Stuff Which Gets Asked Gets Answered




People often make good points or ask good questions that get lost in a sea of FB comments. Or they get asked on the comments section of our blog and I forget to read it. Or they may get e mailed into us.


From time to time I’ll sort of go around, mop up the most up to date points – and then lay out my answers.



Its the easiest way to cover a lot of things in one go.





Q) How high of a risk do you think there is of either brother violating their life time ban and getting a dog or pet?




A) Not high. There is zero evidence to suggest that either of them have violated the ban in the past year or so. If they had I feel sure that we’d know about it. Ordinarily and according to others I’ve spoke to who work in these circles – the risk would be high.



But they’ve had so much light shone on them and they know they are watched that its made them into a bit of an exception.



That may not last forever though. The risk could go from being very low to quite high as and when they felt enough daylight and time had been put between them and their actions.



If we were to take all our eyes and ears off them and never again mention them? Then their risk would naturally increase I suppose. That’s logical.






Q) Do you think surveillance is then the key to ensuring that the most extreme offenders like that don’t get more dogs and pets?





A) I think locking them up and for a long time is the key since people like that then aren’t a problem.


But those who are at large? Sure, surveillance or hyper awareness is very much key. It doesn’t take a genius in psychology to understand that if you’re being watched constantly then you are less likely to do a given thing.



Especially if you’re being watched by something you’re a bit wary of. Naturally you cannot possibly do this with all of them though.



Not even all of British Intelligence can properly monitor the thousands of known Jihadi extremists that live here. That demonstrates how big of a task it would be to deploy surveillance tactics like these on every case that appeared deserving.





Q) The full database launch in the New Year will achieve that to a large extent though, how many cases will be on it and how do you hope to ensure more and more people know it exists?




A) Yes, it has the potential to be a huge hammer. We have literally hundreds of cases going on it. People have only seen a holding page since we promoted the concept in the press in October. In 2018 that it will go from a holding page to a full on live database.



There will be other features on it, such as media links and so on. As to how we’ll promote it, I aim to achieve that through a combination of short videos, poster campaigns and public promo’s. I’ve seen the previews of it. I think people will enjoy the lay out and all the features.







Q) The Robert Koch case was stomach turning stuff. Why do you think someone with his supposed level of intelligence and maturity would go out and buy more dogs while under investigation and warning from the RSPCA?




A) My very best educated guess is that Robert Koch has that same sense of invicibility that exists in a lot of sadistic sociopaths. Simply put – he has such an elevated view of himself and believes himself to be so clever that he thought he could defy the investigators and the warning.






Q) Its a fact that for a number of weeks now he knows about OF. If he were reading this what would you have to say to him?




A) Make sure you stick to your life time pan and we’re not the RSPCA.






Q) How high a risk do you consider him to violate his ban?



A) Koch seems very weak to me. I doubt he enjoyed his stay in prison. So the first thing would be, how much does he not want to go back there again?



He has this background and veneer of ‘respectability’ that must have taken a big shake once already. He probably believes that he can rebuild his game and be perceived as he was before everyone knew what he had done.



Now that we know all about Mr Koch he would be a fool to defy his ban. No one enjoys being Frankished.







Q) What do you think of women and girls who go out with and have children with those they know to have committed such actions?




A) I think there is fundamentally something wrong with any man or women that would choose to have an intimate relationship with anyone capable of doing things like that.


Its obviously asking for trouble, and if you have children with them then its extremely irresponsible since you are condemning that kid to a horrible life.


In my experience the girls/women that prop up these ‘men’ are generally disgusting. Thick, entitled, screeching. That’s what they tend to be like.



Only when the individual eventually turns on them personally do they really tend to express any true emotion – self pity. If you realise someone is like that? Get rid.






Q) If challenged by another guy how do you think most of these abusers would react?



A) Well, the answer really lies in their choice of victims. They choose victims that have absolutely no chance of winning.


They avoid anyone or anything that does.


If challenged directly they would run or call the police (even inventing threats if they needed to).


They are ultimately cowards. They are capable of violence, but it has to be in their comfort zone of violence.


With that being said, they are also unpredictable. And they have a clearly stunted ability to control an impulse. So while that kind are cowards I’d generally advise caution around such people.






Q) How long do you think you’ll keep OF going?



A) Not sure. Its open ended really and depends entirely on whether or not I think we still have a role to play.







Q) Do you think that all rescue centres and even breeders should know about your register?



A) Of course. I’d say that its absolutely vital that they do. There are ways we could aim something at them specifically. We could make and then promote the hell out of a short video for example.






