this case and these issues then let me know. It would not be impossible to include one or two more people.






Spread the word



A very easy but effective thing you can do is simply always be spreading the word about OF. It matters not how you do it, word of mouth, shares on social media, Twitter, its all good. It only matters that you keep on spreading the word.



The most effective way so far (that’s cheap), is when people have decided to print off one of the many posters we create and take it upon themselves to ‘paint’ a street with them.



That’s always a very popular visual when we then put photos up on here.






Anyone can print off a few dozen colour posters, spread them around, take pics and send them in. I’d especially appreciate it if people would use some of the posters on our FB wall that were created for our developing register –








Those are relevant in any town, not just one in Cleveland.


Take a look at them on our wall. Pick one out, print some off, and go do a bit of postering this week. Take pics and send them in along with your location.






Another public promo?



I was asked by the film producers if we plan to do another public event any time in the next few months. Reason? They want to be there to film it and weave it into the documentary.


We’ve had great success doing these, not just in terms of the constant press coverage it brings, but it gets people talking about the issues and the case. Its very good for public morale.



Anyway, my answer to them was that we would indeed like to do another one in the next few months. I’m not sure exactly what and when yet, but I think it would be good for the film to do one and have them cover it.



Not to mention the fact that doing an event is always a gain in of itself.




If there is sufficient public backing for me to think up and put an event into action with a view to it being part of the film documentary then I’d be happy to come up with the concept and then make it happen.






If we were planning on using it in the film then the only difference might be that I’d do one that was very visual but not necessarily intended for the press. When we hire and fly the plane – that’s intended for the press. We usually do that when we are either lobbying for something or promoting something new.


Why the parents should read this article


Keeping in mind that it wasn’t the parents who were charged and convicted of that offence we have always had minimal to zero interest in them.




We have never attempted to contact them for any reason and we have never had the desire to do so.



The only reason the mother partially got into the frame was by virtue of the fact that they so happened to live with her (one or both, at various points).





We do know things about them, we know their working background, where they reside, we know their ages and a whole lot of other information like that. But since it was not they who were convicted we’ve never really paid much mind to that information.





As far as we are aware the parents are not together now, and haven’t been for some time. Quite what their view on each other would be, I have no idea. I suspect it wouldn’t be positive, just based on little bits and pieces I’ve picked up here and there.




I’d wager the history between them is tense to say the least and that in the here and now they likely both have a negative view of each other.



I have zero interest in their marital history.




But I very much think THEY should take interest in this.





‘Prof. Frank Ascione at the University of Denver and Prof. Arnold Arluke at Northeastern University estimate that one in four children and adolescents with conduct disorder have abused animals. Children who have been physically abused and exposed to domestic violence are at even higher risk. In an assessment of 1433 children ages 6 to 12, Ascione found that among abused children, 60% had abused animals.









So let’s take this on board here. Six in ten children who had been subjected to physical abuse, violence and sexual abuse go on to abuse animals. And that’s likely a conservative finding, its liable to be higher still.



But even at 60% it more or less follows that a child subjected to extreme abuses will indeed abuse animals in extreme ways.




And that begs a very obvious question, one that both their parents should be mulling over should they read this.



Based on that statistical evidence, it begs the question – which one of them subjected their sons to extreme violence and possible sexual abuse?




We are talking not one but two sons here. And they are both proven animal abusers and sadists.




The fact that two sons end up the same likely increases that 60% rate as well. I’d estimate that in their case there’s more like a 90% chance that they were subjected to extreme violence and abuses as they grew up.





Note that the findings used a sampling of children aged 6-12. That’s because its the phase when a child’s psyche is most malleable both to positive and negative influences. While the parents are not together now, they were together at a time when both their sons were that age.



You have to wonder – what did they do to them?






The time lines are insightful. The brothers are now in their 20’s but were 17 and 19 at the time of that incident. Based on our Intel the mother and father had ceased to be an item in 2008. This would mean their sons were in their very early teens at that stage.



Again it begs the question – quite what was going on in that family? How far do these abuses really go and extend into?




Way back in the day, we obviously picked up quite a bit of rumour and allegations, and some of it was about the parents. Some of the rumours and allegations were fairly mundane. Some were the opposite of mundane.


Some were extremely serious but there was no real way to substantiate such claims. Moreover, the claims were of such a serious nature that the first port of call to report them would definitely have been the police.




All I can say is to to repeat that in that study 60% of children subjected to extreme abuse, violence and sexual, went on to do exactly the sort of thing that BOTH sons did.




What exactly did these parents do to mould their sons that way? What unknown crimes are one or both parents potentially culpable of?






You also have to ask this. Last year when they tried to find someone to trick us into thinking they’d left the country and the mum had disowned them and was all alone – why did they choose a convicted sex offender called David Westwood to do so?



Its strange company to keep, and its a matter of public record that he has a history for sexual offences. He introduced himself as friend of the mother and not the father, in fact, he only had negative things to say about the father.




Deeply ironic that a convicted sex offender tries to take the moral high ground over anyone, but there you have it.





There are lots of nasty little secrets in that family. It just so happens that one of them was caught on camera. What was caught on camera was a symptom of something even bigger that reaches further back. There is no denial.





All research and evidence can do is paint a portrait of the animal sadist. 60% or more have themselves been severely abused in some way and within the family circle. This would indeed increase if you had two out of two sons who were both culpable of the same types of actions.





Its not a question of pity. I’d only pity them had they resisted their own insane thoughts and fought against them, but I’m afraid they crossed a line and became perpetrators of abuse and not victims.






Its more a question of truth and depth. Maybe the mother would blame the father and if she knows that he had abused either at a younger age, then she should have reported it and let the law do the rest.





Or maybe the father would blame the mother because its by no means always the father who is the principal abuser. And that convicted sex offender did intro himself as friend of the mother, after all.





Maybe its time that all the grim and criminal secets that went on in that family finally came out?





If there’s an ‘innocent party’ among them, then perhaps the only way to truly set themselves free (from everything), is to drag out every dirty secret and let he or she most responsible pay the price?



Generational abuse exists because secrets are kept, sometimes from mutual fear of being implicted.



The only way to stop it going on to another generation is to totally destroy it.


It sometimes turns out that even in the most malfunctioning family there is at least one individual that has the knowledge and just about enough moral will to spill the beans on the full catalogue of abuses that have gone on.




And when they finally do? They never regret it. It can be a hard thing for them to do. But when they do only good comes from it.