Soft on rapists, soft on pet abuse, soft on paedophiles

There is beyond doubt or question something deeply and inherently wrong in this country.
Its something that goes far and away beyond some punks and even pet abuse. It is more problematic and more grave than even that. There is something seriously wrong at the very highest levels of Government and its tentacles, social work chiefs, police chiefs, etc. How anyone can’t see or feel that something is very wrong is beyond me, but I suspect they are too distracted to notice. There is also something amiss at the highest levels of the judiciary.

I would even go as far as to say that if the establishment didn’t go out of their way to create the conditions in which everyone from pet abusers to rapists can flourish then they have done it unwittingly.
Either way that system and those conditions are present.
I find it hard to accept that such conditions are all some sort of accident or mishap on the part of the political class and the higher echelons of the judiciary. After all, many of the conditions are as a result of Government policy or legislation that comes from the legal brains of this country. If you have a set of laws that are clearly tilted in favour of the offender then this is not some sort of act of nature that was out of control. Instead it is clearly engineered to be that way.

To further illustrate my point I am going to take pet abuse right out of the equation here. Instead I am going to draw your attention to this following article;

POLICE let 15 rapists cheat justice by getting them to say “sorry” to their victims, it has been revealed.
A further 117 of the attackers got off with just a caution, the investigation shows.
They are among 3,647 rapes and sex assaults that since 2011 have been dealt with by caution or “community resolutions, where offenders are asked just to apologise.
Some 1,762 attacks were on children, including several by under-16s.
Tory MP David Burrowes slammed the soft justice scandal, saying: “Serious offenders are too often given a slap on the wrist.
Rape should end with a criminal conviction and long sentence unless there are exceptional circumstances.”
The Sun asked all 43 police forces in England and Wales to disclose their use of cautions and community resolutions for rape and sex assault between 2011 and August this year.
Six rapists were given community resolutions by Devon and Cornwall Police. Lancashire Police handed out three and one each was given by forces in Gwent, Hants, Humber, Surrey, Warwicks and West Mercia.
Greater Manchester Police issued the highest number of cautions for rape — 29. Five cases were later downgraded to lesser sex offences.

London’s Met gave 17 cautions for rape, Devon and Cornwall 12 and West Yorkshire seven.

Police chiefs insisted the community resolutions approach was approved by a senior officer and the CPS.


I have to admit I had to read that about five times before it would compute. I am speechless. This is essentially like a bunch of rapists and paedophiles run the primary elements of this country and their own sickness is passed on to the legislation and laws that they come up with.
I am not often astonished but when I read that today I really was astonished. I am at a total loss to begin to rationalise how this can be so.

This is a nation in which two thirds of those convicted of possessing and distributing child abuse pornography are let off with a non custodial sentence. Once again, if a bunch of paedophiles were running the nation then that’s precisely the sort of sentences I’d expect to see handed out by the courts.

Pet abuse, rape, paedophilia, child porn – what does it say about the personality and nature of those in high office when we have laws and courts that are geared toward giving those types of degenerates a free pass?

Does it say those people in high office are people of how moral standing?
Does it say that they can be trusted with the safety and security of the nation?
Does it suggest they deserve the large salary that they draw down from the public purse?
Does it say that they understand abuse and how serious an issue it is?

The answer is blatantly no to all.

From the most Northernly tip of Scotland to the most southernly part of England predators of all stripes are flourishing. They are flourishing because we have a system that blatantly and undeniably facilitates them.

I personally don’t think we need a little tinkering in the body politic, social work and among the seniority of police and judiciary. I think what we absolutely need is a root and branch purge.

Unless you are totally insane and have no spine at all then there is no way that you can live during these times knowing that rapists, sex offenders, child abusers and pet abusers flourish thanks directly/indirectly to the Government, judiciary, police and social work Dept.

Men and women might have had an excuse 20 years ago when there isn’t the free flow of information and data that exists now. There is NO excuse anymore. With just a few clicks of the mouse anyone can soon see that this is something far greater and more nefarious than having an issue with those who abuse pets. This is an entire system with an ideology that is geared to being lax of rapists, animal abuse, child abuse and those who download and distribute all sorts of sick material. That is how serious of a thing this is.
This is almost like a war being conducted on the ordinary people by way of passing legislation that favours those that are predators in their community.

Here’s how I see this whole thing collectively. I think that our ancestors lived far more demanding lives than we do. There is no rationing for us the way that there was during WW2. Our men aren’t being forced to die in some ditch from mustard gas poisoning. We have it easy and far too easy. We take so much for granted that we’ve become like a nation of spoiled brats with many adults who are infantilised.
All of this has led to a culture of complacency and that’s made it easy for people to shrug any sense of responsibility and just rely on politicians to do what they think should be done.
Moreover, when you have a decadent culture of complacency then this is ideal breeding ground for predators. How effective are guard dogs if the guard dogs are all drugged and fast asleep?

I am almost embarrassed for any men that sits watching Eastenders and Come Dine with me at a time when out there in the real world we have a state whose very core system is pro rapist, pro paedophile and pro pet abuse. It is pro those things by way of the culture of leniency.

If their eyes aren’t fully open then they need to turn off that TV and tune into the fact that this is their nation this is occurring in. If they have daughters and wives then they at least owe it to them to make the effort to make the country somewhat safer for them, do they not?
Not to mention their wider obligation which should be to want to make it better because its the right thing to do. This also applies to women. There’s not a whole lot of good or use worrying over or sending money to some far off land that is having yet another tribal conflict, not when on your own doorstep you have an establishment that are asking rapists to say sorry and giving home curfews to zoosadists who operated out of their home.

If we had a rod of iron attitude toward all of this then I’d be the first to defend the Government, the police, social work and the judiciary. I would at least then be able to say that they have done their part.

But the opposite is the reality. Rather than a rod of iron approach this country seems to have been pursuing one that almost wolf whistles to predators and gives them an informal green light.

If I do nothing else in life I am going to try to smash through that culture and flip it back around to how it should be, with these abominable predators being harshly punished.

I honestly cannot think of anything more worthwhile. Being part of the winds of change that led to a new outlook would mean more to me than vast paper fortunes.