A 2018 Promo And Your Ideas


I was speaking with Andrew and the guys doing our database just before Christmas day.


All that appears left to do with it is drop all the historical cases we have into it. We have several hundred.



I’ve said to the team that as soon as we have the data up then I will move to do a public promotion with a view to it getting press.



Its just a laborious and time consuming thing to do, logging hundreds of cases.




I’ve not yet decided by what means we’d try to push this back into the public domain again, but push it we must.




Its existence is obviously of practical use, but the knowing about it reaches two very different audiences. It reaches the general public, which is good. But word also reaches those who are abusers – and that is very good.




With very very few exceptions, those caught and convicted of such things generally don’t want to get caught and they usually just want people to forget them.





They recoil at the very idea of being permanently on a private register which the public can access online. Its key to do things which have the potential to get it into the press (again) as it sends out a subtle warning to abusers while informing the public of the facility.




Since I haven’t yet many any decision on how best to promote this with the principal aim of getting press, I thought I’d throw the question out there to you.




What would you favour doing that you believe would be practical, affordable and would be seen as news worthy?







I’m absolutely open to ideas and suggestions when it comes to this side of things.



If one were to leap out that we haven’t previously thought of or considered – great.




You can just put your idea(s) in the comments section of this site or FB. I have one or two of my own, but there must be plenty of creative and imaginative people who read our work – it would be quite cool to get a few ideas for a change.



It could be something you once saw and caught your eye, something you feel we could adapt and use. Its up to you. I just want to hear some of your ideas. If a really good one sticks out and its viable – of course I’d consider doing it.







Dead Horse Flogged?



I know I’m flogging the proverbial dead horse here but it would be great if in the new year I could count on one or two regular writers for this site. Even if a lot of people look at the headline and move on, some do not. Many do read the content and are informed by it.



There are times when a post written here and released onto FB has reached many thousands of people. Since we cannot obviously afford to do press worthy promotions all the day, its key to have regular written or video content.



I have written all of it since the start, with the very rare exception. I’d very much enjoy getting content from those with an interest in the cause and with something of value to say.






It could be a research style and data driven piece, an opinion piece, or a piece written from the perspective of someone that works in a field such as behavioural psychology. Not only would I enjoy reading the work and content of others, I’m sure general readers would appreciate it as well. I’m pretty much seeking two regular writers who can submit a piece per week.




If you are that person(s) then e mail me at –










Das Experiment



We’ve all read the story. Someone does something bad in public and everyone online claims that had it been them they’d have acted differently.



In 2018 we’d like to conduct our own little social experiment. There are a few social experiments done in which animal cruelty is the selected trigger – but they all appear to be US orientated.



I think it would be interesting and timely to do a specifically British one. We could push and promote the finished results onto social media – even send it into the press.



If getting stuck into something like that floats your boat – e-mail us.








The 2.18 Challenge



So it’ll be 2018 in a couple of days. Happy new year needs to be more than words. It can be a happy new year if justice is done more often and to more offenders.


Yes its good that the bill to raise the maximum has been drawn up. Yes its very good to see a ten fold increase in what that maximum is.


Its also good that a commitment has been made to come down hard on illegal puppy breeders, albeit that’s not specifically our field.


And it was also good that the idea the Government had voted against animal sentience turned out to be wrong. They just didn’t.



But….this is politics and the judiciary we’re speaking about and only a fool would now fully trust them to make good on all that they promise.



We cannot assume that hand wringing ultra liberal minded magistrates will use their new powers – at least not without a continual push to ensure they get the idea that its preferable that they do.



Is it possible to get many more of them in the zone where they do use their pending new powers more often – at least against those most deserving? Yes.



But that will be shaped largely by visible public opinion. In short – if there’s no fuss and if there’s nothing public happening to draw attention to things, then magistrates will find it easier to cuck out when it comes to making the big calls.




We have a good few thousand subbed to our page, and, as mentioned, a post on our social media can often reach many thousands of people.



I’m calling this the 2.18 challenge, since my challenge to them is to simply send us £2.18 via paypal. Its a number play on it being 2018, but I didn’t think many people would be down with giving up £2018!



We’ll use whatever we get toward doing our first big promo of the new year.


Paypal is…

Top Ten Realities of Running a Movement Like OF


It pleases me to see such a growth in anti grooming groups in the UK. I think the majority of them have good intentions and its heartening to see that there are people who give up their time and take risks to run those groups.



There are not so many groups and movements who do what we specifically do.




We’re part pressure group who will do PR promotions in order to draw attention to the issues. We’re part community awareness by way of having people on the ground that can flyer any given town about any given abuser at any given moment.








Having spent nearly two years closely examining some of the most extreme offenders, there is no doubt in my mind that the individuals we were designed to expose and draw attention to are every bit as much of a risk as child groomers online.



The individuals we look at are so twisted and sadistic that there is no question at all that they would be an extreme danger to minors – as well.






There is most likely cross over between sexual predators and some of the cases and individuals we have looked at.





Keep in mind that people like Robert Koch or Frankish aren’t just these one dimensional figures who should only be seen in the context of their actions toward animals. Instead you need to view them in their totality – they are unquestionably sociopathic and sadistic. By nature.










Thus it would follow that their sexual pathology would in of itself be inevitably twisted and probably illegal if actualised in any form.




I would be curious to think what our readers might guess the sexual pathology of a Koch or a Frankish to be like. Would you agree with me that its almost certainly likely to be deeply disturbing and probably criminal?





There’s a very good reason why I’d always place the most focus on one or two cases like a Frankish or Koch.




Their actions, the pre meditation, the specifics of them, their entire modus operandi – it most obviously points to individuals who are so deranged and sociopathic that they’d think nothing of inflicting harm and even death upon a vulnerable person.





Why would they demonstrate empathy and decency toward a vulnerable person when everything about their nature lacks empathy and decency?






When I think about a Frankish or Koch I don’t just see animal abusers there – I see individuals who have the high potential to be a serial rapist or child killer. I say potential, but for all we know ……




Not everyone that cops a conviction under the animal welfare act falls into their category. Thankfully.




There are many cases where people get convicted for failing to get veterinary treatment fast enough, but there was no wilful act of cruelty or any evidence of any sadistic beatings. Those kinds of people aren’t a danger in the way that a Koch or a Frankish are.





I would say that cases like Frankish and Koch make up the smallest % of cases BUT they are the most deserving of not only incarceration but hyper monitoring by the public.






There are lots of people who like what we do and have done and maybe at some point there will be even more organisations that do these things just as we’ve seen a growth in anti grooming groups.








My top ten realities of running something like OF would be as follows below (in no special order).




I know from some of those who run anti grooming movements that they would probably mirror most of these realities.



See them as things to consider if ever you’re thinking about putting something into practice in this sort of way.



I’ve had to just learn as I went since there wasn’t anything I could directly replicate. But now that I have learned and now that we have a good body of work behind us – I can share some of these aspects here.




If they help or make it easier for someone to do something similar in the future then that’s great.









1) Don’t assume that public anger is the same as public action. Its definitely not. People get angry about stuff all the time. People don’t get active about things nearly as much. Anger is just the expression of an emotion. Takes no effort or commitment. Action does.





2) Like it or not you’ll need press coverage. While social media presence has its place, its still coverage in the general press that you are going to need. Its still how people subconsciously validate something.






3) Don’t assume that newspaper editors will just run something from the goodness of their heart. They may on occasion give some coverage to something twee happening in their locale. But if you want press, if you want them calling you and you want them e mailing you – then you need to create news.






4) You’ll need resources. Without resources you will go nowhere and do little. How you get them is another matter – but you will need them.





5) Don’t assume others will be as passionate as you are about the given issue. Whether its exposing deranged psychos or hunting down the groomers, the truth is that most wont be as passionate about it as you might be.



This will confuse you at first and you’ll wonder “how everyone isn’t able to see the threat”. You might even get a bit frustrated by it.




To save you going through that phase just start out with what I said – don’t assume that people care as you do.


The sad reality is that all too many don’t really care about what psychos, abusers, groomers and terrorists might be living free.



Even if your intentions are good, don’t waste too much time and effort trying to totally transform people whose default position is lethargy. It takes too much effort for too little reward.



My advice is to place your focus on those who do demonstrate some measure of willing.





6) Do public events and try to be a bit different and OTT. The press like to see things. The public like to see things. Social media loves to see things. Go forth and do things!






7) Its not for everyone. I wouldn’t recommend that just anyone and everyone (even with good intent) goes off and starts an anti grooming group or an OF style movement.







The subject matter and the people you will be dealing with are the lowest of the low. Being active in and around that type of environment isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Do it long enough and it will change you as a person in some subtle ways. These are not necessarily always ways you’ll enjoy.




Be prepared to get dragged down at times and be prepared to have to drag yourself back up. And if you’re not able to watch the most extreme bit of evidence out there then I definitely wouldn’t recommend getting into this directly. I say that purely for your own benefit.





8) Try to research into your subject and write about it. Publish your works on the Internet. When writing try to offer solutions and ideas.









9) Don’t assume that most or all offers of help materialise into anything. You’ll always get people who step up full of beans but when it comes down to it they may not deliver. That’s just what happens when you are mainly relying on goodwill and volunteerism.






10) Be prepared to put in long hours doing things that are sometimes just boring but need done to make a given thing happen.



And don’t think you’ll freely be able to talk about what you do among everyone you meet. For one thing the subject matter isn’t for everyone. Secondly, when you run something like this or an anti grooming gang, its an odd thing to explain to someone without them thinking its some sort of Mafia. Its not like saying ‘Hey, I volunteer at a rescue centre feeding puppies’. All sweetness and light.

Taylor. Bronson. Puppy Farms


While pictured with what looks like a skunk in one photo, Dean Taylor, to the best of my knowledge, hasn’t yet been convicted of animal cruelty.










There are a few reasons why I draw attention to him here regardless of that.




The first is to demonstrate that not all those who are convicted of offences have their offences reported in the press.




I find that fact quite troubling. How are we to get a true measure of how prevalent a thing might be if in fact cases often don’t get reported?



Moreover, how are people meant to actually know what someone like Taylor is like unless its a matter of public record ie; reported in the press?



It makes you wonder how many other unstable and dangerous people don’t have their case reported – leaving everyone unaware.




From what I can gather, Taylor has a job in Iceland (the store) and his present g/f is (depressingly) pregnant.





He told work mates he’d been in prison – but not what for. They’ve only just found out AFAIK.




I’ll link to the full story of his actions at the end, but as you will very soon see these are the actions of someone that is clearly an imminent threat to anyone or anything vulnerable in his reach.




The fact that he was given an apparent 12 months and served six for such offences is totally astonishing. Then again …. not when you take it in the full context of the liberal sentences that are all too often handed out.




Just consider what he was convicted of and the fact he served about six months, and then you’ll see how and why its so tough to get even extreme pet abusers into prison for the available maximum.





For some reason it seems very much like those who are definitely the most deserving of the most time get very little while those who aren’t any kind of threat very often will get a substantial prison sentence.





Crimes of violence against animals and children are generally woefully under punished imo. I almost never read of a case and I’m left thinking ‘well, the judge really sorted him out’.




Nine times from ten I am usually very underwhelmed by the type of sentences given to those who are obviously a scourge and a menace to society.




Commit a made up crime like ‘hate speech’ and you could potentially face several years in prison. For words. Not even threats – just ‘wrong think’.





But beat, maim, torture, abuse and harm those that can least fight back – rest assured the majority of people convicted of those things are routinely under punished.




Thus we have a psychotic situation in this country where a Dean Taylor, a Frankish or a Robert Koch would be more likely to hold onto their liberty than someone with the ‘wrong’ political opinions who wasn’t threatening anyone or anything.




Its almost like the state care only to control political thought and are more likely to penalise those who go outside of what they deem ‘acceptable’ than they are those who torture or abuse children and animals. They don’t mind a society of psychotic abusers – so long as the psychotic abusers are politically correct!






Taylor only came to my attention via the UK Database.




You can read about his actions in the link below. I’m assuming UK Database posted this up due to this suggestion that now he and his new g/f have a baby on the way.




There is absolutely no way that people like Taylor should be permitted to be alone with any minor or animal. Ever. They should be permanently banned from it and a violation of any ban should see them return to prison for longer and longer periods. Or they should be held in a nut house without specific time limits.











Bronson was sent in by Angela. He recently passed away, so I felt it would be appropriate to wait until Christmas Day went by before putting this particular photo up. Condolences to Angela for the loss of Bronson.







Puppy Farms



A puppy farm/mill appears to broadly be any unlicensed breeder who pays no regard to veterinary care or the health of the dogs.


This is something else that the Government have pledged to come down hard on next year, and while politicians first language is the lie, in some instances they may be telling the truth.



I think there may indeed be the incentive for Government to ‘crack down’ on this trade. Not born from empathy and care for the dogs necessarily.




These illegal breeders are making fortunes and its tax free. And that’s why I think the Government may indeed crack down. They are motivated by the potential loss of taxation. Illegal puppy farms must collectively be big business – and that’s all black market revenue.



(Jaimie Colquhoun – a dodgy dealer)







Why Verity Castle should be ashamed of herself


Who is Verity Castle? According to the report I’ll link you to she’s the partner of Aaron Barker who was sent to prison for five months last week.



The press report describes him as a “sadistic care worker who cuddled up to a four-month-old kitten before bludgeoning it and another rescue cat to death”.







They were punched, dragged, kicked and thrown into a wall during the shocking attack last January, the court heard.




Barker then lied that they had been killed by a mysterious intruder while he was at work and claimed he had tried to revive them – even giving one the kiss of life.



And this is where Verity Castle comes in…



‘Panther and Baby, who were registered to Barker’s psychiatric nurse girlfriend Verity Castle, were collected from the Cats Protection League just 10 days before they were killed.

The 24-year-old gave evidence in court for her boyfriend and is standing by him despite her family’s concerns for her safety’.







I am not surprised her family has concerns for her safety. They have to ask themselves some searching questions as to WHY their daughter would ‘stand by’ someone so obviously disgusting and deviant.




She is not even doing the usual and pretending to be a victim (of him). Instead she has willingly chosen to give evidence in his defence and, if that weren’t batty enough, she has vowed to be there for him on his release. Does she think she’s some sort of fourth division version of Clarice Starling?




The irony of her being a psychiatric nurse is almost too much. You would have to have something fundamentally wrong with your own thought process to ‘stand by’ a piece of filth like Barker.




Make no mistake, this wasn’t some one off.


Again from the press report –



Barker, from Basford in Nottingham, has a shocking history of animal torture according to Verity’s brother Charlie, The Sun have reported.



The 22-year-old DHL administrator told the publication that Barker once killed a gerbil at school by attaching it to a ceiling fan.


He also allegedly killed two hamsters and a cat called Milo.


The slaying of Panther and Baby was described by RSPCA inspector Laura Kirkham as the most awful case she had ever dealt with.


RSPCA prosecutor Paul Wright said Panther suffered a fractured skull and blood on the brain while black and white Baby had five fractured ribs and a ruptured spleen.









It goes without saying that individuals like Barker are sick and evil people. It would be redundant to go to deeply into that.


But these women who stand by them, support them, and often times make excuses for them? They are totally disgusting.



These are precisely and exactly the sort of females who will end up having children to a beast like Barker – and one day you have another Peter Connolly murder.



She has no excuse. He is in prison so if she wanted rid, this would be the perfect time. Instead of that she openly and defiantly defended him. She’s not some little child, she’s in her mid 20’s and is meant to be bright enough to be a psychiatric nurse ffs!



And if the words of her brother are a measure, it appears that she does not have their seal of approval at all.


The only women that will maintain a relationship with someone like this tend to be women who are themselves very unstable. Think of some of the women of famous sadists like Rose West and Myra Hyndley. Both of them were seriously unhinged in their own right.




I’m sorry to say that women like her are enablers. When (and not if) he does something to her in the future or a child that they have – who can she blame but herself? She will not be able to say there were just no clues.




I know she is 24 so there’s only so much her family can legally do. But I’m sure I speak for plenty dads with a daughter of around her age that whatever it took, the end result would be that he would never see her again – period. Even if my daughter didn’t speak to me for two years, I will still do everything to ensure that he would not dare to come within 30 miles of her. No man in their right mind would tolerate THAT around their daughter.




And she should take a long look at herself in the mirror and start doing some soul searching as to why on earth she would stand by such utter vermin in this way.

Its OK to be happy


A pattern I cannot help but to notice is this almost stubborn refusal among a good % to disallow for any good news or positivity to shine through. Ever.



I struggle to understand this. I don’t understand why anyone would choose to live under a permanent cloud.




I don’t understand how doing so is helpful, either to the person or anyone that reads their often depressing thoughts.




This mentality doesn’t represent everyone of course, but its a noticeable presence and persistent with it. It makes absolutely no sense to me why those that pertain to want what’s best for pets to be constantly trying to convince anyone that will listen of the most dire outcomes possible.





Here are some examples. For over a century this country limped along with some of the weakest punishments in Western Europe for animal cruelty.


That’s over 100 yrs of sending out the message that it wasn’t that big of a deal. No wonder you finish up with so many who are so casually cruel.



However, as of next year that is going to change. The bill has been drawn up. Unless for some reason members of the opposition vote it down or the House of Lords send it back, this historical piece of legislation will pass into law.



A lot of organisations and individuals put in blood, sweat and tears to try to deliver that change. Take some time out, draw breath, and be grateful that its imminent.



Be thankful that its already been committed to and we don’t have a ten year battle ahead. You are going to get handed something very tangible to work with.



The Bill hasn’t even been passed yet and you already getting the Debbie Downers who just refuse to see light in anything.







What is it people actually want us to say when they write “I bet no one gets the maximum”? Do they want us to go ‘Okay then’ and just give up? Why did they even want a raise in the first place if they are so negative about it when handed it?




In fact, if things are really that bad, why bother having any animal cruelty laws at all? Using the above reasoning, we may as well have zero laws in regard to pets and animals, since anything at all is just a giant waste of time.




In fact, we may as well abolish all penalties for all types of offences, because, lets face it, they keep putting killers and rapists in prison ‘but people are still killing and raping’.




Its a nutty and depressing logic which probably only makes sense when read with a Leonard Cohen track on in the background!




Then the Government commit to hammering the puppy farms. People have been demanding a Government do this for years. So the Government commit to doing it. People aren’t happy though. There seems to be absolutely no room for positive news or good cheer among that % of people.





They are quick to push news that IS negative AND fake though. When people read a headline or two that the Government had ‘voted against animal sentience’, they couldn’t even wait to fact check, so keen where they to almost show proof of how doomed everything is.




Had they taken the time to do so they’d have realised the Government did NOT ‘vote against animal sentience’ at all.




Again, its hard to fathom a mentality that is desperate to embrace the bad news (even if fake), while they fight so very hard against any good news (even if real).




Imagine having someone like that in your work force, football team or army unit? They’d end up being booted out for undermining the morale of the team!




I can only advise. My advice is be grateful that you’re in Britain for one thing. People may do this country down, but I’d challenge anyone to live for one year in any country in Africa, Asia, or the Middle East – then tell me how they think dogs and animals do over there.





Britain is a country that will put a stop to a big commercial development just because a rare beetle was found or something.


(A rare beetle)







This isn’t a country of zero empathy toward animals people. Far from it. We have a very advanced and generally civilised attitude toward animals in this country, and especially our pets.



Is it perfect? No, but there is no country in the World that it is – it doesn’t exist – like Santa.



Is there room for improvement? Of course, but that wont be achieved if you are weighed down with a big ball and chain of negativity.



If there’s room for improvement, then improve it then.



If things could be better – better them.




None of us here are little helpless children who must rely on the parent state do wipe our arse and do everything for us.




And when there is a change or a new law pending? At least take a moment to enjoy it. Its a far better position to be in than one year ago. Period.




If you DO hold a reasonable suspicions that courts may indeed fail to use these new pending powers sufficiently then you need to plan ahead. You need to do things and get involved in campaigns which keep this in the public eye enough. The more you do that = the more liable magistrates will be to use their powers when a Frankish/Koch type comes power them.




While you obviously cannot flat out pervert the course of justice, you can definitely create enough media and pubic attention so that the judiciary get the message – letting these people go would be a HOT potato.





Its not perverting justice to creatively send out a message that you expect that these powers be used and that magistrates don’t duck out.



Its influencing attitudes and the more frequently you can do that – the more magistrates WILL use those powers.




They (like anyone) are influenced by public opinion and reaction. How do they realise?




Not by rants on Facebook about killing people.






They realise by way of how much public and press presence you can generate. That’s how everything flows back.


How do you do that? Pretty much by doing the sorts of things we’ve done since our founding.




There’s really not much I’d alter with our methods except to be able to do them more frequently and bigger. But the methods themselves tend to achieve what they are meant to do – draw awareness to the issues.





I’m the last person who’d call myself a fan of any mainstream politician or party, but its moot. I only care that a Government DO enshrine something into law.




Once they have done that part then responsibility really shifts heavily onto the courts and not so much the MP’s. Its the decision making patterns of courts once this is law that you’ll have to watch for.





Have expectations – but don’t be unrealistic with them. When your expectations become too unrealistic or impossible to ever fully meet then it becomes an almost child like state in which there’s dissatisfaction no matter how many toys you have.




The courts aren’t failing you if they aren’t sending thousands of people to prison for five years within the first six months of this being law.





Have a more realistic goal. Take the view that if you are here with us next year and we’re looking back on ten cases that did get hit with the full force of the law then that would be massive.




The big charities like the RSPCA/SSPCA and Dogs Trust have their critics and flaws. But as a nation we’re lucky to have them. Better to have them than not.




We are specifically a pressure group and never set up to be like them, but the fact we exist, that we have endured and that we never give up – that must surely demonstrate to you that there is plenty of good in your country, and there are more men and women that are NOT like Frankish and Koch than are.





The majority of people in this country do their very best for their pets, regardless of their social standing. People like Koch and Frankish are very much a minority, but a dangerous one and one that was neglected and under sentenced for far too long.





I would strongly advise that you use examples such as those to ensure that magistrates are made so self conscious that they incline toward sending such extreme offenders to prison for several years.


(Remember this?)






You need to be organised around or behind something. You need a strategy or direction.


You need to think of ways you can get relevant messages into the press and public domain as often as possible. You also need to motivate communities into overtly rejecting the presence of such people so that its impossible to argue they are ‘better managed within the community’.





If you do those things and are successful with them then you will stand a much better chance of magistrates using the powers.





Because we are not a rescue centre or anything of that ilk we are able to focus almost exclusively on being a pressure movement that does events to get these issues into the press, as well as being an organisation that can ‘put feet on the ground’, as well as being independent content creators.





The state disallow citizens from using force except under extreme cases of self defence. The state aren’t anti violence – its just that they like to have the exclusive on the implementation of force.





In the absence of being allowed to use force then you must rely heavily on other tools. An example of such would be our pet abuse register. In the absence of being able to use force you must rely far more on a psychological approach.





You may never change the behaviours of the other. But we can all change our own. That begins with how you see things. Things can be a self fulfilling prophecy.




If you believe in better and put in the hours – better is what you’ll end up with. If you remain in a position of mental sloth in which you’re hamstrung by your own self doubt and negativity? Then you’ll probably get a negative result.




In 2018 I want people to believe in better and do 10% more to achieve it in whatever way they choose.





I have some provisional plans and ideas, people are always welcome to back and support us. But I’d be just as enthusiastic if someone wanted to go off and do their own ideas which indeed brought attention to the issues. Its secondary to me who manages to push it into the press and public eye – its only important that it is.

Have a great Christmas





I’d like to start this piece by wishing every one of our patrons, backers, readers and followers a great Christmas.



My hope is that you’ll enjoy your time with family and friends and join us in the New Year, refreshed and recharged.



Overall we’ve had a very good year. There were trials and tribulations along the way, but we are going into 2018 soon and we still exist.



We will be two years old in Spring. Most new concepts are born and fold inside the first year. I am quite proud of the fact that we have been able to go against that trend.




We are not a Facebook page. Facebook is merely a means to an end for us.


We have always done real activism in real life. Whether its flyering to raise awareness of a beast in a given area or doing a full on campaign that hits the press – we are always about real life actions.



Facebook and this site are but a means of communicating other information and stories that may be of interest.




In 2018 I’d like to see a bit more activism and a lot less doom and gloom.




Everyone is capable of doing something. Some people are cool with just printing off a few dozen flyers and sticking them up in public places. That’s a great example of productive activism. Its easy and free to do and there’s a tangible purpose to it. We are fortunate to have had a few people of this type across the country.




We are also fortunate to have a clutch of backers who have made it possible for us to do every campaign we did in 2017. And there were several spanning the course of the year. The last one was only in mid October.




I do plan to keep OF going as a thing in 2018. I believe there is a requirement, but (more importantly), there are sufficient numbers of active people out there who think there is a requirement.



It will be vital for us to complete, develop and robustly promote the pet abuse register for instance. That’s going to be a key thing for us next year.




I think there is also a requirement to monitor these new maximum senences once passed into law, just to make sure that those who are deserving of it do actually get it.




And I think there’s an on going requirement for at least the most dangerous and high risk to have their community made personally aware of their presence.




I’d like to get the new year of to a strong start. Once the holidays are done I plan to get my thinking cap on and come up with a public promotion that will begin the new year on the front foot.




There are a number of possibilities and I’m just weighing everything up and taking everything in – and then I’ll put a campaign in place.




As always, if you want to write for us, flyer for us, or help us in some other way – e mail us at





If you cant do any of that stuff but you want to throw in a few quid so we can do more campaigns then our paypal is the same as our e mail.



Have a great Christmas,



The OF Team




Cressida Dick


The short story is that any police force give priority to a crime or an allegation of a crime that fits two basic criteria.


1) That there is a good chance they can secure a conviction.



2) That the actual crime itself is reflected as being serious within the legal definition.




If you wonder why the police might not throw the full weight of the CID behind your stolen second hand bike, its because while it might be a big deal to you the legal framework says its not much of a crime.






If you are underwhelmed at the police response following a house break in, its because they know their chances of finding the perpetrator are quite low. And there are a LOT of burglaries, so that’s why you get a crime scene number for your insurance company and that’s about it.




The police like to target people for crimes which carry a decent enough sentence for them to bother their arse. I don’t particularly blame them. If you had a paper thin staff and an insufficient budget then if you were the police chief then you’d probably take that pragmatic view as well.




No good them spending weeks on something, large sums of their budget and several officers if there’s little chance of a conviction and the offence only carries a minor penalty.





A minor penalty might be an offence which would commonly incur no more than a fine and a community order. Breach of the peace, limited property damage, small time theft – those are the sorts of offences most likely to be met by a fine, a community order – or both.




A modest penalty might be an offence which can involve custody, but usually no more than about three months in practice. Ironically, if something does have such a short maximum then you’ll find that courts very often don’t give it. They consider it barely worth it.




A fairly serious penalty would be one that most likely would involve custody and for a number of years. Something that carries a maximum penalty of five years is, by its very definition, a serious offence.




Anything over and beyond the realms of five years would then be going into the areas that we don’t need to cover here, like terrorism and murder.





While its true that in England and Wales the leg work and prosecutions appear to be left up to the RSPCA (with the SSPCA performing a similar function in Scotland) I think it would be fitting that police forces across the country commit to a more robust and pro active approach.




As I’ve illustrated – as soon as this pending legislation is passed then you have legally shifted this from being on the minor scale to the fairly serious.




On that basis alone I think its reasonable that police take a more active role. That doesn’t mean to say we should expect them to commit to chasing down every minor infraction involving an animal. But they absolutely should take a more dynamic role in investigating and going after those whose actions are objectively extreme.




The police are (at least in theory) public servants. Yes they have failings and critics but that’s for another time.



The fact is they are public servants and if the public reasonably insist on a certain course of action then they will consider it.




If you think that the police could take a more pro active role next year, then let them know.




They’ll be aware of the pending legislative change, but why not take some time out from Christmas eating and boozing over the holidays – and from the comfort of your chair and in your own words – why not go make these types of points?



Since the country is very Londoncentric in the political and media sense, why not begin by contacting the head of the Met?







That would be a Cressida Dick. Her title is Commissioner (Chief Constable).

This is her e mail.





What you want here is for people to engage her. Do it in your own style and words as its far more natural, but essentially lay out the pending new legislation, cite a case or two if you wish, and ask one or two questions.




If quite a number of people start sending her well worded messages with a few key points then she is not only more liable to start replying, it puts the entire thing into her mind.



If you get a reply that commits to more robust police action when the legislation is enshrined in law – that’s good enough.



Take screen shots of her replies to you and send them to us. We’ll publish them (remove your address before sending!).



Its a good move to get an actual person as senior as this to respond to you in this way.


(Here she is speaking about police budgets on TV)





Nellie, Tia, Jesse, Dexter and Harry


Five more dogs sent into us today.


Nellie, Tia, Jesse, Dexter and Harry.










There’s still a day or two left to send yours in.


E mail us at –





















As you’ll have seen from our most recent posts, good citizens were out in the cold in NW4 last night. The simple objective was to raise awareness over the presence of Robert Koch and inviting people to Google him and make up their own mind.



This flyering tactic is something we’ve used from time to time. We deployed it back in the very early days of the Frankish case and it made the Daily Express. However, there was a specific reward built in to that poster with an appeal for fresh information.



Aside from Frankish and Frankish, Koch is the only other case where the flyer method was used.




Obviously we cant be too over the top with the content. We are always reluctant to put up shocking images that could get seen by children. And while we know the locations of these people we don’t put it on the material. Its totally unnecessary.



Since the areas done are right in the very heart of where they live, drawing attention to names, faces and actions is sufficient.




There’s probably more merit and value to this method than in generally leaking a location out to cyberspace. Its more localised and more specific. 99.99% of people wont even be from the area that a given abuser lives in.



Some random street in some random city would mean nothing – unless you are from that area.




It may be preferable to use this method of raising local awareness by way of flyering in the future.



We can usually find these people.



I think its more of a priority that people in the immediate area are made aware of what they have among them. We could possibly use this tactic more often next year. It relies only on being able to find them and then there being someone in the region who is active. Very public places like bus stops and the like are obviously very good.

Operation Frankish – Raising Public Awareness in NW4




If you don’t know the name Robert Koch then you can read about him online.




We’ve also written on or two pieces about him.


His case is among the top three of the most demented that’s ever hit my desk.





OF operatives were in NW4 last night. Doing some flyering. Raising public awareness in the local area. Awareness and networking are your friends.